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Tomiii 11 already reached 10 million subscribers on YouTube

Live! Thirty Days Ago is an online cd by French rock band Phoenix metro, initially videotaped throughout their September as well as October 2004 trip of Scandinavia and also launched on 8 November 2004.
In the United Kingdom and the USA it was just offered via electronic download after 30 November 2004, and was released on CD on 11 January 2005 in the UK and 22 February 2005 in the US.

After his sensitive death a few days ago, the community is still tribute to the best YouTuber D EVERY TIME, Tomiii 11. This we say it because your YouTube channel already exceeded 10 Millions of subscribers, making it a creditor to diamond button that offers the platform once this goal has been reached.

Unfortunately, Tomiii 11 will no longer be there to receive the plate, however, there should be no problem with which members of the family do it for him.

See this moment has taken a tear.
Being awakened with more people waiting for this moment has been wonderful, I am glad that we have managed to get here.
Thanks Tomiii 11 for joining us ???? # tomiii1110 millions

  • Gurin ???? ˎ˗ (@gurinpengin) September 2, 2021

In June of this year Tomiii 11 was appointed as YouTuber of the year at Chile , the native country of it, besides that on August 27, he decorated with the prize COPIHUE Golden as best youtuber.

Via: Twitter

Tom Clancy s Le week

As we noted a few days ago, tom clancy’s the division 2 has an incoming update. This includes adding new main missions, classified assignments, a new technician and much more. But it seems that the update of tomorrow will also bring a ton of corrections, as well as the opportunity to present new players with a free weekend.

Ubisoft has confirmed the free weekend via a Twitter update today, confirming it will take place from 17 to 20 October. Some specific features have not been mentioned, but they will probably include the new update, which will be put in place tomorrow, as well as access to all technicians. It also seems intended for all platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

As for the fixes that will come with the update, the complete list is here. There is an lot ubisoft massive has planned to do it here. You will need to inquire to see which specific corrections could apply to your character or arms.

But players will be able to enjoy a lot once the update is broadcast tomorrow morning. This includes some new main missions around the Pentagon, a new specialist who transports an explosive rocket launcher, various assignments classified for those who have the season pass; A new PVP card that takes place on the wharf and a team removal, where everything is allowed to eliminate the opposition.

The game servers will be out of service from 12:30, local time, but they will only remain for three hours, the time of the update. Patience!

TOM Clancy’s The Division 2 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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