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Gladbach allegedly threatens “Mega

Large upheavals in the leadership, great conversion in the game compartment? Borussia Mönchengladbach threatens in the near future possibly a personnel aerlass.

As the “kicker” reports in his thursday edition, a “mega change” in Gladbach is not excluded. The background: 2023, the contracts run from many professionals, including well-known (and Roland Virkusy indispensable) actors like Jonas Hofmann, Yann Sommer or Lars Stindl.

Gladbach’s problem: In order to generate money for own new purchases, in times of empty cash registers due to the coronavirus pandemic must be redeemed. So it is clear that some of the prominent service providers are not looking for their future on the Lower Rhine, they would have to be sold in the coming summer.

Jonas Hofmann dealt with FC Bayern

Hofmann, for example, has been traded in the past few months at FC Bayern, also to players like Marcus Thuram and Alassane Pléa, whose contracts also ended 2023, changed alternating rumors.

A case like national player Matthias Ginter, the Gladbacher’s leadership is absolutely to prevent. The 28-year-old central defender went with expiring contract in the season, an extension and a sale in winter did not come about.

If Ginter is finally the back in the coming summer of Borussia, his still employer does not collect single cent.

Journalist befragt emotional Adi Hütter über seinen Wechsel zu Gladbach | #shorts

Gladbach: mamma task for Roland Virkus

On the new Gladbach Roland Virkuss director Roland Virkus, in his first weeks in office, a mum task is too. The former young coordinator was surprisingly presented on Tuesday as a successor to the resigned Max Eberl.

“Borussia always stood for the three-pillar model from youth players, external top talents and starred players. We last not serviced the first two columns,” Virkus outlined his squad plans relatively concretely.

Gladbach: Max Eberl explains withdrawal on tearful PK

Max Eberl has explained his farewell to Borussia Mönchengladbach high-ply with deep fatigue and psychic exhaustion.

“I have to get out and have to take care of Max Eberl,” said the longtime Gladbacher Max Eberls director during a short-term press conference on Friday.

Eberl complained under tears, he was “a good example of what happens currently in the world”. He has led reasonably conversations with the club for weeks: which is made “within 24 hours, these speculation is exactly what makes me sick. I am exhausted and tired and can not work anymore.” He wool “out of this mill”, that was the reason for his break in Switzerland a year ago.

There is no injured pride, no anger, no frustration: “Just the person Max Eberl is exhausted and tired, I finish something my life was what a lot of joy and fun has prepared me. Fun football was my life last not there anymore. “

Max Eberl verlässt Borussia Mönchengladbach

Max Eberl wants to have nothing to do with the football “

He has painfully found that it is “in the wrong direction”. Rumors over a speedy club change are therefore nonsense: “I just do not want to have nothing to do with the football, but see the world and only be Max Eberl. I think for the first time to me.”

Eberl had come to Borussia in January 1999, in October 2008, he took over the post of Max Eberls director and led Gladbach three times into the Champions League. Eberl was to Michael Zorc (Borussia Dortmund) and Rudi Völler (Bayer Leverkusen) of the Bundesliga.

The club wants to decide on a successor control. Perhaps at short notice transfers would be regulated together in the team for the time being, said Vice-President Rainer Bonhof.

Gladbach expects hard weeks

The first game to Max Eberl was neither breakthrough or catastrophe for Borussia Mönchengladbach. The situation remains sensitive.

The them all the topic could not hide Adi Hütter. “You can not easily go to the agenda. But the fact is: Max Eberl is no longer with us, we have to do it without him even without him,” said the coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach after the first game without the success manager – after his sensational exodus ( “I just want to get out”) was still omnipresent.

The Gladbach board is looking for a successor with high pressure in the middle of the season after a successor, some of the fellow fans thanked Eberl with transparent, the team had to collect himself after the withdrawal of the 48-year-old.

“It’s emotional days. Of course we miss him,” said Jonas Hofmann at “Sky”. However, the national player added significantly: “At some point we have to tick the topic.”

Descent zone threatening close

The point gain in the dimensional Arminia and, above all, its own occurrence are in the right direction as a small step, there was unity at Borussia. But the situation has by no means relaxed: after only one victory from the last nine games, the descent zone is threatening.

The Borussia Mönchengladbaching quality is available, which proved the Hütter-Elef not only with the compensation gate through the restarted Alassane Plea in the 38th minute.

But the knowledge of one’s own possibilities can be a team that laid out of the cup of Bayern Munich with 5-0 from the Cup, also weigh in deceptive safety – there is probably the greatest danger.

“We have many players who are likely to have nothing to do with descent fight,” said Vice President Rainer Bonhof at “Sky”, “but every single game looks at, there are reasons for it.”

Gladbach coach Hütter advertises patience

Hütter, which Eberl had brought in the summer for 7.5 million euros of Eintracht Frankfurt, knows about the tense situation. The game next Saturday against the only one point worse FC Augsburg (15:30 clock) is “an absolute key game”, the Austrian acknowledged. Maybe for him personally.

And so was Hütter for patience. “The lack of self-confidence is also due to the last results,” said the coach. All the more the performance is to comprehend as a good signal in the ability-threatened Arminia: “We have shown a now-first-law mentality after 0: 1.”

However, Gladbach also had to owe his strong goalkeeper Yann Sommer to his strong goalkeeper Yann Sommer.

The Swiss sees even heavy weeks and send the colleagues. “We have to go thereafter. We have to fighter properly to get points,” he stuck.

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