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Capcom in turn announces a rise in wages in Japan

In the stride of Bandai Namco, Capcom announces new measures when turning the new fiscal year page, including wages and premiums.

Capcom Says Sign the Contract or no SFV
As of April 1, 2022, Capcom will review its compensation system so that the average base salary of employees in Japan will increase by 30%. In addition, Capcom will introduce a bonus system that is closer to the business performance of the company, whose turnover and profits are increasing each year. The Capcom statement follows the increase in salaries recently announced at Bandai Namco.

To this salary increase adds a reorganization of human resource operations around a newly created human resource director position for the occasion. Facilitating communication between management and employees, the new Capcom structure will take the form of four distinct human resources departments, but all animated by the same goal of improving the work environment and therefore the productivity of employees.

Fifteen minutes of Gameplay for Elden Ring scheduled tomorrow

Among the most awaited games for the beginning of next year, despite a slight one-month postponement, Elden Ring will make a small appearance on our screens tomorrow, at 15h, for a presentation of about fifteen minutes. Gameplay.

From Software and Bandai Namco then give us an appointment tomorrow at 3 pm, French time, on YouTube and Twitch to discover Elden Ring for a fifteen minutes. A small glimpse of the warehouse that will precede the start of the Closed Network Test phase, announced less than two weeks ago and to which the previously enrolled players will be able to participate from 12 to 15 November, on four successive hour niches.. Unfortunately for the latecomers, registrations are closed since Monday.



ELDEN RING - Gameplay Preview


  • Elden Ring (@eldenring) November 3, 2021

Elden Ring will not be like Dark Souls FromSoftware wants to attract much more public

If we had any doubt that Elden Ring is the most important project that has been between hands fromSoftware , this week we have known more details that point to that direction. While we already know that the game will be more accessible, from Bandai Namco insist on the great ambition behind the development.

It has been in a talk with Gamesindustry where the Senior Vice President of Digital, Marketing and Content of the Editor in Europe has not trembled the pulse to talk about the relevance of the game. Hervé Hoerdt has highlighted that the idea with Elden Ring is attract a higher audience than with Saga Souls , which was born as a niche title and has become one of the main names of the industry.

The idea with Elden Ring is to attract an audience greater than Dark Souls Hervé Hoerdt, Senior Vice President at Bandai Namco with Dark Souls, we spent a niche a really big audience. I would not say Mainstream, but not far away If it is, he explains. The idea with Elden Ring is to attract an even greater audience. It is a very important game for us, and very important to fromSoftware .

Bandai Namco Senior VP Has Big Ambitions for ELDEN RING & It Gets Rated in South Korea

Hoerdt has also wanted to make it clear that everything involving the game is being treated internationally, with direct connections between the European territory and the Asian. We are working very closely with Japan and we have three people dedicated exclusively to the franchise here in Europe, he says. We want to get expand the base of players and that s why we are so ambitious with Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games in the coming months. The new delivery of fromSoftware arrives at January 21 A PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and aim to be one of the 2022 head titles. More delays are expected, since The development is already in its final phase, and since the study promise more flexibility and a detailed open world where verticality will play a main role.

Elden Ring should inspire an even larger target group than Dark Souls

How Elden Ring may Dunk on Game of Thrones
At the beginning of 2022, the waiting time has an end and we can finally have a hand on Elden Ring , the latest work of the Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows the Twice maker of from Software.

In the interview with, Hervé Hoerdt, his sign SVP of Digital, Marketing and Content for the European market at Bandai Namco Entertainment, said about the goals of the publisher. How Hoerdt was voted very positively to Elden Ring and expects commercial success, as it is internally assuming that Elden Ring will delight an even broader target group than at that time at Dark Souls the case was.

From a niche to a commercial hit

With Dark Souls it became something of a very competitive niche audience to something that is really wide. Mainstream I would not say, but it was not far away. And the idea of ​​Elden Ring is to achieve an even larger audience. It s great great for us. It s super big for from software. We work very closely with Japan. We have three people who are dedicated to the franchise here in Europe, explained Hoerdt.

on the subject : Elden Ring: High level of difficulty should provide for success experiences – Thanksgiving to the community

From Software and Bandai Namco have the desire to expand the fan base. Therefore, we pursue with Elden Ring big ambitions. But I feel that what we do, many people will have fallen, and that s the most important thing. That s what we want. We are not just business people. We want to bring something funny and unique, the millions of people fallen.

Elden Ring will be published on January 21, 2022 for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X / S.


Further messages to Elden Ring.

Elden Ring New screenshot warns of a plague

How is Ring of Elysium doing in 2021?
The developer from Software has published a new in-game graphic to Elden Ring along with its Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment. On this you can see a soldier, which lies in a bloodlike on the ground. Another person with a mask on the head looks with outstretched arms on the camera floating over it. This lovely scene is accompanied by a warning! > In the awakening of the divoriation, a plague takes the mind of many creatures and people. Take care of their chaotic rage. About the meaning of the words can only be speculated. At the latest to the release of the game on January 21, 2022, you know more.

Breaking Legend experience The battle is cool and easy to go the little theater is full of coming out

Ready-to-wear or prêt-à-porter is typically abbreviated RTW; off-the-rack or off-the-peg in laid-back use) is the term for prefabricated garments, offered in finished problem in standard sizes, as distinctive from made-to-measure or custom apparel customized to a particular individual’s frame. The term off-the-peg is occasionally used for things apart from garments, such as handbags.
Ready-to-wear has a rather different place in the balls of style as well as timeless garments. In the garment industry, developers generate ready-to-wear clothing, meant to be worn without significant change because clothing made to standard sizes fits most individuals. They utilize basic patterns, factory equipment, and also much faster construction strategies to keep costs reduced, compared to a custom-sewn version of the very same item. Some style homes and stylist make mass-produced and industrially made ready-to-wear lines, while others provide garments that are not one-of-a-kind yet are generated in restricted numbers.

Hi, everybody I was a Igawa, came in the second half, the Breaking dawn players will usually unconsciously begin to feel the excitement of the time, because the vast majority of the Breaking dawn masterpiece are concentrated launched after the summer, I am sure you all have something to look forward to twelve Breaking dawn a long time, ready to be sold within two or three months, but today is to share the tide started the second half the Breaking dawn pioneer ー dawn legend Tales of Arise .

About ー What is dawn legend?

A Bandai Namco produced Daybreak legendary Tales of Arise is a legendary series of 19 works, right from 1995, episode of Tales began, this series has so far accumulated a full 26 years of history and this is also from the previous two 2015’s legend of passion as well as 2016’s Fei night legend , nearly five years before the sale of the next generation of new work.

An experience when talking to the by the same Namco Bandai launched the SCARLET NEXUS crimson tie, I have said that in almost 2014 ~ 2017, the traditional Japanese style of animation into RPG of how much a dilemma for the simple reason that the Breaking dawn is 3A Europe quantum leap, Japanese-style RPG suddenly due to lack of technical strength, thus submerged in a flood under the age of many works such as FFXV , Star ocean series, Valkyria Chronicles series, or is mentioned in front of me, legend of passion , Fei night legend , are the victims of this era.

But with the sale of the Switch, as well as formulation 3A Breaking dawn elastic fatigue, as well as many super-strong Persona , wilderness interest of Rama car, Japanese-style Breaking dawn to finally get the market’s attention once again, say Nintendo first party of the year before last baby torch fell monsters recorded a new series as romantic – and in such a background, Breaking dawn legendary Tales of Arise announced the next generation of grades and pictures, modeling , lighting, special effects and fighting greatly hit the front, a great one kind of world declared: ! we finally footing the ‘flu, so the dawn legend show exactly how well it? The following is my experience after experience.

screen ー called the magnificent scene

Let me tell the story before the first mention picture, because the dawn legendary screen if not to the standard anime style RPG, you take with 3A masterpiece ratio on the market are extremely mighty, unlike the shed next door go style crimson tie, of course, the dawn legendary king of the fantasy scene: mountains, water, fire and ice, can only be spectacular to describe the word.

In order to develop this team is not entirely realistic, with a little hand-painted rendering of a sense of style, they spent nearly three years, especially if you went to the third mark, the whole big city for the first time, believe me, As long as you have experienced that with the PS4 Breaking dawns to play PSP screen era, that Breaking dawn legend can definitely make your shopping chart shopping was a nose, a tear Oh.

Breaking dawn character modeling is also not sloppy, especially Japanese RPG in the shape of male and female, across Europe and America often than the protagonist, always wearing a beautiful shirt + jeans several times, sometimes just staring at the person who had the farm Lili Koukou variety of clothing details have shiny armor, will make you feel very inexplicable healing.

ー show story with vivid characters

A few months before the sale of crimson tie because of its lackluster PPT transitions and much Tucao, but it makes you want to make this question: that you are not always steal across the crimson tie done field of funding? Yes, excluding the first mark of the Breaking dawn, back to the dawn legend is actually very unusual transitions more and more.

Full and timely calculation + motion capture, Breaking dawn director is the emphasis they work under the foot in some expressive degree, have to say, to a still rely GALBreaking dawn style stand before painting over the field Breaking dawn, Legend of dawn on the show can be said to be completely impeccable.

Elaborated between different ethnic understanding and coexistence is the legendary series has always been the core of the human spirit with the good, the days of family and human worth mentioning that the dawn legendary story will be around in two races ー tech Reina expand between , as well as the Protoss force exuberant Dana.

Reina after aggression and enslavement Dana people have passed more than 300 years, until one day, the loss of pain protagonist ー Iron Mask and cursed, as long as the pain will have a touch of female controls ー Chinon after the encounter, the two will go down collar Reina, the liberation of the human revolution Dana journey begins.

The core story of the Breaking dawn is very simple and easy to understand, but in the narrative, Breaking Dawn Legend will inevitably step on or anime style RPG often common mistakes, beginning a habit to force a bunch of players to plug some did not set, do not know how many times early I played the Breaking dawn played sleepy.

But fortunately, the players began to back into the situation, the Breaking dawn experience is really improved, although not much critical point on the plot, basically telling a tale, which made lunch force urging them tears to cry day call the plot actually have , can play a solid performance, or to a large extent allows players to enter the situation, not many people noticed another feature of this is thanks to the Breaking dawn, if the Breaking dawn character is really and more.

RPG is an adventure story with one vote Well, be very strange thing is, these guys obviously are together in the adventure, but only when the battle will take another two sentences, the rest of the entire chart run silent: Hey not, may I ask you really familiar it? do well in this Breaking dawn of course, not without, say, Persona 5 always let you feel how profound friendship group monster.

Tactics Breaking Dawn legend just like people do take very similar, both in the time to buy things, when fishing, picking up material, make weapons, the next task, to complete the task, and even climb the heights afar or jumped from a height down, will make their members who are not the same reaction.

The way hurry sometimes trigger additional dialogue, these are all players can generate a deeper feeling of adventure with partners, hope that the JRPG have to follow it, fighting each face different types of enemy, they will take the initiative to prompt said: with my skills can OOXX! and since talked about the fight, then this combat system for the new transformation of the talk.

fighting ー simpler, more cool, more smoothly!

Legends series count at a very early step into the realm of real-time combat, after all, Bandai Namco has long been a lot next door to this type of action Breaking dawn, like GOD EATER or Sword Art Online , Breaking Dawn Legend Of course this …… is not the same with a dragon, suddenly decided to make it turn.

But the parties on each side of the system, dawn Legend series of battle can be said that so far as a best to get started , the legendary leaving only the most basic elements in place, there are a few bars on the role of blood small blue diamond, will be able to put the skills they consume, as long as the general attack with clever skill to string together, constantly COMBO BREAK value of the diamond center of the enemy played, will be able to exert double teamed finishing moves to administer a fatal blow .

Whether in the ground still have a way to air the player after another segment, high degree of freedom, and the bottom left field playing surface in addition to providing switch roles, the four-button single-press up and down about, but also summon partners resorted to special attacks, these moves can make faster enemy BREAK cumulative value.

6 steerable roles correspond to different types of enemies, such as the protagonist of the flame sword blame for most of the S & P are effective; and Chinon gun is specially brought knocked flying monster; do good fighters Lott crushing enemies with a shield ; while the magician Lin Weier has the ability to interrupt the enemy is cast, and so on.

When playing some big BOSS, BOSS filled the BREAK value, the player can also be defined to trigger the war Oh finishing moves, although very often because flying field effects, do not see themselves in the end what to play, but in any case dawn legendary fighting refreshing degree, absolutely no less favorable than that some of the same generation of ACT masterpiece.


Dawn Legend is not a legend OO Anniversary , or is it carries important works BANDAI NAMCO how much vision, people just concentrated development, unhurried, down to earth in the Breaking dawn to do it, how it shattering it? In fact, no.

But if you want to find a day, not for any additional gimmick, not because of the beauty care of the household rump too sexy, not because of the care of the household honey thighs too violent, this Breaking dawn simply because it has done very sincere, I sincerely recommend you this dawn legend , as the second half of the new wave of pioneer work, as this can definitely make you happily greet the subsequent sale of the Breaking dawn …… and your purse doom.

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crimson tie : from two to cool the awkward transitions, it is almost cartoon style works

FF7 Tekken 7 etc added Cloud game Subsk PS NOW September lineup released

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new title to the lineup of cloud game subscripts PLAYSTATION NOW .

This addition is a full-grafted version of Final Fantasy VII of a full-grafted version of the international version of the masterpiece RPG FFVII (released in 1997), and the popular 3D fighting game series of Bandai Namco Tekken Six titles including 7 . PC can also be played through the cloud (except for some titles), and downloads on PS4 / PS5.

FFVII will be the first of the initiatives to add the FF series for five consecutive months later. Also, please be aware that some titles have limited delivery periods.

■ Limited time additional title

  • Tekken 7 September 7th to February 28, 2022

  • Final Fantasy VII September 7th-end date until September 721

# ■ Normal lineup Add Add Title

* Windbound

  • Path finder: King Maker Definitive Edition

* dandara

  • Kingdom: New Lands

# ■ Title where the termination is approaching

  • Borderlands 3 Until September 29, 2021

  • Judge Eyes: The Goddess of the Grim Reaper New Price Version Until October 4, 2002

PLAYSTATION NOW is a monthly ticket for 1,180 yen, 3 months use ticket, 2,980 yen, and 12 months use tickets are sold from 6,980 yen, and the underestimous people can use the experience for 7 days for 100 yen. You can play with Windows PC with streaming.

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