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PlayStation VR2, sold in early 2023. Next -generation PSVR with great power -ups will come next year

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on August 23 that it will launch PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) in early 2023. Released as a peripheral device for PS5.

PSVR2 is the successor to PlayStation VR. The performance of the hardware is highly improved, and functions including controllers are diverse. As a specification, the display of the organic EL adopted is compatible with 4K HDR, and the resolution is improved to 2000 x 2040 per eye. The refresh rate is 90Hz/120Hz, and the viewing angle is about 110 degrees.

In addition, tracking is an inside-out method, and external cameras are no longer needed. In addition, it is equipped with a function such as a fobbi agate rendering technology that optimizes resolution that draws the center of the screen in a detailed manner. The new controller, PlayStation VR2 Sense, has added many functions, such as Haptic Feedback, which uses DualSense controller technology. For specifications comparison and function details with the first generation, it is better to compare each official page (PSVR2 official page/PSVR official page).


It has been revealed that such PSVR2 will be released in early 2023. For PSVR2, works such as HORIZON CALL OF THE MOUNTAIN are currently under development. In addition, Resident Evil Re: 4 is currently being developed content for PSVR2, and the main game is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2023. Since PSVR2 will appear at the same time, you may be able to enjoy a virtual fear experience for PSVR2 before and after the release of the main story.

Summer Game Fest will show The Delicious Last Course, additions for Cuphead

The organizers of the Summer Game Fest event reported that the show will show a new clip of completing The Delicious Last Course for Cuphead.


Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a long-awaited addition to popular both players and critics of Cuphead, the release of which took place in 2017. The Delicious Last Course will invite players to visit a new island where they will need to defeat the bosses that have not yet been encountered and provide assistance to Saltbaker chef. At the same time, the main key feature of the addition will be the new third game character-MS. Chalice.

The release of the addition should take place on June 30, 2022 on PC and Xbox consoles.

Turn-based Strategy ACT “NOARA: The Conspiracy” Start Free Play with Steam-Change from Paid

Noara: The Conspiracy | Early Access Release Trailer
Atypique Studio has launched the basic play of online battle-type strategy ACT “ NOARA: THE CONSPIRACY ” in early access on PC (STEAM).

This work is a turn-based strategy action game. Early access was started for a fee for PC (STeam) in November 2021. Developer ATYPIQUE STUDIO seems that many players want to play this game free play, and it seems to have been released as a free play this time. In addition, the studio is ** I have an intention to avoid a “Pay-Two Win” of any shape. In addition, we will improve play experience together and perform a new large-scale update that makes the game more dynamic. In-game store is introduced and cosmetic items for characters are provided.

Manage resources and purchase items that enhance units, and defend two bases with full strength. With eight types of “Caste Systems”, you can significantly power up the unit’s statistics on the battlefield. In addition, we will select the appropriate unit according to the progress of the game to adapt your strategy. In addition, it is possible to play in real time even during the opponent’s turn, with a game mechanics of the characteristic “MOKA” of this work, and you can enjoy fresh play and fresh play with the opponent’s strategy.

There are currently four game modes in this work. “1VS1 Skirmish” is a one-to-one quick play mode, “2VS2” is a round-in-style matching mode that fights in solo or cooperative play. Currently, six ranks are available from the new warlords to the warlord. “Training & Puzzle” is a tutorial mode that learns the basic mechanism of the game, such as solving 15 puzzles and using character’s basic behavior, skills, and items. “Custom Games” is a mode that four players can create their own game and do training and tournaments.

“NOARA: THE CONSPIRACY” for new generation of turn-based strategy is under early access for basic play for PC (STEAM).

Extreme cold survival horror “Expedition ZERO” to March 24th. Socians confidentiality and approaching threats hidden in Siberia

Publisher Tinybuild announced on February 14 to release Survival Horror “ Expedition Zero ” on Saturday, March 24th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In addition, the demonstration of this work will be started on February 21st at the Steam Next Fest. In addition, according to the Steam store page, this work supports Japanese language display.

“Expedition Zero” is a survival horror game of a first person view. The stage is an abnormal area at the center of Siberia. The player examines the devastated forest and the stated research facility, etc., and will reveal the secret of Soviet exploration and military experiments. Limited resources are used to extend their own capabilities and survive in an extreme condition.

Among the forests, there are some other than players. These monsters compete with firearms etc. However, the stage of this work is the forest that spreads dark. There is also a bad weather such as snow, and it seems that it is difficult to visually recognize the enemy. It will be necessary to concentrate nerves and to determine their behavior. Alternatively, escape or hiding may also enter the choice.

In addition to the external enemies in this work, there are many threats such as resource exhaustion and coldness, and snowstorm attack the player. Such a facility can catch supplies in facilities, create useful devices, and extend the modules of the mechanical. It seems that you can establish a safety zone with your own hands and create a base that can rest during search.

Survival/Horror First Look | Expedition Zero Demo Gameplay | Part 1

The camp by the previous survey team has already been cut off, and this area is covered with a 50m height of 50m. In addition, from the trailer and screenshot, it is possible to appear as a location as a location as well as the crashed site and the ruined church of the plane. Research facilities seem to have a surveyor, and it seems that various human bodies are rolling. In addition, there is also a scene that is attacked by the enemy of humanoid type wearing clothes.

ENIGMATIC MACHINES, who works on development of this work, is a studio based in Czech Republic. In addition to the staff who has been familiar with Unreal Engine, it seems that bright members are belonging to art and technology, such as projection mapping, VR, and installed works. Also in “Expedition ZERO”, it is a place where you want to expect to expect a precisely reproduced ultimate environment.

“Expedition Zero” is scheduled to be released on PC on March 24, on March 24th. Demos will be distributed on 21st of this month.

Announced sinners island farm sim “Daomei Village”. Lets make a farmland and compensate for sins, lets play a rough village

AMHARIC / GAMES INCUBATOR / PLAYBOY announced the farm simulation DOME VILLAGE on January 24. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). Release timing has not been revealed for now.

Drama Village is a farm simulation game developed in a Chinese-style world view. The player is a sinner banned by the emperor. He served in the village of Drama Village, where he will live and live a farm from scratch. The first player is given to the player, simple tools and limited money, only slight rice and tea. These are developed a farm first, and you have to pay income from the emperor to the tax officer sent from the emperor. It depends on the effort of the player if you work safely and will leave it forever or forever.

First, let’s start with the place where you cultivate rough farmland. There are several farmlands in the village, and some can be unlocked by saving money and purchasing. In addition to different sizes, it seems that the ability to grow crops every season. In addition, it is also possible to keep livestock in the village. By preparing a certain area, we will raise animals such as chickens. Players can freely place various things, such as farmlands, buildings and peripheries. It seems that it is possible to automate farming laws. Let’s restore the devastated village and try to play to rich land.

In addition to players, residents will come to the village. They and her have also been banned by sinning. Players can interact with other residents and take a request. By’ll help, it will be able to earn the trust of residents. Yuks Yuri seems to be able to know the background of that sin. In addition, events also occur in the village. In addition to public holidays along the old calendar, there is also a day to celebrate the birthday of the residents. Through these lives, it is also one of the pleasure to deepen the bond with the villagers. In addition, villages have also remained traces of the front dynasty. While we investigate, but so also will be touching the Chinese folklore and the devil.

If you get the trust of the emperor to some extent, it will eventually come out of the village. You will be able to explore the enemy area dominated by the army. Outside the village, various harvests are obtained. You can absorb new technology knowledge or get raw materials, tools, and crop seeds in the village. However, don’t forget that there is a danger to the outside. You can see how to do the cave exploration in the trailer. Has been fighting back with a sword and bow to the wild of the bat, it seems there are also some combat elements.


Drama Village is scheduled to be released for PC in Steam. Release date is revealed in the future.

Elden ring in final development phase no fetch quests

In addition, Elden Ring is said to have an unusual MAP structure according to his producer.

For the fact that Elden Ring should appear in about three and a half months, we know astonishingly little about the new role-playing game of From Software. Yes, there was a gameplay trailer and selected press representative was already shown a demo, but from other games whose release date is in such a close future, we would have already seen much more. But in a from-software title you may not want to go into the game with a lot of prior knowledge. In addition, Producer Yasuhiro Kitao recently revealed a few new details.

In conversation with the Famitsu, the Japanese betrayed that there is no Fetch quests in Elden Ring. There are no delivery jobs, says Japanese, as a translation created via Deepl, published on Reddit. In addition, Kitao says that the title has a very unusual MAP structure . He speaks of a system that will let you go there, where you want to hire you, but also to you, when you get in trouble – so comes in an area for which you are not yet strong enough.

In addition, there will be card fragments to collect. On those you can then set markings, which creates a light column in the world that shows you the way. So you will probably not have a complete world map from the outset, but only explore the Open World by Elden Ring only with your own eyes. But there should be certain checkpoints that offer you a certain form of leadership.

Elden Ring is announced for January 21, 2022 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox ONE. According to Kitao, the development is in the final phase. So the opportunities could be quite good that the title does not have to be moved.

Wert: Famitsu (via deep translation on reddit)

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