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APEX LEGENDS Olympus A certain place was secretly changed. Users who feel uncomfortable with the good view

In the Olympus of APEX LEGENDS , a new area, a new area, appeared in an update. However, it seems that there were other secret changes that patch notes were added.

Awakening collection event is being held in APEX LEGENDS. The rank match split 2 has also started yesterday, and a hot battle is being held on the Olympus on Olympus. In the update the other day, a clinic appeared in Olympus as a new area where the lifeline jacked. There is a medical office that restores the physical strength of the player in the area and a facility to drop lifeline care packages.

The patch note does not mention the terrain change in Olympus other than the clinic. However, Olympus seemed to have made a large but unexpectedly difficult to notice. The user is reporting on the overseas bulletin board Reddit.


The user posted a screenshot that appeared to have reflected the north area of Fight Night. I guess it was always like this…? I think there was a tower, he said a little confident. It seems that some users interpreted them as the statue of the passfinder that exists nearby. However, the image of the pathfinder is located a little further behind the image location. The something like a tower here was still not answered for a while. By the way, when I verified it in our magazine, the statue of the pathfinder was still in another place.

However, a while later, a solid user reported that the crane was here. He commented that the top of the crane was a very powerful position, and he hated being set up in the last ring. On the other hand, in response to this post, there is also a tsukkomi that the crane was OOB (outside the battle area). However, according to another user, the OOB was set last season.

On the other hand, some users pointed out this flow as the so-called mandela effect *. It was everyone’s belief that there was a crane, and it didn’t actually exist. Fortunately, this work has many play videos and streaming distribution is thriving, so the truth can be found in videos posted in various places.

  • Mandela effect… Internet slang, which refers to the phenomenon that an unspecified number of people share an unspecified memory that is different from the facts

The above video was broadcast live on March 31. It looks like an in-game video in Olympus in Season 12. In the place where it was a problem, there is certainly a huge crane rising. After all, the discomfort of the users who had something here did not seem to be wrong. A user who has been removed from the crane presumed that the crane was OOB. It seems that OOB invites the player’s misunderstanding, despite being able to climb well with some legendary abilities.

APEX LEGENDS often fixes a position that is too strong or a hide position that is too hard to find for enemies. In particular, like this crane, the position of high altitudes is often responded by making OOB. On the other hand, players who do not know the background can also be wasted the abilities used to climb. The removal of the crane may be a coordination to prevent such a situation and maintain fairness. However, since there is no patch note, the truth is a place where only developers know. Will the day when the reasons for removing the crane be revealed someday?

The best skins for weapons in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors Battle Pass

The fact that this season is not new weapons, does not mean that our existing weapon will not receive a new magnificent appearance. The combat pass for the season 13: Savior really contains one of the best cosmetics that we saw for combat passage. This is definitely true for Legend skins, and some weapons skins are also quite impressive, many of them have a dragon flash. Let’s take a look.

Best Season 13: Skins of the weapons of combat pass “Savior”

The recommended weapon, which received a set of rocket skins for the combat pass of season 13, is Spitfire, which has just joined the ground production after several seasons were in the Care Package package. Nevertheless, for us an outstanding skin is the skin of Car SMG. This season, he looks great with the skin of the crazy Maggie, and also looks great with the legendary military pass of the 3rd season of Lifeline for everyone who grabbed it in due time.

molten shower (the legendary Spitfire skin)

*ALL* Season 13 Saviors Battle Pass skins ! × Apex Legends × Apex Legends

Winter Soul (legendary Skin Spitfire)

WYRMBORN (legendary skin Car)

The Dragon’s Clautch (Skin Epic Rampage)

Virtual Hero (rare skin of an alternating current generator)

Rare Throwback

H Penettle Fighting (a rare skin of a partner)

Retro Ball (Rare Skin Volta)

To find out more about Apex Legends, read the “Best Skins for Newcastle” section in APEX Legends in games for professionals.

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