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Amazon and Ebay: Large change from May should be online

Rankings and ratings on Ebay or Amazon are not always reliable. The business for consumers is now to become more transparent by law.

NRW – The price for the new bicycle on eBay classified ads looks tempting, the traders’ ratings by other customers are only positive. What should go wrong? As is known, user reviews are not always reliable- this and much more should change with the new _ Act to strengthen consumer protection in competition and commercial law.

Запрет Ибей(Ebay) в России / Ограничения Амазон(Amazon)

Ebay and Amazon: Law should create more transparency for consumers

The goal of the Federal Government: More transparency for veils and consumers in online trading. According to the law, companies such as eBay or Amazon, search engines and comparison platforms have to clarify whether and how they ensure that “the ratings are actually real.” Fake reviews will be “expressly prohibited in the future.” (More digital news at Federal Government)

Ebay and Amazon will also have to answer the question of whether a offered offer comes from a company or a consumer. Likewise transparently, comparison platforms and other placement services such as Check24 should indicate “according to which criteria the operators were and rated.”

eBay, Check24 and Amazon: Information obligation for online platforms

According to, the law, which is entitled to force on May 28, creates an obligation to provide information for operators in online trading and on comparison portals. This was also announced by the consumer advice center. In the future, operators will have to explain why which product of a provider is displayed in the search specified in the search and disclose if the ranking is influenced by advertising or payments. So far, operators have often left their customers in the unclear.

If you go to the search for a product or service as a consumer, the rankings displayed may not be influenced by hidden advertising or hidden payments. In such a comparison, Check24 would have to disclose which providers were taken into account.

As reported, violations of the obligation to provide information can lead to a fine of up to 50,000 euros according to the consumer center. Larger companies with annual sales of more 1.25 million euros can even be punished with fines of up to four percent of the turnover.

Ebay and Amazon: Companies have to justify search results

In addition to the conventional goods and services, the new regulation, according to the Federal Government, also covers “digital content, such as eBooks or video clips and digital services such as social networks or video streaming services.” This should make the protection of customers significantly more transparent in the future.

From May 28, consumers who want to buy a bike during online shopping can not only insist on Valide user ratings on Ebay or Amazon, but above all on a transparent indication of the ranking bicycles on the results list. That makes the choice more safer after the new bike.

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Panne at Amazon: Online dealer delivers top

It is not a rarity that online retailer Amazon sends new computer games before the official start date on pre-orderers and pre-order. Although that is actually strictly banned, the Group always passes this logistic breakdown again and again. Background is mostly that the company’s waiting gamer wants to supply the game as punctually as possible – and the delivery then runs faster than planned. As a rule, however, it is a maximum of one to two days, which are allowed to play a few happy early buyers in front of everyone else. In the case of “Gran Turismo 7”, however, Amazon has now been much more drastic in the date.

As reported to, more and more gamblers and gamblers are written in Internet forums, social media and streaming platforms, the racing game for the PlayStation 5 and the PS4 a whopping week on March 4, 2022 Release received. For example, a member of the Internet Forum Reddit wrote about 26 February 2022 in a contribution that the game had just arrived. Another user immediately answered that he also found the game just in his mailbox. Thereafter, more and more reports followed by severely premature deliveries.

GT Sport Road To GT7 Suzuka GR.3 Top Split

Features still limited

However, the joy of pre-enclosure was damped by the fact that the title requires an active server connection for most functions. As expected, Sony is currently not available yet, so many features of the game simply do not work. Nevertheless, some gamers report that they had already spent hours on the virtual asphalt and only failed to access online functions. Some even pull a first conclusion. This is how one writes about Reddit that the game is great and the soundtrack excellent.

Codes can not be redeemed yet, players and players receive according to the report but right at the beginning of 20,000 units of the Ingame currency. With which you can buy first tuning parts for your vehicle and unlock other content. Some racing fans do not take their premature players publicly with the world. On the streaming platform Twitch already has a whole series of users who transmit the gameplay from “Gran Turismo 7” live in the network. If you do not want to take the anticipation of the title, you should refrain from looking at these streams.

Amazon Newest PS5 Restock Was a Huge Success

Amazon had a PS5 restock today, and fans were pleasantly amazed by it..

PS5’s declines are still a point also a year after the console release.

Regretfully, current-gen console deficiency is still a thing. Despite the fact that Sony and Microsoft attempt their finest to stay on par with demand, production never ever seems to be enough.

Merchants like Amazon have also been rumored to begin implementing anti-scalper procedures in console goes down.

This method, obviously, has actually varied in effectiveness for each and every seller.

Today, Amazon surprised everyone with a gigantic PS5 restock.

A Thousand of Successful Checkouts During Amazon’s PS5 restock.

Today, Amazon had an extremely shocking PS5 restock with top priority access for its Prime members..

The restocking was announced, as well as simple mins later, supply increased for grabs. Particularly, just the Disc version PS5 console was restocked by Amazon this moment.

The good news is for several, this was the Amazon PS5 restock everyone was clamoring for.

A few mins later, a landslide of excited gamers swamped Twitter, celebrating they ultimately got a PS5.

Find out more: Exactly How to Purchase a PS5 From Amazon.

Some gamers also stated it was easy to get a PS5 this time around. That is, if you currently had a Prime subscription, naturally.


The overall remark from gamers was just how very easy it was to add a console to your cart and also go via check out.

Typically, this is just one of the most substantial issues throughout restocks. As thousands attempt to obtain through the system and also complete the check-out process, numerous pests develop.

Also, some Xbox fans tried good luck this moment, discovering success in the road much less considered them.

Obviously, not whatever was a walk in the park. Although this can be taken into consideration one of Amazon’s best PS5 restocks to day, some gamers were not that lucky.

Several clients did experience a couple of technological issues.

Looking for PS5 on Black Friday? Where to Buy a PS5 on Black Friday & Cyber MOND a 2021.

However, this can occur in any restock. It is expected that several customers will continue to be empty-handed, especially if they get here late to the party.

Taking a couple of technological issues apart, the ceremony of pleased gamers continued.

Amazon is not an option for you?PS5 Restock: Walmart, Major, GameStop, & A Lot More Expected to Drop This Week– November 22-28.

Evidently, the restocking was so excellent that numerous consumers are in disbelief and also just awaiting an email telling them it is all a mistake.

The disbelief is authentic, but some simply wound up embracing this excellent restock as well as celebrated their good luck.

Undoubtedly, not all restocks can be this great, yet we rejoice many gamers lastly obtained their consoles.

Elden Ring Collector s editions revealed pre order possible

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Why you SHOULD preorder Elden Ring: All Editions & Collector's Edition Revealed
The Elden Ring – Collector s Edition can now be pre-ordered for 189.99 euros at Amazon, but currently only for the PlayStation 4. Whether the Collector s Edition will be available at a later date for Xbox at Amazon, is previously unknown. Elden Ring – Collector s Edition [PlayStation 4] – 189.99 Euro In the Bandai Namco Shop, the Xbox version is available from anyflat and also waiting for further editions on all ELDEN ring fans: Premium Collector s Edition Edition – 259,99 Euro Collector s Edition – 189,99 Euro Launch Edition – 69.99 euros On Xbox players also currently waiting for the following versions: Pre-order – Elden Ring Deluxe Edition – 89,99 Euro Pre-order – Elden Ring – 69.99 euros Elden Ring – Amazon – 69,99 Euro Here is a video about the figure:

NEW WORLD TIPS All factions and buffs earned by the conquest of regions

includes Amazon s New World, like any MMORPG, fractions. These include the federal government, the Marauders and the Syndicate, and each has its own background story and goals. Therefore, there is no real gameplay difference between them – once you have reached level 10, you can commit each of them independently of weapons or abilities. Once you have completed your quest line, you become a full member of the group.

The only thing that affect fractions companies that you can join are. Companies are essentially guilds that are led by players and all are allied with a particular faction. Depending on acceding company get their different skins for your equipment. The types of faction missions that can be answered are also limited by your group, even though they are about equal in terms of mechanics and distributed XP.

If you are not satisfied with a particular faction, either because they are not going so well or because of their appearance, you can switch to another. The first faction change is free, but after that you have to wait 120 days to go again (and you can not just join the most powerful competitors).

A New World Faction Picking Guide | Which ONE to Choose?

As for what businesses – because they are out of players, it s up to their officers, whether you are accepted or not. Companies usually recruit chat in the game, so it s a good idea to sign up there. A company can be up to 100 players.

If you want to start a business, just go in the menu on the Enterprise tab. Choose a name and a representative from crest and then begin recruiting members. A company is regulated by a governor, followed by consul and officers. Settlers hold mainly in the territory of a company and can be invited by officers (or removed). Consuls have the same privileges as the governor, but can not access the treasury. As the resources of the Fund are distributed, lies with the governor and pay everyone needs some type of taxes.

Conquest of territories and regions

to fight for your faction seems a funny way of being, to mess with other players or simply to operate only PvP. There are real tangible benefits, however, if you conquered forts in different territories. Depending on the territory and conquered region appear different buffs into force. In addition, you also get unique buffs depending on the detected region.

The control of a territory brings a five percent increase in the EP-gain and a 20 percent increase in the influence of gain. The conquest of a region brings a 70-percent discount on the quick travel expenses, +50 happiness, a 20 percent reduction in home buying costs, a 10 percent increase in the collection and a 30 percent reduction in taxes. Let s take a look at the specific buffs that you can earn in addition to the above, in each conquered region. All this stacks up with each other and offers your group a good incentive to conquer everything.

reduced production taxes by five percent – Reekwater.
Monarchs Bluffs – The cost of fast travel be reduced to a Azoth per 100 covered meters (compared to five Azoth per 100 meters). Azoth is occasionally earned by completing main quests, with the azoth Extraction Perk and as a drop of enemies according Level 20th
Windward – The number of collected items will be increased by five percent.
Weaver s Fen – Five percent increase in the territory by rewards for missions fraction, fraction brands, gold and EP.
Brightwood – Five percent discount on the local tax.
First Light – When using Quick travel costs by five per Azoth 10 weight be reduced to a Azoth per 10 weight.
Cutlass Keyes – The basic fast travel costs are reduced by 50 percent Azoth.

Everfall – business tax by five percentage lowered.
Mourningdale – Five percent increase in the Group brands, the Territory reputation of expeditions, the EP and the earned gold.
Ebonscale Reach – Refinery taxes by five percent cut.
Restless Coast – five percent increase in the Territory reputation by breaking Corrupted, EP, gold and earned Group brands.

New World is currently available for PC. For more information in our review here.

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