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Deck construction RPG “Triple Fantasy” Steam version announced. Dot picture characters are dynamic with three simple decks

NEOWIZ announced “ Triple Fantasy ” on May 25 to PC (Steam). The release time is in the first half of 2022. According to the Steam store page, the game seems to support Japanese display. This work is originally distributed for iOS/Android, and the PC version is developed.

“Triple Fantasy” is a strategic RPG that collects cards and fights. The player has three heroes cards on the deck. With the attacks of heroes, standing destroys various enemies. Players build the best decks in line with their strategies, and double the damage by combining three cards.

Best Deck Building Games [Explore Beyond Gwent & Hearthstone]

The characters in this work are expressed in dot paintings. The cute two-headed hero moves on the screen. That said, each character has a powerful status. The hero of this work has a rare degree of rare, rare and hero. However, the practicality in battle depends on the strategy of the player rather than the rarity. Try the combination of various cards and create synergy.

Legendary characters, such as Son Goku, Thor, Odin, and the hero of the Three Kingdoms, are added as cards. More than 300 heroes are recorded. Each card has the attributes of fire, water and wood. In addition, types (classes) such as warriors and bandits are also set. Combining cards while considering these characteristics is one of the important strategies. The heroes can be added to the deck by discovering hidden in the map. In this work, you can also enjoy playing with PVP.

The “Triple Fantasy” iOS version has a solid evaluation of 4.5 stars at the App Store, and the Android version is 4.1 on Google Play. As a game, it seems that the deep strategic but deep strategy of how to make a role with three cards is highly evaluated. The Steam version of “Triple Fantasy” is also a point to be noted how the battle scene is exciting, as the store page also supports online PvP.

The “Triple Fantasy” Steam version will be distributed in the first half of 2022. The iOS/Android version is being distributed for free at each store.

Uragun, this is the new Twin Shooter with wicks; Already available in Steam

URAGUN hURAGUN just been presented in Steam; It arrived by anticipated access two days ago and is reaping a first wave of critiques mostly positive . It is a Twin Shooter (shots with double lever) science fiction in which we have to turn us to the controls of a combat wick and cope with hordes of corrupted machines. We tell you everything you should know about the game. On these lines you have the official trailer **.

URAGUN: short, but intense games

The official title synopsis in Steam refers to a great diversity of scenarios, in which we releURAGUNe short missions, but in which enemies do not give us a breath. “Hiding is not an option,” says Kool2Play , study responsible for the game. ChickURAGUN, rocket launcher, URAGUNsault rifles… Arsenal is varied and is progressively unlocked URAGUN we complete challenges. In addition, beyond the weapons there are energy attacks, which do the times of special skills. One of the attractions of adventure is the setting, because we have to visit places URAGUN emblematic URAGUN Barcelona, Hong Kong and North America , among others.

Requirements to play Uragun on PC

Below we offer the minimum and recommended requirements to enjoy the game on your computer. URAGUN you can check, it varies a lot depending on the technical conditions in which you want to play; The minimum configuration is quite affordable.

Minimum requirements

  • s Operational System : Windows 10 of 64 bits (version 20h2)

  • Processor: Intel of Seventh Generation I5 or AMD Ryzen 1700
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050TI
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 15 GB of available space
  • Sound card: Anyone

Required Requirements

  • s Operational System : Windows 10 of 64 bits (version 20h2)
  • Processor: Intel of Tenth Generation I7 or AMD Ryzen 3600
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 15 GB of available space
  • Sound card: Anyone

Mechs Vs Machines Top Down Shooter - Uragun

URAGUN debuted on April 12 on PC. It is available in STEAM via Advance access .

Turn-based Strategy ACT “NOARA: The Conspiracy” Start Free Play with Steam-Change from Paid

Noara: The Conspiracy | Early Access Release Trailer
Atypique Studio has launched the basic play of online battle-type strategy ACT “ NOARA: THE CONSPIRACY ” in early access on PC (STEAM).

This work is a turn-based strategy action game. Early access was started for a fee for PC (STeam) in November 2021. Developer ATYPIQUE STUDIO seems that many players want to play this game free play, and it seems to have been released as a free play this time. In addition, the studio is ** I have an intention to avoid a “Pay-Two Win” of any shape. In addition, we will improve play experience together and perform a new large-scale update that makes the game more dynamic. In-game store is introduced and cosmetic items for characters are provided.

Manage resources and purchase items that enhance units, and defend two bases with full strength. With eight types of “Caste Systems”, you can significantly power up the unit’s statistics on the battlefield. In addition, we will select the appropriate unit according to the progress of the game to adapt your strategy. In addition, it is possible to play in real time even during the opponent’s turn, with a game mechanics of the characteristic “MOKA” of this work, and you can enjoy fresh play and fresh play with the opponent’s strategy.

There are currently four game modes in this work. “1VS1 Skirmish” is a one-to-one quick play mode, “2VS2” is a round-in-style matching mode that fights in solo or cooperative play. Currently, six ranks are available from the new warlords to the warlord. “Training & Puzzle” is a tutorial mode that learns the basic mechanism of the game, such as solving 15 puzzles and using character’s basic behavior, skills, and items. “Custom Games” is a mode that four players can create their own game and do training and tournaments.

“NOARA: THE CONSPIRACY” for new generation of turn-based strategy is under early access for basic play for PC (STEAM).

To March 26th Delivery at Return ACE STEAM. Battle of the premise that converts enemy attacks into energy

Domestic personal circle Nerota announced on March 11, “ Return ACE ” to start delivery on March 26. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In Steam and, the trial version containing 2 stages can be downloaded.

“Return ACE” is a special vertical scroll 2D shooting game that receives and utilizes an enemy bullet. In this work, the player operates itself and fights against the enemy aircraft that appears on the screen. While destroying enemies with energy bullets, avoid the barrage of the enemy. It aims for the stage capture. However, since there is no energy for its own machine at the start of the game, it can not be attacked. Therefore, in this work, the enemy’s energy bullet is converted to energy of its own machine using the function “ABSORB” mounted on the aircraft. We will use enemy attacks to expand the battle.

As a special ability of your own machine, “Hacking” and “Rolling” to be invincible to the enemy aircraft in addition to “ABSORB” and become an invincible to the physical attack. Both actions, including shots, are the basis of the fight in “ABSORB”.

On the other hand, if the enemy bullet is converted too much with “ABSORB”, the own machine causes an overheat beyond the allowable energy of energy. “ABSORB” is also equipped with the ability to register the enemy’s bullets that absorbed when energy is 0%, and to change the shot of the own machine, and energy management will also be important.

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Besides, the story is equipped with a four-step difficulty level with different stories and BGM. As the game mode, in addition to normal StoryMode, it is prepared by Randomstage that you need luck and BOSSRUSH fighting endless. A capable title system has also been introduced, and the ability of your own machine can be enhanced by meeting the conditions and clearing the game. The title may be obtained by destroying the general enemy of 80% or more, hacking more than 20 machines, or destroy the boss with rolling.

Nerota, which is developing this work, is a personal circle of Mr. Tugu, a domestic personal developer. According to his tweet, STG developed by East-Aplan! shark! shark! The Mega Drive version of “is a key to developing this work. I couldn’t forget my memories that could not be cleared when I was young, and I decided to make a dot shooting game. Also, according to Steam’s Store page, there is a problem that the current work does not work in the demo version in the present work. The discovered issues, including user wages and system improvements, are being corrected during operation.

“Return ACE” will start delivery from March 26 for PC (STeam). Soundtracks of this work that recorded 20 songs, including arrangements, are scheduled to be released free of charge.

The Legend of Heroes : Trails from Zero sortira le 30 septembre sur PS4, Switch et Steam

Nis America has announced that The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero will be available on September 30, 2022 in Europe on PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam.

As previously announced, this RPG born on PSP on September 30, 2010 in Japan will be available at home with voices in Japanese and texts in English. The minimum service for a niche saga whose location officers are struggling to follow Falcom’s frightened ryhthma. Once Trails from Zero will be available at home, fans will still be waiting for trails to azure, INTO Reverie Trails, Kuro No Kiseki and Kuro No Kiseki II, knowing that the first two of this list are already scheduled for 2023.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero - Official Story Trailer

As a reminder, Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure form a dualology introducing the crossbell nation and the agents of the special support section, gathered around the protagonist Lloyd Bannings. These two titles form the Crossbell arc that will interclude between the three chapters of trails in the sky and the five chapters of Cold Steel trails. Last year, Kuro nor Kiseki laid the basics of a new bow, that of the Republic of Calvard.

PS4 and Switch players will be able to offer a deluxe edition including the game, the original digital band and an illustrated mini book.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero – Trailer of the story

“Portal” spin-off “Aperture Desk Job” free distribution starts, Japanese support. A strange adventure starting with a toilet inspection

Synthfest UK Virtual Event - Sat 10th October - 2pm to 10pm UK
Valve started a free distribution of “ Aperture Desk Job ” on March 2. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and supports Japanese display. This work is developed for Steam Deck, and a controller is required to play with a PC.

“Aperture desk Job” is an adventure game based on the view of the world of puzzle games “Portal”. A new employee who just joined Aperture Science. I will work in the underground work, along with my favorite artificial intelligence Gradi. The work is the product inspection officer. We will check out the product and toilet bowls that flow from the belt conveyor.

A desk is provided in front of the player’s eyes. A button corresponding to the controller / Steam Deck, such as the ABXY button or LR trigger, is available at the desk. By pushing these buttons as specified, it will be examined whether the toilet functions firmly.

I wonder if the monotonous work is repeated, and the situation is unusual. The player will cut out various aspects based on the desk button operation. Although details will be down, various situations will be awaited, such as simple button operations, but sometimes precise operations are also required. There is also a scene where gyro operation and speech recognition are required, and the player can not get bored.

As Valve is mentioned on the store page, this work is not a regular sequel to be a “Portal” numbering work, but the length is compact about 1 hour. However, the fact that the world view of “Portal” is further expanded is also hidden, and the series fan will be a highly satisfied work.

“Aperture Desk Job” is under distribution for PC with STeam. Be careful because the controller is required for the operation.

Extreme cold survival horror “Expedition ZERO” to March 24th. Socians confidentiality and approaching threats hidden in Siberia

Publisher Tinybuild announced on February 14 to release Survival Horror “ Expedition Zero ” on Saturday, March 24th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In addition, the demonstration of this work will be started on February 21st at the Steam Next Fest. In addition, according to the Steam store page, this work supports Japanese language display.

“Expedition Zero” is a survival horror game of a first person view. The stage is an abnormal area at the center of Siberia. The player examines the devastated forest and the stated research facility, etc., and will reveal the secret of Soviet exploration and military experiments. Limited resources are used to extend their own capabilities and survive in an extreme condition.

Among the forests, there are some other than players. These monsters compete with firearms etc. However, the stage of this work is the forest that spreads dark. There is also a bad weather such as snow, and it seems that it is difficult to visually recognize the enemy. It will be necessary to concentrate nerves and to determine their behavior. Alternatively, escape or hiding may also enter the choice.

In addition to the external enemies in this work, there are many threats such as resource exhaustion and coldness, and snowstorm attack the player. Such a facility can catch supplies in facilities, create useful devices, and extend the modules of the mechanical. It seems that you can establish a safety zone with your own hands and create a base that can rest during search.

Survival/Horror First Look | Expedition Zero Demo Gameplay | Part 1

The camp by the previous survey team has already been cut off, and this area is covered with a 50m height of 50m. In addition, from the trailer and screenshot, it is possible to appear as a location as a location as well as the crashed site and the ruined church of the plane. Research facilities seem to have a surveyor, and it seems that various human bodies are rolling. In addition, there is also a scene that is attacked by the enemy of humanoid type wearing clothes.

ENIGMATIC MACHINES, who works on development of this work, is a studio based in Czech Republic. In addition to the staff who has been familiar with Unreal Engine, it seems that bright members are belonging to art and technology, such as projection mapping, VR, and installed works. Also in “Expedition ZERO”, it is a place where you want to expect to expect a precisely reproduced ultimate environment.

“Expedition Zero” is scheduled to be released on PC on March 24, on March 24th. Demos will be distributed on 21st of this month.

New Steam Darling A God

Table-top Simulator is an indie video game that permits players to play and also develop tabletop games in a computer simulation. For this, a multiplayer physics sandbox is used, which allows the players to interact with video games, playing cards and other game product.

A God simulator becomes a new star on Steam. The game with cute pixel look allows you to control huge monsters and terrible forces with which you can either support or punish the residents of your fantasy world.

Steam simulator makes you god

The World box God Simulator published on December 2nd for the PC seems to hit exactly the preferences of Steam players. As the name suggests, you are in the sandbox game of the Almighty God of your own world. In the Steam Top seller list the simulator is currently on the 12th place.

The product page on Steam already gives you an outlook on how your average daily routine looks like God in the fantasy world. There are peoples people, orcs, elves and dwarfs, which in the course of the time new country colonialize, founding kingdoms and can lead to war against each other. Then it’s up to you on which side you suggests you and how your flashes, acid eggs or even atomic bombs. The huge crabbing with laser claws also hears only on the command of a God.

World: God Simulator attracts well at players

World — GOD Simulator is originally published as a mobile game, which has now found its way to Steam. Currently, it is still in the Early Access and should be expanded in the future around new forces, creatures and a religious system. However, the community is already very good. In total, 92 percent of the user reviews are positive.

If you are looking for another starting game that allows you all kinds of measurement, we can also recommend Tropics 6:

the most insane steam profile ever

World box — GOD Simulator is so popular with the players that it is currently on the 12 . Square of the Steam Top seller list stands. The chaotic God simulation, which mainly relies on chaos, destruction and giant crab, also receives positive reviews from the players

Barotrauma gets its largest discount rate yet as well as a Steam Free Weekend

2D co-op submarine death simulator Microtrauma will certainly be having a large sale and a Steam Free Weekend starting later on today. Your opportunity to friend up with some good friends as well as watch the mayhem unravel.

Microtrauma sends up to 16 players on an undersea trip in a sci-fi submarine in the nautical midsts of Jupiter s moon Europa. The crew finds alien marvels and also scares, regulates different submarine systems, and battles to survive threats from both outside and within. The video game is constantly being upgraded as well as improved.

Simply just recently it had actually an update named Amongst the Ancients which included updated creepy old damages, personality development as well as even more.

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The sale is currently live, with it seeing the greatest discount rate up until now at 75% off. The Steam Free Weekend starts 7PM CET/ 6PM UTC today (November 12 – 2021) and it will all last up until Monday.

Inspect it out on Steam and likewise Modest Store.

Short article drawn from simulator Barotrauma.

Prepare your pocketbook for the next validated Steam Sale dates

You might wish to reserve some cash and also fill out that Steam Wishlist, as the next number of big sale events now have their days confirmed.

Rather than some type of leak like what occurred in previous years, Valve themselves are simply offering the dates to those who know where to look. On the Steamworks Documents site, Shutoff has detailed these sales:

Steam Halloween Sale – Oct 28 – Nov 1, 2021
Steam Autumn Sale – Nov 24 – 30, 2021

Steam Wishlist Loophole?!?! Quick Way To Get Wishlists On Steam
Steam Winter Sale – Dec 22, 2021 – Jan 5, 2022

Naturally these are just the major Steam occasions. You can still expect to see daily as well as once a week bargains, publisher occasions and also all the typical extra sales that Valve allow throughout as well as in between these times.

I m lured to finally see what all the fuss is about with NieR: Robot with Proton or possibly get drawn into Marsh 3. Then once again, I might also construct up my collection of VR games as there s numerous that look excellent like Blade and Sorcery. What are you really hoping will have a good price cut?

Write-up drawn from Steam Autumn.

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