Joel Miller is a fictional character in the video clip games The Last people and The Last of Us Component II by Naughty Pet. In the games, he is represented by Troy Baker with motion capture and voice performing; in the upcoming television adaptation, he will be portrayed by Pedro Pascal. In the very first game, Joel serves as the main protagonist and also is charged with escorting the young Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States in an effort to produce a potential cure for an infection to which Ellie is immune. He also appears briefly in the downloadable web content campaign The Last people: Left Behind. Joel is eliminated in The Last people Component II by a lady called Abby, whose father he had eliminated in the very first video game, triggering Ellie to seek revenge.
Joel was developed by Neil Luckmann, the creative supervisor as well as author of The Last of Us. The character’s casting was extensive, as his relationship with Ellie was critical to the video game; it was the main focus of the very first game’s development, with all various other aspects established around it. Baker influenced elements of Joel’s character, making the personality much more psychological than initially pitched. Luckmann desired players, particularly parents, to relate to Joel with his bonding with Ellie. He thought about the character morally intricate. For Part II, Luckmann felt that Joel’s personality arc was full after the initial, and also his fatality was a core component of the video game’s growth.


The personality has actually been well-received by doubters; his chemistry with Ellie is a frequent topic of praise. The likability and intricacy of the character has also been commended. Baker’s efficiency in both games was very commended and gotten many awards and also nominations.

Today it was revealed that Troy Baker, actor of Joel in The Last of US , has joined a group of NFT. As expected, the public reacted negatively, with people pointing out that the position that Baker is taking ending affecting independent voice actors. Faced with all these criticisms, responsible for countless roles in various video games, has issued a response about it.

Through the Twitter account of him, Baker noted being aware of the nonconformity of the public, and regretted part of the vocabulary he used in the initial message of him. However, at no time he has pointed out that he will leave aside the NFT market, he only evaded this topic . This was what he commented:

I always want to be part of the conversation, although sometimes that is in the middle of a complicated situation. I thank you for you to share your thoughts and give me a lot to think about. I’m just a narrator that tries to tell my story to anyone who hears it and I hope to help others do the same. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I am grateful that there are those who feel passion for their posture and not only feel safe to express it, but also have the means to do so.

The part of hate / creating could have been a bit antagonistic. I hope you forgive me for that. Bad attempt to bring lightness.

Anyway, feel free to resume the conversation, or not, as they want. I appreciate those who show the truth, to those who offer support and those who have anger and do everything possible to express themselves with it.

However, once again the public reacted negatively , since, at the end of the day, Troy Baker is still within the NFT market, in a company that will end up affecting the work of other voice actors. You can learn more about this topic here.

Editor’s note:

While the race as Troy Baker’s voice actor probably does not look affected by him with the NFTs, it is certain that his relationship with the fans will no longer be the same. The correct decision that many have pointed out is simply to get away from this market, but it seems that this will not be the case.