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New map for the agricultural economy

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Elmcreek in Agricultural Simulator 22 confronts with the circumstances of the Midwest of the USA.

In just under a month, the agricultural simulator 22 comes to the market and will probably delight thousands of players. But not all content is known and so developer Giants software uses the time and distributes new information about the popular simulator series at regular intervals.

One of the three new Agricultural Simulator 22 environments will be the card Elmcreek. This Map was inspired by the Midwest of the United States. For example, you will find a rocky gorge there, a hidden cave, track surveillance, a baseball stadium and some other things. The surrounding area is also characterized by small streams and rivers as well as extensive fields.

Due to the differences in height, you must pay attention to a few things in agriculture, which do not fall into weight on completely flat terrain. On Elmcreek you can also expand your farm in all directions, and connect the 81 prefabricated fields or even connect to each other so as to get more yields.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for the PC, Mac, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X / S, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Stadia. If you order the game, you will receive the Claas Xerion Saddle Trac package as a bonus on top.

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Agricultural Simulator 22 Greenhouses Beekeeping and Animals

In Agricultural Simulator 22 (from 33.99 € at pre-order) there will be greenhouses for strawberries, salad and tomatoes. In addition, bees will be breeding and honey.

Giants Software: The undeniable importance of bees is also evident in Agricultural Simulator 22 through various effects on the farm. By placing beehives near fields with rapeseed, potatoes and sunflowers increases thanks to the pollination of the yield of the sorts Fruits. And of course, bees do what they can best produce: produce a sweet, golden and thick substance. Stacked on pallets, beekeeper: inside (preferably in the new protective suit) either the produced honey sell directly or the product The cereal factory deliver to produce a crispy cereal together with other ingredients. While the beehives that are available in different sizes produce honey in the warm season, they serve in the cold season only as a place for a summary snoby party.

With the newly introduced season change in Agricultural Simulator 22, players and players must prepare themselves on the cold winter. In addition to snowflowing and livestock, additional income can be achieved by the construction of greenhouses in different sizes. While plants and trees in Do not bloom the cold months, the cultivation of strawberries, salad and tomatoes still offers a green sight – at least as long as fresh water is present. So the own yard remains profitable in the icy winter months.

In the following trailer, the revised farm animals are also visible to the new wildlife, which are on fields and forests on the road. The Agricultural Simulator 22 will be released on November 22, 2021 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia. For the distribution in Germany, Astragon Entertainment is again responsible.

Last updated video: animals

Agricultural Simulator 22 Animal Trailer

Lets Play Agricultural Simulator 2013  - Episode 01
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In Agricultural Simulator 22 animals play a greater role than ever before. You can even breed bees.

It takes just under four and a half weeks until the Agricultural Simulator 22 appears. Suitable for the name he comes on the market on 22 November. As shortly before the finish line, developer Giants software has published a trailer, which actually shows new features that had not been announced so far.

The video is fully focused on the topic animals. In this regard, the agricultural simulator 22 has much more than its predecessors to offer. That you will be able to ride on a horse through the game world for the first time, has been known for some time. But did you already know that you can not only play Bauer, but also beekeepers in the new part of the series? Yes, this time you should deal with the breeding of bees – of course only in adequate protective clothing. But the small insects do not only provide you with delicious honey you can do to make money, you also increase the productivity of your farm. Building the beehives near vegetable fields, for example your potatoes or sunflowers, the bengers will dust them.

Also new in the Agricultural Simulator 22 are greenhouses. They allow you to build things like strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes even in the cold season and thus operate a profitable business. Furthermore, in the video deer can be seen, which live in the forest. You will not chase you. She remains in the Agricultural Simulator 22 just someone who produces his products themselves instead of getting them in the wilderness.

Agricultural Simulator 22 CrossSplay confirmed and details about character creation

The players from the Agricultural Simulator 22 will be able to easily climb. The competent Developer Studio Giants Software today confirms that the crossSplay function is supported equal to the release. This will support the cross-platform games for the first time in the longtime simulation series.

According to the Publishing Chief of Giants Software, CrossSplay support is a great progress for the multiplayer experience . In addition, he informed that the community grows permanent and the number of players rose on all platforms.

New character models, garments, hairstyles and more

In order to optically adjust the own character in multiplayer mode, new individualization options are introduced. These include character models, clothing, haircuts and other items. For this project, developers have introduced outfits and accessories from agricultural brands. Among other things, Engelbert Strauss, Fendt and Claas are represented.

The Senior Character Artist of the game is part of the following: Because the agricultural simulator of countless fans is enjoyed in multiplayer, be it among friends in relaxed meetings after work or even from our passionate content creators who play together in role-playing scenarios, We offer you many new opportunities for your characters.

For the rest, there has been a competitive game mode for two years, in which the virtual farmers measure at a professional basis. The participants are supported by known manufacturers and sponsors of agricultural technology.

You can watch the first gameplay trailer here:

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The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia and PC.

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