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LOL: What is the Reverse Grand Slam? The almost impossible feat that only a few players have

RNG won the MSI last weekend and even if in Europe, the competition had problems excited, audiences increased considerably compared to last year (a peak of more than 19%). The Chinese organization made history by winning the tournament for the second consecutive year and can now boast of being the only structure that has raised the Cup 3 times (2018, 2021 and 2022).

In the networks and on the analysis platforms, some have also talked about a Reverse Grand Slam to congratulate coach Zhu Ken Zhu Kai, who remains in an incredible streak of won tournaments. But what is this inverse Grand Slam story?

Grand Slam and Reverse Grand Slam, where does it come from?

The Grand Slam is an expression found in several fields. To name a few, we could talk about tennis (win the 4 great tournaments in a row). Chaining a victory in the Open of Australia, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open in the same year is something exceptional. Such action has not happened since 1988 and thanks to Steffi Graf, one of the most famous tennis players in the entire history of sport.

If we return to the world of League of Legends, the Grand Slam consists of winning 4 specific tournaments in the same year: the Spring Split of a major league (LCK, LPL, LEC or LCS), the MSI , the Summer Split and the World . This feat had never been achieved before, not even for the best of all, Faker . On the other hand, we invent the notion of Grand Slam reverse , which corresponds more or less to the two-year-old Grand Slam. It consists of winning these 4 trophies but outside order and during two competitive seasons .

How did the RNG coach handle this famous Reverse Grand Slam?

When announcing that Zhu Kenzhu Kai, the RNG coach, has achieved a reverse Grand Slam, some will frown… How is it possible if the team did not win the World Cup last year? The answer is simple: Kenzhu’s Reverse Grand Slam is only related to his person. The coach was playing in 2021 at Edward Gaming (EDG) with whom he won the World Cup and in the meantime he has changed equipment. That is why he managed to chain 4 great victories:

LPL Summer 2021 (EDG) *
World Cup 2021 (EDG)
LPL Primavera 2022 (RNG)
* MSI 2022 (RNG)


Kenzhu is not the first to achieve this action

What Kenzhu has achieved is great, very great, and no one can take it away. However, we must restore the truth: despite what has been said by certain rumors in social networks, the Chinese is not the first to achieve this feat! In 2015-2016, SKT had an incredible series of successes, winning the 2015 LCK summer split, the 2015 World Cups, the Spring Split of the 2016 LCK and the MSI 2016. Several players had been part of the adventure:

Bang (ADC)
Wolf (Support)
KK0ma * (coach) What is true, however, is that Kenzhu is the first to achieve this feat in the Chinese League (LPL) and the first to do so with two different teams **.

Foto: Lol eSports

Rick Roll: This is like Grand Theft Auto 4 gave light to one of the most famous Internet memes

The Grand Thef Auto franchise is one of those sagas that last forever in the video game industry. The care and affection that Rockstar has for this saga (not obviously the disastrous GTA Trilogy) has been so great that each game that has come out of this delivery has aimed to break all kinds of records, as has happened with GTA 5 which has become the second best-selling title in the entire history of the industry, only behind Minecraft.

But this time we will talk about one of the most adult deliveries and especially loved by the most staunch fans of the franchise: Grand Theft Auto 4 . Niko Belllic’s journey through Liberty City and the spiral of pain and sadness in which he is involved has made him the most painful game of the entire saga, with moments that we will be recorded by posterity. But did you know that The presentation of this title brought with it one of the most beloved and hated memes of all the brief history of the Internet ? We talk about nothing more and nothing less than the Rick Roll , the most representative internet joke of the last 20 years.

A highly anticipated trailer and a Rick Astley’s fan user

It was more than 15 years ago, specifically on March 29, 2007 , when Rockstar said we could see the first advance of his next game: GTA 4 . Throughout the day, Rockstar launched this first glance of the fourth installment of its most famous live franchise, causing the fallen from the site that would be supposed to show the trailer due to the huge amount players who longed to see this special event. The link , like other online places, was also shared by an unknown user in the online forum 4chan , specifically in the video game thread.

However, the link that this user shared through 4Chan, instead of taking fans to the teaser trailer of the adventures of Niko Belllic, the redirected the successful song of Rick Astley in 1987 entitled Never Gonna Give You UP . And what at first seemed to be a presentation with millions of excited players seeing what Rockstar had reserved with GTA 4, ended up being a joke of unmatched proportions. This joke, as expected,*

The song that became an internet anthem

There are many content creators who, throughout this decade, have fallen into the Rick Roll, almost all unintentionally and because of their subscribers. But the best of all is that Rick Astley himself takes this meme and hugs it with forcefulness, even being rickrolleado for the same during a conversation with a member of the FOX, according to La Him’s daughter.

The successful Song of the 80s achieved more than 61 million visits before Youtube was eliminated in 2012 for a copyright claim. However, these problems would be solved and only two years later, in 2014, it would reach more than 71 million visits. Today, as of May 2022, this video has obtained the a whopping amount of more than 1.2 billion visits , a large majority of these from trolls or jokes who want to keep the fans of Marvel, DC or Star Wars. Long life to Rick Astley.

GTA 5 has eliminated transfobo web content from its variations of PS5 and Xbox Series

For that reason, the neighborhood has actually already been able to access its uniqueness, as well as the fact is that customers have actually gotten alterations Mixedly , with some fans taking into consideration that they are worth the adjustments and also others whining that The company maintain wanting to manipulate the item by doing this. But what we had not realized is that points have been removed of the video game with these new versions.

The Next-Gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V premiered in the Stores PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X | S last March, and also have actually also wound up getting to the stores with a physical edition with the enhancements that SUPERSTAR He has related to which he is already among one of the most important and successful games of perpetuity.

A personality version no more appears on the map next to it, individuals have actually discovered that additionally a model of drag queen ** has been removed very stereotyped. It is still existing in the data and also as a matter of fact it can be utilized in the Director setting, yet its discussion lines have actually been deleted and also the NPC no more shows up on the map. At the minute there is no main explanation for Superstar, although there are no changes that in no instance change the basic experience with the video game, whose script is typically introduced in this type of referrals that can be considered offending.

In addition to PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Series X | S, this brand-new version of Grand Theft Auto V can reach computer if we serve the American ages category system. In the lack of a main confirmation by the company, we welcome you to check out the analysis of the Next-Gen variations of GTA 5 to make a far better suggestion of how the enhancements integrated into the new generation gaming consoles look.


As we can review in Reddit, there are tiny modifications in particular decorated that we can see in the title. Without going any type of even more, a number that was close to the entertainment has actually gone away which it troubled some customers for to be thought about a transfoly joke when chatting regarding interchangeable genitals. The new number that replaces the previous one no longer refers to transgender people.

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