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Deck construction RPG “Triple Fantasy” Steam version announced. Dot picture characters are dynamic with three simple decks

NEOWIZ announced “ Triple Fantasy ” on May 25 to PC (Steam). The release time is in the first half of 2022. According to the Steam store page, the game seems to support Japanese display. This work is originally distributed for iOS/Android, and the PC version is developed.

“Triple Fantasy” is a strategic RPG that collects cards and fights. The player has three heroes cards on the deck. With the attacks of heroes, standing destroys various enemies. Players build the best decks in line with their strategies, and double the damage by combining three cards.

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The characters in this work are expressed in dot paintings. The cute two-headed hero moves on the screen. That said, each character has a powerful status. The hero of this work has a rare degree of rare, rare and hero. However, the practicality in battle depends on the strategy of the player rather than the rarity. Try the combination of various cards and create synergy.

Legendary characters, such as Son Goku, Thor, Odin, and the hero of the Three Kingdoms, are added as cards. More than 300 heroes are recorded. Each card has the attributes of fire, water and wood. In addition, types (classes) such as warriors and bandits are also set. Combining cards while considering these characteristics is one of the important strategies. The heroes can be added to the deck by discovering hidden in the map. In this work, you can also enjoy playing with PVP.

The “Triple Fantasy” iOS version has a solid evaluation of 4.5 stars at the App Store, and the Android version is 4.1 on Google Play. As a game, it seems that the deep strategic but deep strategy of how to make a role with three cards is highly evaluated. The Steam version of “Triple Fantasy” is also a point to be noted how the battle scene is exciting, as the store page also supports online PvP.

The “Triple Fantasy” Steam version will be distributed in the first half of 2022. The iOS/Android version is being distributed for free at each store.

Hearthstone Deck Warlock Divided into the Alterac Valley

The third and final extension of the Griffon year has arrived at Hearthstone with lots of new cards to try. Divided in the Alter ac Valley introduces us to discover a place of war where the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance is in full swing. Strategic points to capture, emblematic figures to be eliminated, all it takes for a good battle is here. And on this occasion, the demonism takes the hair of the beast for the battle of Alter ac with his new deck.

Class cards

2 malicious cargo

(Hearthstone) Theorycrafting Felrattle Warlock in Alterac Valley

2 Aliasing murmurs

2 Diabetic flames

1 Debased blood bound

2 Egg weaves

2 Providing Keybase

2 Sacrificial Summoner

2 Defeated cemetery

1 Phylactery de Tamsin


Neutral cards

2 Morbid resuscitation

2 Guide

2 Strong of Gouffrefer

2 Printing horror

2 Serbian egg

1 Full the back of the diabetic


1 Croc-de-moon

DECK Code:


Cost in dust: 8760

Copy the DECK code

How to play the hedonistic deck for the Alter ac Valley?

With this deck for the Alter ac Valley, the demonism seeks to take the advantage from the first round of play. It benefits from low cost cards, but also many reinforcements to make his creatures more dangerous. His goal is to overcome his opponent as quickly as possible while taking advantage of a few useful cards if the game lasts a little too long. He benefits from agony rattle to strengthen his assaults and block his opponent.

With its many creatures with a rattle of agony, this demonic can take advantage of his spells of sacrifice. Diabetic Flames, Guide or the Strong of Gulffrefer are particularly effective for putting pressure. But it is with the profane cemetery that this demonism will be able to enjoy his weakest creatures, before using the phylactery of Tam sin to create a new overpowering plot.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 Gaming

We tested four current games in three different resolutions and on six graphics cards of different generations. For each generation a graphics card from AMD and one of NVIDIA graphics card.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

With Windows 10, in the CPU limit, the NVIDIA card is slightly faster than the AMD counterpart, while the nose is slightly at Windows 11 AMD. Generally, the Flight Simulator in Windows 11 in the GPU Limit lose all cards to power. Not much, but still something.

F1 2021

F1 2021 is a very memory-hungry game, which means that graphics cards with comparatively little video memory have pretty struggling. Graphics cards such as RX VEGA 56 or the GTX 1070 equipped with 8 gigabyte video memory benefits greatly from the effective memory usage of Windows 11. This creates a immense benefit increase that can be compared to Windows 10, 30 to 40 percent.

Far Cry 6

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: Gaming, Application & Storage Benchmarks

Also Far Cry 6 is even with HQ textures very memory hungry and here too can the effective memory usage of Windows 11 points. On Windows 10, the RX 5700 XT is much faster than the RTX 2070 great, though the two should be about fast. However, if you throw a look at the results in Windows 11, then the two cards are almost exactly fast. Apparently, there are a few bottlenecks on Windows 10, which Windows 11 can handle a bit more effective.

New World

As already at the Flight Simulator, the differences in New World are low. Interesting here is the RTX 3090, which can increase in the CPU limit in Windows 11 from about 120 to 127 fps.

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