Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Madden NFL 22 (Madden NFL 22), is added to the Popular Title, such as MADDEN NFL 22, adds to the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is supporting the Xbox Game Pass through consoles, PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices to enjoy the desired games anytime, anywhere. It is also constantly enhancing the content lineup to meet the various tastes of the users.

■ Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Cloud Support * February 15

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ is now available through Xbox Cloud Games. The player is a fantastic universe, which is a background, so that the alien tribe is heavily. Legendary Editions include single player primary content, promotions, including weapons, armor, packs, and DLCs from Mass Effect 1 to 3, and more than 40 DLCs.

■ Lawn Mowing Simulator – Console Support, ID @ Xbox * February 17

The ‘Ron Moeing Simulator’, which was able to enjoy in PC and Xbox series X | s, is also possible in Xbox One. It is a game that enjoys the tranquility and a small challenge of lawn mower on the stage of the UK rural village.

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■ Madden NFL 22 (Madden NFL 22) – Console / PC Support * February 17

In ‘Madden NFL 22’, a gameplay to adapt to the weekly training routine as an NFL newcomer and proceeds to the entire draft 1 ranking. Using the ‘Home Field Advantage’ in the NFL stadium in the updated franchise mode, you can attract attention to the entire stadium. The new AI behavior of Madden NFL 22 is capable of being able to imitate a variety of players and team tendencies based on actual data, and it is possible to play a very smart game. The new field response adds intense drama to the game, and various players Persona determines the propulsion in the crucial moment.

■ Total Warrior: Warhammer 3 (Total War: Warhammer III) – PC Support * February 17

Beyond the real world, there is a region of Chaos in the presence of a pure and evil magic, and the four major gods of the four-year-to-falling of the four-way, the god of the four-way, the god of ‘Slearney’, God ‘KOREN’ – is preparing for war. Everyone who wants to destroy the devils and them should go into the area of ​​Chaos and find the ultimate compensation, and choose whether to conquer four gods or to command them. You can see a challenge and system that can increase the gammerus core.