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The human livestock horror Before The Night will be released on July 14th. In a world where humans are kept in animals, livestock human beings aim to revive their owner animals

Indie Studio UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO announced on June 22 that the horror adventure Before The Night will be released on July 14. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/ According to the Steam store page, it will support Japanese display.

Before The Night is a horror adventure game. The stage is the world where animals have humans. There are cute animals with intelligence in this world town. Humans also live, but the power relationship is slightly different from the real world. Because humans are livestock bred by wise animals. The average intelligence of humans is quite low (about IQ 40), and bipedal walking does not remain. The owner’s animal is taken care of while being loved like a pet.

The main character is Lisa, a pet human being kept by animals. At the start of the game, Lisa’s owner Alice Alice has already died. Lisa seems to have had a strong bond with Alice, and she is unacceptable. In this world, if there is a flower of life, the dead can be revived. Hope for the resurrection of Alice and the hatred of other animals from Lisa. Lisa aims to get the flowers of life to make Alice come to life.

As a game play, Lisa operates and moves inside the map connected by warp points. Collect flowers of life. Rabbits protect the flowers of life. Rabbits have the key to the road to the flowers. In order to get a key, you can replace the key with the rabbit’s favorite carrot, or use a hammer to take force. Get the key using various hands, open the door with the key and proceed.

As you proceed with the game in search of life flowers, the town comes to the town. Animals, the residents of the town, changed from a cute day during the day at night. It turns into a terrible monster. And the pursuit of fear begins. Lisa must survive this hell by hiding in the grass or throwing a hammer.


At first glance, the artwork can feel cute, but this work is scattered with crazy elements, including the setting of human being kept in animals. The unique design that combines the cuteness and the terrifyingness will be the unique charm of this work.

UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO develops this work. There are many mysteries, but it looks like a Korean studio. This work has a demonstration version, and it supports Japanese while roughing. If you are interested, you should try it.

Before The Night will be released on July 14 for PC (Steam/

Agricultural Simulator 22 Animal Trailer

Lets Play Agricultural Simulator 2013  - Episode 01
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In Agricultural Simulator 22 animals play a greater role than ever before. You can even breed bees.

It takes just under four and a half weeks until the Agricultural Simulator 22 appears. Suitable for the name he comes on the market on 22 November. As shortly before the finish line, developer Giants software has published a trailer, which actually shows new features that had not been announced so far.

The video is fully focused on the topic animals. In this regard, the agricultural simulator 22 has much more than its predecessors to offer. That you will be able to ride on a horse through the game world for the first time, has been known for some time. But did you already know that you can not only play Bauer, but also beekeepers in the new part of the series? Yes, this time you should deal with the breeding of bees – of course only in adequate protective clothing. But the small insects do not only provide you with delicious honey you can do to make money, you also increase the productivity of your farm. Building the beehives near vegetable fields, for example your potatoes or sunflowers, the bengers will dust them.

Also new in the Agricultural Simulator 22 are greenhouses. They allow you to build things like strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes even in the cold season and thus operate a profitable business. Furthermore, in the video deer can be seen, which live in the forest. You will not chase you. She remains in the Agricultural Simulator 22 just someone who produces his products themselves instead of getting them in the wilderness.

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