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2023 MSI: Riot Confirms Mid-Season Invitational Location, Dates and More in London on May 2nd


After 19 days of competition and two double-elimination stages, the last groups standing will defend the title during the 2023 MSI last on May 21 at the same place.

League fans will likely come from all areas to support their preferred teams, but more than likely less than 10 thousand individuals will be able to go to. The tickets for the occasion will officially go on sale at 4am CT on Feb 23, with the rate range starting at ₤ 24 ($29), and approximately ₤ 94 ($113). Those wishing to participate in the 2023 MSI can take a ticket and try on Axis dedicated page.

Additionally, Riot has actually exposed the theme picked for the worldwide competitors. Players, teams, and fans are asked to DEFY expectations, haters, and doubts to display their best selves during MSI 2023. Riot said MSI is the very first action towards success, a competitor that presses its participants beyond limitations.

The League of Legends 2023 Mid-Season Invitational will kick off on May 2 at the Copper Box Arena in London. Riot Games formerly revealed Leagues first global competition for the year would be held in the United Kingdoms capital city and has actually now revealed all dates and exact areas for the occasion.

Starting May 2, 13 groups from all over the world will be completing at the Copper Box Arena, situated at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The new MSI format starts with a Play-In Phase that will be held from May 2 to 7, and after a two-day break the Bracket Phase will begin and last until May 20 with another small break in between.

Picking the Perfect Support For Ezreal: Our Top 5 Tips and Tricks

With every new season, there’s something to look forward to in League of Legends. Whether its brand-new champs, items, or spot notes shaking things up, there’s never a dull minute on the Rift.

While there are technically thirty-five support champions in League of Legends, not all of them work well with Real. These are currently the best supports to match with Real in League of Legends.

One of the most popular ADC’s in the game is the Prodigal Explorer, Real. He is a moderately challenging marksman who is known for being a mischief-maker. On the Rift, Real needs a support that can synergize well with his abilities and alleviate the cons of this champ, just like any other ADC.

The 5 finest supports to play with Real in League

Tarim can likewise offer heals with his Starlights Touch (Q), passively increase an allied champs armor with Bastion (W), and increase your groups’ survivability by making them invulnerable for a minimal time with his ultimate, Cosmic Glow (R). Tarim is terrific for landing and team battles and has a set that synergizes well with Real.

In the lane, the two are brilliant at playing both offensively and defensively. Seaplanes High Note (Q) and Beat Drop (E) are long-range, so she can poke, peel, slow, and stun for Real. Her ultimate supplies an outstanding setup for Cereals abilities, specifically his ultimate, which might imply totally free kills if timed properly.

Soraya is generally a great support, as she can help her ADC and her entire group with her healing. In the early video game, Real has to play it safe and slow until he opens his Arcane Shift (E) and purchases a few items. As Soraya is more of a sustain-support, this lane is about scaling, farming, and poking where you can.

Alum is an off-meta support that has been frequently seen in both amateur and professional games. And when he’s coupled with Real, he supplies excellent defense and engage chances. Alum can stun his opponents with his Plaster Toss (Q) and Curse of the Sad Mummy (R).

And as quickly as Soraya and Real get their core items, Real can play more strongly. Soraya can recover him with Astral Infusion (W) or stun opponents with Equinox (E), all of which can help keep Real alive, much to the opponents dismay.




Real can make the most of these stuns to damage his enemies. And it likewise makes it much easier for Real to strike his enemies with his supreme, True shot Barrage ®.

Strafing is a decent mid-lane champion, but she can likewise be a fantastic support, particularly for Real. Strafing can provide cc, damage, and healing, all of which can be used to fit her ADC’s play style.



Tarim might not be your first assistance choice, however he’s a good assistance for Real. Not only is Tarim resilient, however his Dazzle (E) can help stun enemies, suggesting Real can securely harm his challengers for a few moments before using Arcane Shift (E) to escape safely.

Bard is an outstanding assistance for Real and the group. With Cosmic Binding (Q), he can slow and stun his opponents, and Caretakers Shrine (W) provides recovery for the very first ally who strolls over the shrine. With Wonderful Journey (E), he can engage both offer and disengage opportunities for Real.

Bard is an excellent assistance for Real and the team. Once both Real and Bard have their core items, they can stun and do more damage to their enemies, and ideally snowball the game.

On the Rift, Real needs a support that can synergize well with his capabilities and reduce the cons of this champion, simply like any other ADC.

It likewise enables Bard to roam more freely and effectively throughout the map. This is not only great for his group but also for Real, as he can farm the lane and get solo experience and gold and benefit from the recovery shrines left by Bard. Once both Real and Bard have their core items, they can stun and do more damage to their enemies, and ideally snowball the video game.


And as soon as Soraya and Real get their core products, Real can play more aggressively. Soraya can recover him with Celestial Infusion (W) or stun enemies with Equinox (E), all of which can assist keep Real alive, much to the opponents dismay. With Soraya and her recovery, Real has more chances to deal damage while taking pleasure in a more secure landing experience.

Lol: Riot Pwin to the community with a highly anticipated change that will not reach League of Legends

The expansion of Riot Games has caused great frictions with the community of League of Legends . Although the developer has not modified the way in which she treats her star video game, many players feel envy for the novelties that arrive exclusively to the rest of the company’s video games. The controversies with respect to the extra functions of Wild Rift are constant and it is also common that when the cyclic discussion about the voice chat arises everyone wonders why value it does. Now, with one of the next added, the situation is about to be repeated.


A highly anticipated change that will not reach League of Legends

According to a filtration, Riot Games will allow very soon that we canadd to a limited number of players to a list to block them from our games *. This function would be limited so that it only lasts a few days and that it cannot alter the pairing system, so that there would still be a possibility that we could find them. However, the relaxation that offers someone who has maintained a bad behavior together with the reduced probability of coinciding with him make this tool a very satisfactory when dealing with toxicity.

The problem we have already mentioned is that nothing indicates that this tool can reach League of Legends . A situation that has given rise to complaints in a community that does not understand the differential treatment between both titles. Although it is normal for the pace of content to be different or that monetization strategies change, it is more complicated to understand why functions that make an objectively frustrating title and that have been requested for years are only included in one of them. Even more in cases where satisfying the desires of the players seems so simple.

Everything is said, it will have to be a little more patients to see what determination Riot Games makes. After all, we are talking about a filtration that, although it reaches a more than reliable source, we must always deal with a little care. However, if it becomes confirmed, it is very likely that it causes an even more aggressive reaction among the League of Legends players, who have already held on several occasions their weariness with the differential treatment received by the different video games of the developer.

Santander Financial institution introduces its sponsorship in League of Legends in Europe as well as Latin America

This news also includes in that received a few days ago with the statement that Riot’s video games will certainly reach Video game Go through a really striking cooperation agreement for both celebrations. Yet going back to the arrangement with Banco Santander, Maximilian Schmidt , in charge of League of Legends Esports in EMEA, he says: It is a satisfaction for us to collaborate with a global entity devoted to advancement, digital makeover as well as with offering the much better solutions to your youngest consumers..

Thus, as an international companion for the organizations that we have pointed out, the Santander Financial institution will certainly display a variety of resources that consist of the presence of the logo in various areas, sections of special web content, rewards or VIP inputs among others. One thing we have actually previously discovered is that we desire to include in the video games, urge, be energetic during competitors. It is not about having only one visibility, we intend to contribute value to the players..

The Santander Banco today revealed its partnership as the main sponsor of the European Championship of League of Legends and also the Latin America League signing an agreement that covers several years of collaboration. Hence, this exact same evening in Madrid a event is being held that has the participation of banners and also characters as understood as Chuty, Sara Socas or vocalist Nicki Nicole to celebrate it as well as that is provided by the idol of League of Legends, Medic.

In the words of Nathalie Picquot , Global Supervisor of Corporate Markenting Brand Experience as well as Digital Involvement of Banco Santander, with which we have actually been able to talk this afternoon we look for to link with them in an authentic means. We have also been able to ask about the inspirations of the entity when immersing themselves in the field of eSports. We also see shared values between both neighborhoods with values of technology, diversity, digitalization….


In the Worlds last year, 74 million viewers were gotten to. This is large Nathalie Picquot On the various other hand, the alliance with the European Championship and the Latin American Organization makes up a specifically contract of digital media that complements other sponsorships of fields such as Formula 1 or football. When we asked the interviewee straight by League of Legends she replied that League of Legends is a leader and the most combined game of eSports. In the Worlds last year, 74 million audiences were reached and also 30 million typical per minute. This is large. We additionally like it a great deal, due to the fact that it is a fantasy and calculated video game..

The Santander Banco today introduced its partnership as the main sponsor of the European Championship of League of Legends as well as the Latin America League signing a contract that covers several years of collaboration. Thus, this same night in Madrid a event is being held that has the participation of banners and also characters as recognized as Chuty, Sara Socas or vocalist Nicki Nicole to celebrate it and also that is provided by the idol of League of Legends, Paramedic. We have additionally been able to ask concerning the inspirations of the entity when immersing themselves in the field of eSports. Therefore, as a global companion for the organizations that we have mentioned, the Santander Bank will display a range of sources that consist of the presence of the logo design in various places, sectors of unique material, prizes or VIP inputs amongst others.

Pass of Exail, the new league watchman officially released on the 14th

Kakao Games announced on the 13th that the new league, the new league of the Nuclear and Slash PC online game ‘Pass of Exile,’ developed by the Grinding Gear Games, will be officially released on May 14.

The new league is the 20 new Atlas passive skills. The company will maximize the fun and immersion of users through various contents and new attempts, such as Uber -class final boss, new items and monster ‘strong’ attributes.

In the watchman league, the user’s collected “Watchman” strengthens the monsters to greatly increase the difficulty and rewards. Through the Watchman’s Operator, you can also set specific actions, such as power supply and runners’ run nodes. In the beginning, only one watchman per region is used to use the power, but the game can be used to secure the power to operate up to three watchmen. In addition, it can be re -create as a new watchman by combining power depleted watchmen, and special attributes can be obtained.

Path of Exile Archnemesis Guide - League Mechanics [PoE 3.17]

In this new league, the character balance of the previous league remains the same without upward or downward. In other words, the experience and knowledge gained from the previous league, Atlas Siege, can be used in the ‘Watchman’ league, and you can enjoy more in -depth play through your own know -how.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games is a character created by the watchman Challenge League from 14th to 21st to commemorate the opening of the ‘Watchman’ league..

For more information about the Pass of Exail: Watchman League, please visit the official website and KakaoTalk ‘Pass of Exail Talk Channel’.

LOL: The play of a lee without taking advantage of an enemy mechanics to use it in his favor

When we talk about mechanics in League of Legends, there are endless combinations with synergies that surprise us more and more. Some have a very simple like Garen and his regeneration of his life, while other champions such as Riven have an endless cancellations of attacks that cause the champion to be a very different depending on the hands to control them.

This student started off really good, but will never carry because of this

This time, we will talk about an extremely difficult champion but that is quite fun to play if we completely take advantage of all the champion’s mechanics and combine them with those of the rival: Read Sin . The blind monk is a character capable of turning the game with just one kick, and although he has not been in a group fight, he has left the enemy Leblanc without words with an interaction that would never think it happened.

Under the name of “Godzillatosis” in Reddit, the user wanted to share through this social network the play that left him stunned due to how unexpected it was. As many will know the definitive of Lee Sin is a kick that sends the enemy objective away from the fixed place; In addition, you can also lift all the enemies who cross with him and cause your allies to take advantage of them. Well, this Lee Sin used this ability in the duel against an enemy Leblanc, with the peculiarity that it was the copy of him and not the original . While it seems like a flagrant failure, it turns out that it was a strategy from the beginning.

For those who do not know, Leblanc’s clone returns to the champion’s side if he is far from her. What happened? Well, with the definitive still active and Lee Sin, he moved so much to the copy that when returning to the original place, he gave the champion fully causing her death of her and a play to the memory. Knowing this type of mechanics makes the difference between an experienced player and a new one, since he is able to analyze all situations and make the most of his skills for his own benefit.

While he is not the only champion capable of doing this type of interactions, if he is the most spectacular of all of them due to the difficulty of performing all these movements in a few seconds. Hopefully the player has won the game and we will see this type of exceptional plays that we can only applaud and study.

LOL: Riots new inspiration for skins that divides the community

One of the great Riot Games changes for the cosmetic content of League of Legends was related to the new aspects of prestige. The developer has been listening to the criticisms of the community to these skins that, although they have not been a failure in sales, were some of the most controversial among the community. There are still a strap on what the style or number of changes of these appearances should be, but where developers have made more emphasis, it is illustrations whose inspiration has surprised fans and, again, has divided them.

League of Legends turned into a fashion advertisement

NEW SKIN TIER? Legendary Plus Skins from Riot Survey | Objective + Kill Effects | League of Legends

Riot Games had announced that the new prestigious 2.0 skins would be haute couture versions of the basic theme and that would treat them as if they were the clothing that the chosen characters would use on the red carpet of a awards ceremony in the universe in which aspects are set. What nobody expected is that this setting were taken so seriously, since it is evident how The company has been inspired by fashion marketing classics to try to create the illustrations of cosmetics.

Although there are exceptions, most fashion brands use minimalist scenarios and without too many elements to try to highlight their new garments . The only concern is that the background of the image does not unravel to create a composition focused only on fashion. It is a way of directing the look of the observer widely used in marketing. Of course it is one of the oldest tricks of publicists, but it is still used because it is extraordinarily effective and has now reached League of Legends with this review of prestige aspects

Interestingly, Riot Games had already used this technique. Although the illustrations of aspects and champions have more and more details to occupy the entire image, if we look at cosmetics or characters thrown long ago we can see them overturned to the side or in frames without too many additional elements. Of course, at that time they did not carry it out with this intention or had the same fineness in the execution. In fact, Splash Arts are one of the elements that has evolved the most since launch without the community having noticed.

Although it is a well -founded design decision and that has much more work than the old prestigious illustrations, which only changed colors, the change has not liked every1. There are players who see it as a lazy decision and feel that the funds are too empty , so they do not honor those who should be some of the most exclusive cosmetics of League of Legends. The aspects also accumulate the worst rates of I like against I do not like (they can still be seen with navigator extensions) of the YouTube channels that the cosmetics show.

T1, Cells Corporation and official partnership

[Data provided: T1]

** \ – Planning for athletic power, including a living legend ‘Paker’,

\ – I am actively involved in the on-offline events and challenge.

Domestic League (LCK) (LCK) (LCK), a total of 10 times the winning and winning winning E-sports team T1 and the domestic short-looking platform ‘Cellar Fee’, and Cells Corporation has entered into partnership.

Celeration is a Korean-style short-form platform that represents a K-Culture, which is an official model, a black pink index, including a large number of singers, MCs, and actresses. Recently, based on the popularity of ‘Korean Wave’ and ‘Short Form’, we accelerate global entry into Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand and India. This partnership is aimed at expanding the convenience to ensure that T1 and Cells Corporation are distributed throughout the world to more vigorous and closely communicate with the T1 player.

Big Pharma - How much power do drug companies have? | DW Documentary

For this purpose, the T1 player ‘Jausu’ Choi Woo-hyun, the ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun-jun, “Kuma Yui”, It is scheduled to go to fans with content that contains only personality. In addition, we will actively participate in a variety of online events and challenges and try to get closer to fans who cheer themselves.

Celerbie Korea Park Sung-hoon said, “It is proud to have a partnership with T1, which has a popular popularity in Korea as well as Korea as well,” said Park Sung-hoon, ” I told my enterprise-enemy effort. “

‘Pakers’ Human Hyuk said, “I am glad to be able to communicate with the fans in a new form of short form,” he said, “I will show you a variety of T1 player in the cellby,” in the future. “

All this reaches League of Legends for the Tiger Year event

_ League of Legends _ continues to expand its extensive catalog of Skins and cosmetic elements. On this occasion, it has been revealed that characters such as Lux, Ezreal and More will have a new dress to celebrate Chinese New Year .

By means of a new trailer, Riot Games has revealed all the content that will be available through the Tiger Year event, known as DELEITE LUNAR, which is being carried out between January 25 and February 27 2022 . Here we have new explosive aspects, the return of ultra-fast fire random and more.

League of Legends - Lunar Revel 2022 Theme

As they could see, this special celebration offers new Skins for Ezreal, Lissandra, Lux, Amumu and Kindred, as well as gestures of this celebration. As if that were not enough, the players will get: Basic aspects, prestigious aspects, URFAR game mode, Accessories and exclusive Chromas.

On related topics, these are the most popular characters in the competitive League of Legends.

Professional Dota 2 says that lol is “the worst game in the world”

By the nature of both games, League of Legends and Dota 2 have always been victims of comparisons. In fact, many players of LOL started at Dota 2 and vice versa, but at the end, it seems that the Riot Games has always been the most popular. Although for Yatoro , professional player of Dota 2 for Team Spirit, LOL ** “is the worst game in the world.”

Why Dota 2 Players HATE League Of Legends!

Recently, members of Team Spirit were forced to play a game of lol , this as part of an experiment carried out by the organization. After having finished the game, the members of this professional team had different opinions about it, however, that of yatoro highlighted above the others due to the strong that they were their criticisms towards moba Riot Games.

“It’s the worst game in the world. One can get sick just looking at it. If you enter LOL and then A DOTA 2, you understand how much it has evolved by 2 as a game. “

Surely these criticisms will not go unnoticed by the competitive scene of both games, and there is no doubt that the discussion about which of these two games is best to light on social networks and forums.

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