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Qualcomm, the EU, the EU, also took a monopoly company scab

Qualcomm succeeded in removing the monopoly in the EU after the United States.

The European Court ruled on Monday that the European Commission (EC) imposed a fine of 997 million euros (about 1.33 trillion won) on Qualcomm in 2018.

The issue of this lawsuit was that Qualcomm provided $ 100 billion in rebates to Apple to install its chips on the iPhone and iPad from 2011 to 2016.

The EC judged Qualcomm’s actions to be a competition. By enhancing a large rebate to Apple, it has eliminated the incentives to use Intel and other LTE chipsets.

Qualcomm has been illegally excluding competitors from the LTE chipset market for five years, said Margrete Vestager, vice chairman of the EC vice chairman.

But the court’s judgment was different. In the process of defining Qualcomm’s actions as illegal, there were not many procedural errors. In particular, the court’s judgment was that they concluded that monopoly acts were urgently monopolized without reviewing the overall market situation.

■ The US FTC, Qualcomm bridle the ‘monopoly company’ and defeated the appeal court

Qualcomm was not only involved in antitrust lawsuits in the EU. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also filed an antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm in 2017.

At that time, Qualcomm’s business practices, which were a problem with the FTC, had four major business practices.

first. No License-NO Chips Policy

second. Incentive program (License cost reduction when using Qualcomm chip)

third. Rejection of patent technology for rival chipset companies

fourth. Exclusive deal with Apple.

Of the four issues, exclusive deals with Apple were also a problem in the EU. Qualcomm, who lost to the FTC in the US first trial court, reversed the appeals.

The US Court of Appeals decided that the contract with Qualcomm in 2011 and 2013 could not be seen as interfering with competition to maintain the monopoly status of the CDMA and LTE market.

At the time, the US Court of Appeals said, According to the Federal Evangelism Act, competition is illegal. But extremely competitive acts are not illegal.

The judgment of the European general court was similar. When Apple used Qualcomm’s chipset, he pointed out that there was no such substitution, and the EC had been urgently concluded that it had interfered with competition by rebate contracts. The EC has not reviewed all related facts, including the market environment.

Florian Müller, who runs a patented site Force Peturns, also questioned EC’s decision that Qualcomm had been involved in competition.

The monopoly contract itself is not illegal, he said. There are also a lot of legitimate monopoly contracts.

In particular, Müller pointed out that Qualcomm had a need to prevent Apple from buying another company’s chipset. But it’s not an appropriate question in a situation where there is no competitor that can meet Apple’s needs, he said.

■ It is much more difficult to determine the monopoly in the hardware market

The US IT media protocol pointed out that this ruling once again showed how difficult it was to monopolize hardware companies.

The EU has successfully sanctioned the market monopoly of Google and other US Internet service companies. Google, which discriminated against competitors in the comparison shopping market, was fined 2.4 billion euros.

The European Court, which raised Qualcomm’s hand, admitted sanctions against Google. The general court ruled that last year, the act of preferring their content in the comparison shopping market is a violation of the monopoly law.

The same is true of the ‘Digital Market Law’ and ‘Digital Service Act’, which was recently passed by the European Parliament. In particular, the Digital Market Act strongly sanctions platform operators such as Google and Facebook to prefer their services or content.

However, on the hardware market, it is a bit more stringent to recognize monopoly. In January, the European Court ruled that the EC’s actions, which imposed an euros fines of 1 billion euros, were unfair in January for abuse of monopoly status of the CPU market.

The ruling allows you to confirm that it is much more difficult to obtain an exclusive ruling in the hardware market, the protocol analyzes.

Santander Financial institution introduces its sponsorship in League of Legends in Europe as well as Latin America

This news also includes in that received a few days ago with the statement that Riot’s video games will certainly reach Video game Go through a really striking cooperation agreement for both celebrations. Yet going back to the arrangement with Banco Santander, Maximilian Schmidt , in charge of League of Legends Esports in EMEA, he says: It is a satisfaction for us to collaborate with a global entity devoted to advancement, digital makeover as well as with offering the much better solutions to your youngest consumers..

Thus, as an international companion for the organizations that we have pointed out, the Santander Financial institution will certainly display a variety of resources that consist of the presence of the logo in various areas, sections of special web content, rewards or VIP inputs among others. One thing we have actually previously discovered is that we desire to include in the video games, urge, be energetic during competitors. It is not about having only one visibility, we intend to contribute value to the players..

The Santander Banco today revealed its partnership as the main sponsor of the European Championship of League of Legends and also the Latin America League signing an agreement that covers several years of collaboration. Hence, this exact same evening in Madrid a event is being held that has the participation of banners and also characters as understood as Chuty, Sara Socas or vocalist Nicki Nicole to celebrate it as well as that is provided by the idol of League of Legends, Medic.

In the words of Nathalie Picquot , Global Supervisor of Corporate Markenting Brand Experience as well as Digital Involvement of Banco Santander, with which we have actually been able to talk this afternoon we look for to link with them in an authentic means. We have also been able to ask about the inspirations of the entity when immersing themselves in the field of eSports. We also see shared values between both neighborhoods with values of technology, diversity, digitalization….


In the Worlds last year, 74 million viewers were gotten to. This is large Nathalie Picquot On the various other hand, the alliance with the European Championship and the Latin American Organization makes up a specifically contract of digital media that complements other sponsorships of fields such as Formula 1 or football. When we asked the interviewee straight by League of Legends she replied that League of Legends is a leader and the most combined game of eSports. In the Worlds last year, 74 million audiences were reached and also 30 million typical per minute. This is large. We additionally like it a great deal, due to the fact that it is a fantasy and calculated video game..

The Santander Banco today introduced its partnership as the main sponsor of the European Championship of League of Legends as well as the Latin America League signing a contract that covers several years of collaboration. Thus, this same night in Madrid a event is being held that has the participation of banners and also characters as recognized as Chuty, Sara Socas or vocalist Nicki Nicole to celebrate it and also that is provided by the idol of League of Legends, Paramedic. We have additionally been able to ask concerning the inspirations of the entity when immersing themselves in the field of eSports. Therefore, as a global companion for the organizations that we have mentioned, the Santander Bank will display a range of sources that consist of the presence of the logo design in various places, sectors of unique material, prizes or VIP inputs amongst others.

[Gem ㅊㅊ] This game is easy ^^ Blood pressure rise 5 games

※ [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] is a corner that recommends a game that is good for gamers for special topics every week.

Is it the characteristics of Koreans to buy and suffer? I think I’m looking for a game that’s hard recently. Who broke the mouse, the game that broke the keyboard, and approached it with a comfortable idea of ‘Is that so hard?’


This towering painting goes up and down along the fifth stage of anger, ‘negative, anger, compromise, depression, and acceptance. Oh, I can’t only know anger. Today’s [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] has collected the blood pressure rise game that I want to give to you. Oh, you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s a good game to recommend to people around you.

One. Hollo Night

The first game to be introduced is the Hollo Knight, a platformer game of the Metro Bania. It’s hard to notice with a cute character, but it’s called the Dark Soul of the Platformer. The movement between the map and the map shows the flavor of the platformer, and if you die during play, you can taste the soul game, but it shows natural progress and system connection. It was well received.

Such a Hollo Knight has been attracting attention again recently. This is because the new sequel Hollo Night: Silk Song is once again mentioned in the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. As Hollo Knight showed significant difficulty, Hollo Knight: Silk Songs are expected to sublimate their accumulated know-how.

2. Angvik

Angik, which was first released in 2014, won the industry’s throne with a blood pressure rise game that surrendered numerous streamers before the jar. In order to reclaim the castle that was occupied by the barbarians, he lends the equipment of his father to become a protagonist who goes on a journey and tells the story of the protagonist. They are not a warrior, but ordinary beings, so they die at once when all armor is peeled off. In addition, if you stay still in one place, you will be old and die, so the player must move and move on.

This game is especially famous for its homemade village, and the color of this homage is so dark that it makes me think that I needed to be able to make it up to the difficulty. From the standpoint of seeing, the idea is ‘Is it so difficult?’ If you want to make you feel the pain of the stationary land, please recommend it.

3. Big Pogo Man

Big Pogo Man is a 3D platformer game that climbs the mountain of the object with Pogo Stick, Sky Kong Bean. It is also called 3D jar game, which is composed of jar games and various backgrounds. The game, which operates with only mouse, has an amazing strategy of doubling people with a cute Sky Kong Sound that doesn’t match the difficulty and complex backgrounds.

Don’t blame anything. Games, computers, and characters are innocent. Everything is wrong with your hand that grabs the mouse. If you try again and again, you can still do it. Please be patient. The game’s explanation is the level that turns on the player’s anger. It is all about the game to click on the mouse and go up and go up without special settings or stories, but it is difficult to achieve it all.

4. Smilemo

Smilemo is the background of a computer world that is infected with unexpected viruses and is in crisis. The main course is to collect vaccine codes by becoming a smiling emoticon who managed to survive. In the process, you need to break through the infection area and help the computer manager system to find the vaccine. Fortunately, this game is a game with checkpoints, so you need to worry about failure. However, it is a ‘cookie run’ platformer game with a significant speed, so it requires physical rather than delicate operation and judgment.

This game has a risk that returns to the path where the character came when you hit the obstacle during play. In addition, it contains the critical element that makes it farther away, so if you are not lucky, it will return to the distant place. This critical probability is higher than you think, so if you make a mistake, you can see yourself. Nevertheless, compared to the worst of the previous games that must start from the beginning, it may be fortunate that Smilemo, which can be stopped in the middle.

5. Graduator

‘Gradu’ is a platformer game that has been a lot of pain in the story of the developer. Players have to be a new college student who entered college and go to graduation with a electric wheel. In the air, you should succeed in ‘graduation’ at the top of all kinds of motives, professors, and obstacles to the ‘electric wheel’, which is not even shifting. In the process, the player can use the ‘ASDF’ manipulation key, which has been motifs from other games of the jar game producer Benetfordi, to taste the worst.

The game not only left the pain of the platformer game, but also puts a boss like a barrage game in the middle, giving anger at the vigilant, leaving traps all over the place to steadily increase the blood pressure of the player. It’s not bad to recommend it to your favorite streamer or friend, as it is a game that the producer is recommended for ‘Streamer’. In the official release version, the difficulty is a little less difficult, so if you are going to recommend it around, it’s a good idea to try it quickly.

New on Steam and also already in the sale: followers hype trendy Center Ages

If you like action-packed middle ages fights, Steam is presently making a tempting offer.


Chivalry 2 shows up on Steam after one year

In the middle ages slasher you play as a warrior in an ego viewpoint as well as have to fight with sword, shield, early morning star and numerous various other weapons via brutal field fights and also castle sacrifications. Chivalry 2 wants to relate itself on epic medieval films with its gameplay.

While Chivalry: Middle Ages Warfare has been offered on Steam for some time, fans had to wait for the successor for an entire year on Steam. It first showed up time Exlusiv in the Epic Games Store .

If you like action-packed medieval fights, Steam is currently making a tempting offer. In the medieval slasher you play as a warrior in a vanity point of view as well as have to combat with sword, shield, morning celebrity as well as many other tools via ruthless field fights and also castle sacrifications. It first appeared time Exlusiv in the Epic Games Store **.

Chivalry’s Steam launch: Middle ages War is likewise commemorated with a discount project. By July 7th, fundamental game and special version are lowered by 40 percent as well as only price 21.59 euros as well as 26.98 euros.

Medieval hit is cheaper on Steam.

Haaland change formally: Mancity calls contract details

The Skyblues are additionally eagerly anticipating one of one of the most appealing demonstrators in Europe, that racked up 86 objectives (89 video games) at Borussia Dortmund in 2 as well as a half years: Erling has every little thing we desire from a striker, sports director Txiki Begiristain is priced estimate. In the Champions Organization, he revealed that he can assert himself at the highest degree and I make certain that he will also enter its very own in our system.

I was birthed in England and also I have actually been to my whole life City follower. This is a proud day for me as well as my family, the 21-year-old revealed in his very first meeting on the club platforms of the English master, the Haaland’s departure clause in the amount of Triggered 75 million euros.

The Citizens have actually not yet connected the t shirt variety of their royal transfer, but a hot favorite is currently being acted: Haaland’s number 9 is occupied by Gabriel Jesus, the 15 that once used his daddy would be free.

Haaland, the second. From July 1st, Erling will certainly follow Alf-things, the kid of his daddy, that had actually already bet the Skyblues in between 2000 and also 2003. City lastly did this on Monday, as did Haaland’s agreement term till 2027.

#Xboxbethesda: forza motorsport 8 announced

This confirmation of a new forza will please simulation lovers since it is the direct competitor of Gran Turismo.
Forza Motorsport 8 promises pushed visuals of 48 x greater than the previous component.
On the menu, dynamic meto, management of stops in the well with petrol and tires as well as a new engine of destruction for the physics of damage.

Forza Motorsport 8 will be available on the Game Pass when it was released in the spring of 2023.
Here is the video of Forza Motorsport 8:

Luto horror resembles PT, but with excellent fabric physics

Luto is a new indie game that will try to make players be afraid of their cabinets with linen, as Hideo Kojima with his demo pt once tried to do. The novelty, by the way, will also distinguish between an extremely impressive physics sheet. You can familiarize yourself with the project’s gameplay trailer below.

The developers promise the players the psychological horror in the first person, where they will have to take on the role of a hero who is not destined to leave a kind of damned old house. Searching for ways to get out of this building will be the main goal of the game. The release of the project is scheduled for the current year for personal computers and consoles, but this event does not yet have the exact date.

ADV DEADLY PREMONITION 2: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE Steam version of STEAMs surprise distribution! [Future Games Show]

RISING STAR GAMES distributes a PC version of the adventure game Deadly Premonition 2: a blessing in disguise at Future Games Show JUNE 2022 distributed on June 12, 2022. have started.

This work is a PC transplant that was released for Nintendo Switch in 2020. The FBI investigator York will be investigated the incident in the New Orleans rural town Le Cale, where the serial murder has occurred in the past.

This work is Both the sequel and the previous work of the previous work DEADLY PREMONITION released in 2010. Players gather information while going back and forth between the two times, 2005 and 2019, and follow the truth of the past. The game is an open world, and you can play not only the main game but also various mini games.

DEADLY PREMONITION 2: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE PC version is on sale today at Steam. There is also a special promotion that can be purchased 30%off until June 19th.

Fischer replacement found immediately: Gyamerah modifications to Nuremberg

On the whole, the previous younger international brings the experience of 123 second department video games to Nuremberg. In 2019 he switched to HSV, for which he played a total of 55 affordable video games in the past 3 years.


VfL Wolfsburg reported Kilian Fischer’s transfer on Friday night. The right-back 2021 from Türkgücü Munich-will play in the Bundesliga in the future as well as leaves a gap in the right-back setting at 1. FC Nürnberg, which the Franks closed straight through the transfer-free Gyamerah transfer.

After Manuel Wintzheimer, he is currently the 2nd expert who discovered the method from the Elbe to Pegnitz. The truth that Manu Wintzheimer is a previous colleague of mine in the group, obviously, makes it easier for me, states Gyamerah.

The 26-year-old had actually currently dealt with Nuremberg’s sports director Dieter Hecking at Burger SV. He is a seasoned player who can be used variably on the defensive. We are really pleased that we were able to persuade him of a modification to 1. FC Nürnberg, Hecking describes the novice, that, under his instructions, finishes 10 affordable video games at the Hanseatic It did not get anymore due to the fact that Gyamerah had actually broken his fibula in the 2019/20 season.

I am persuaded that we can play an excellent function in the second organization.

Jan Gyamerah

After extensive and relying on discussions with the Nuremberg club administration, I deliberately chose the path at as well as with the FCN, says the full-back. I am encouraged that we can play a great function in the 2nd organization and also will do my best each day to be effective with the group.

VfL Wolfsburg reported Kilian Fischer’s transfer on Friday evening. The right-back 2021 from Türkgücü Munich-will play in the Bundesliga in the future and leaves a void in the right-back placement at 1. FC Nürnberg, which the Franks closed straight via the transfer-free Gyamerah transfer.

What is the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

The 3rd season Fortnite, chapter 3, began brilliantly: players are ready to explore some of the new POIs added after a recent event at the end of the season. The new combat pass with the participation of Darth Vader and Indiana Jones is now available for purchase, and players will need to perform quests and earn combat stars to unlock these cosmetic objects. Naturally, fans are happy to find out how long this season will last to determine their progress in the coming months.

When does the 3rd chapter 3 end end?

Fortnite Chapter 3 season 3 is planned to be completed on September 17, 2022 . Players can check this date in the current combat pass. Go to the Combat Pass tab and check the left lower corner of the page to see the official date of the end of the 3rd season of the chapter 3. Fans can also check that Indiana Jones will arrive in 32 days, that is, July 7, 2022!


Players are also glad to see a new weapon added this season, including DMR, a double-charged shotgun and Hammer assault rifle. Several types of weapons and objects were also not preserved this season, and Baller is definitely a return for Fortnite veterans. Significant items, such as a trap for cows and a repair tool, are also returning from last season!

When does Fortnite Chapter 3 start the 4th season?

Since the 3rd season of Chapter 3 should end on September 17, 2022, fans may expect that the new season will begin the next day. As can be seen from the recent update, the preparation of servers takes a lot of time, so ideally it will expect that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will begin on September 18, 2022.

What will be in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 combat pass?

While fans want to know what will happen next, we will have to follow all the leaks taking place this season to get an idea of popular joint projects that will appear next season. We will regularly update this section as soon as new leaks of information about the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4) combat missing begin to appear.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 combat pass contains some of the most iconic cosmetics inspired by popular culture. Dart Vader and his tool for collecting the Sigil of the Empire are awards in combat passage, and they have already become the favorites of fans. In the same way, original characters, such as Ivi, Adira, Sabina, Thunderer and Malik, are one of the coolest skins that fans have seen so far.

Do you want to know where to find NPC this season? Check out all NPC locations for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 in Pro Game Guides!

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