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Charmantist Elderly Cutter Sladen Legend is going through the new Outcast 2: A New Beginning

In his Showcase broadcast, THQ Nordic introduced the expected outcast 2: A New Beginning Adventure.

Outcast 2: A New Beginning is set in the timeline for 20 years in the aftermath of the original outcast.
Cutter Slade, who returns to the Adelpha Planet, is still playing as a protagonist in the story.

The project is worked on by a veteran team that has developed the original game always composer Lennie Moore .
The new Beginning_, who is still waiting for its release, is seen on PC, Xbox Series S | X and PlayStation 5.

Slow life ADV “Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure” announced by architecture and craft element Announced-PC / console version scheduled

Snowcastle Games announced the Slow Life ADV “ IKONEI ISLAND: An Earthlock Adventure ” on PC (STeam) and console, and published an announcelaler.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure - Announcement Trailer

This work is a slow life adventure with architecture and craft elements. Curious children’s, Mistiles Magic Island Draw an adventure at Ikoni Island .

Players wake up in Iconi Island surrounded by a rich nature, which inhabits unique sexual areas. We will deepen the bond with them and explore the island freely and reveal the secret mystery. You can harvest various materials using tools and wildlife abilities, build studies, and create resources and items. Using these materials, we will customize Ikoni Island to your own preferences and make it a base to send adventures and slow lives on the island.

“IKONEI ISLAND: An Earthlock Adventure”, which can enjoy the adventure and life on the island, will be released on PC (STeam) and console. We plan to create a roadmap for early access and to announce more content. In addition, the official release date is unknown at the time of writing.

Horizon Forbidden West llega a Sackboy: A Big Adventure

SackBoy: A great adventure You have welcomed another playstation game to your growing list of costumes and cameos with Horizonte forbidden west the latest in finding a home in the game Sackboy. PlayStation announced this week that sackboy: a great adventure soon will have two costumes inspired by subins forbidden West. One of them looks like Aloy as the other looks like Sylens and both will be available for free for every1. _Sackboy: A great adventure_owners starting on February 18.

The suits in question can be seen below in the cinematographic taking that the plants right in the middle of a world inspired by well forbidden west_ itself. While we can not see the complete changes for costumes only with the image, they seem to be quite successful in terms of Sackboy’s resemblance. Regardless of how similar they are in appearance, the rate is free, so at least there is no cost or risk in downloading them once they are available.

Beyond Horizonte forbidden west, sackboy: a great adventure in PlayStation 5 has added enough costumes of different franchises, whether exclusive to PlayStation or not. Fall guys is represented on the list as Evolution, ratchet & clank: Rift Apart, _and _The last of us part II. Littlebigplanet games also had their own collection of other games, so it makes sense that the game Newest of the franchise do the same.

Also sackboy: a great adventure, Horizonte forbidden west has also been opened on the way in other games. Fantasma of tsushima Creators Sucker Punch Productions recently announced plans to add some appearances of the new Horizon game to your game.

Horizon Forbidden West - Challenges of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4

Back in the well-prohibited west_ front, the launch of that game itself is not far now. It will be released on February 18, the same day that the costumes that are shown above, with many progress thrown in recent weeks to show more of the game. Will be launched at the consoles PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with gameplay launched for all the different consoles to show how it will be played throughout the generations, but if you want to save some money before it is available, you will want to get the version of PlayStation 4 and simply update FREE to the PlayStation 5 version when the game is launched.

Capcom reports Pragmata to 2023 to ensure an unforgettable adventure

Pragmatic, a high-concept science fiction adventure game of Cap com, was officially postponed to 2023. The launch of the game was originally planned in 2022, but Cap com has just announced its delay so that they could s Ensure that it will be an unforgettable adventure.

PRAGMATA - Coming 2023

Our team is on foot on the project,, wrote Cap com. But, to guarantee that it will be an unforgettable adventure, we decided to move the output window to 2023.

Pragmatic was announced for the first time by Cap com in 2020, but fans are still not fully informed of what will this game be. On the surface, it seems that the main star of Pragmatic will be a naked girl who lives on the Moon and always wears a blooming blue parka. The recently shared overview of the game gives rise some atmosphere Video Kolyma.

As we see in the teaser of Pragmatic, there is a bulky silhouette with astronaut that wanders in a version destroyed by Times Square when he meets a mysterious young girl. From that moment, we do not know what will happen next, but many fans think they could have flown together to the moon.

Although Cap com has just made the official announcement concerning the delay, the player community has already speculated a lot on this delay after a small text showed an exit 2023 for Pragmatic at the Sony press conference in January to the CES.

Cap com has claimed to fully use todays new generation material for Pragmatics high quality graphics, with the launch of rays and other technological advances related to the game.

Pragmatic will be launched for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X users in the current of 2023. On the basis of the developer announcement presentation text, Pragmatic, developed by Cap com Dev 1, will present A sci-fi decor breathtaking and immersive like never before.

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Riot announces Song of Nunu A narrative adventure of Tequila Works in the League of Legends universe

League of Legends has prepared a wide universe throughout his years as a mob, and Riot has decided that it is time to take the step to develop more games within his world. This has resulted in Hex tech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, an explosive adventure starring the Riggs champion. Now, the developer looks to a more friendly and narrative side next to the Spaniards of Tequila Works with the recently announced Song of Nun.

Song of Nun will introduce us a narrative exploration adventure by Record LEAGUE OF LEGENDS will fall at the time when this proposal involves Nun, one of the most longer characters of the Mob. However, this champion and the Yeti of him turn away from the loyalty crack to introduce us an adventure of exploration by the frozen lands of Record, where we embodied a lost child who meets the creature that accompanies him so much.

Song of Nun proposes to travel the Freeload Parades with an exploration that is combined with Mystic Puzzles and enigmas of all kinds that can only be resolved with the collaboration between the child and the Yeti. The adventure will focus on the importance of the friendship of these two characters throughout its period, and will be treated with Solemn and quiet music that will adapt to the wide kingdom of Record.

Riot Forge Showcase - Nintendo Switch

The game has been presented at the last Riot Forge Showcase next to other surprises such as Ruined King, an RPG with characters from League of Legends. As for Song of Nun: A League of Legends Story, the developer already drops that it will be launched at some time of 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, so we will have to wait a few months to appreciate an adventure that will even explore the vast universe of League of Legends. But, so far, we can always appreciate the animation of Arcane, the Netflix series that presents a contest between the cities of Faun and Plover through the sisters VI and Jinx.

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