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Games is a kid-friendly website dedicated to helping gamers find the information they need. We know all of your frustrations with not finishing games because of problems like not knowing how to fight bosses, what to do next, where to go, or how to get past a particular level. Our goal is to give you the tools and walkthroughs you need so you can have fun while playing every video game!

Slap The Rocks: Gameplay-Trailer zum Pixel

Video game adventurers have to overcome more and more tasks these days to achieve that it requires their adventurer spirit.
The new gameplay trailer for Slap the Rocks has shown that some protagonists have easier than others.

The Quarry: 30 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First
Slap the Rocks is a puzzle game in a pixel graphic style, which is reminiscent of Pokémon with its top-down view.
The player controls an adventurer who satisfactorily does exactly what the play title promises: stones!
Armed with a sword, our figure has to get on the way through 30 different levels and beat stones and chop bushes to achieve as many treasure chests as possible.
The greatest dangers on his journey to fame and wealth are holes in the ground that can be closed with stones.
Slap the Rocks will be released on May 4th and will therefore be available in the Microsoft Store tomorrow.

Open testing of the LEAP shooter will take place this week

Me during Pew testing (Roblox)
The first-person multiplayer shooter LEAP, the development of which is engaged in the Blue Isle studio, will launch the second beta testing in a few days. May 6 at 20:00 (Moscow time) and will end on May 7 at 16:00 (Moscow time). It is important to note that you will not need to receive the key to access to the game, because it will be enough just to click on the “Request access” button on the LEAP page in Steam and access will be automatically given to you.

Matches will be available to players in which up to 60 people will be able to participate. Everyone can put on a special costume that gives various opportunities to configure the character to their style of play.

Square Enix sells Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal y Más from 50 brands to Embrace Group

Square Enix reaches an agreement with embarraph Group to sell his western studies and “more than 50” brands of its catalog . The transaction, which reaches 300 million dollars, is scheduled to close during the second quarter of fiscal year 22/23 of the Swedish group, between next July and September.

Square Enix Selling 3 Studios, Tomb Raider and more

Smart Group is reinforced thanks to Square Enix

The transaction includes IPS Square popular Square Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain and Thief . In fact, Crystal Dynamics is developing the next chapter of the archaeologist, who will now debut under the umbrella. Eidos-Montréal (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) and Square Enix Montréal (Hitman Sniper: The Shadows) are also part of the operation.

“We are excited to welcome these studies within emberve Group,” Lars Wingefors, co -founder and CEO of the company, explains in press releSquaree. “We recognize creative talent, its fantSquaretic IP and its path of excellence that they have demonstrated over time and repeatedly throughout the lSquaret decades. It hSquare been a great pleSquareure to meet the management teams and discuss their future plans so that they can fulfill their ambitions and be an excellent part of embarrSquaresing. ” WingeFors promises the return of “beloved franchises” and the arrival “of an unpublished IP” by Eidos Montréal.

On the other hand, the Japanese company wields in a note to investors that the sale will allow the launch of new business roads with “Investments in fields such Square the blockchain, artificial intelligence and the cloud” . From now on Square Enix will maintain its development studies in Japan, the Studios and Square Enix Collective external division. Its rupture with the West will not be total: they will maintain the publication rights of the SagSquare Just Cause, Life is Strange and Outriders. His commitment to the three will remain intact.

References: Square Enix | Group embarrSquares

Action game in semi -world

Regular readers will know that we are not big fans of CG trailers, but we will make an exception for Hell is us. This newly announced action title adopts an intriguing and strange tone in its first teaser, which presents Strange hollowed -out human bodies and a masked silhouette with a large brilliant sword.

According to the press release, it seems that Hell is us strongly focuses on exploration. Creative director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête explains: “No need for a detailed quest journal or a precise waypoint on the map: we want the players to feel the thrill of the adventure, guided by their feelings and their instincts. »»

Of course, we do not yet know what the real gameplay looks like, but this trailer has attracted our attention. A quick overview reads as follows: “Hell is us is an action-adventure game in the third person which takes place in a semi-open world where the main character undertakes to know more about his past in a ravaged country through civil war. The self-sufficiency of the country hides a dark secret: the recent appearance of supernatural creatures resembling old tombstones and monuments of the region. Citizens call this phenomenon “calamity”. Armed with weapons specially forged to fight these monsters, the protagonist must learn to beat them and use his equipment wisely. »»

Pokemon Sword episode 43 slumbering weald and a champion time!

Hell is us aims at an outing in 2023 on PlayStation 5, but are you interested? Try to avoid walking on all bodies in the comments section below.

How to overcome all Hartman meetings in Control Awe

Hartman is the main villain of the AWE extension of Control. The former psychiatrist, whom fans of Alan Wake will recognize in the 2010 Remedy game, is a distorted beast thanks to his meetings with the Dark Place and the Hiss. Shaded Hartman is the reason why the investigation sector was closed years ago, and it is up to you, as a Jesse, to kill him once and for all.

You will meet Hartman six times, and the final meeting leads to a boss fight. Learn to hunt Hartman, then to defeat it, maybe difficult if you don’t know what to do. Allow us to intervene and give you advice for each meeting.

Active surveys

Your first meeting comes after Hartman stopped you to go to an elevator. As he is a product of Dark place, he hates light. After opening the elevator door, get away from its path and catch the nucleus of food nearby. Launch it in the power module to your right to activate the lights.

Look to your right if you face the module. There is a stack of food nuclei that must be launched in modules dispersed in the room. These modules are located in dark areas and Hartman can hurt you if you stay too long in darkness. Your powers – apart from the dash and levitation – do not work here either.

Take a nucleus and use your abilities to throw it in another module on a gateway to your left. This illuminates another area and you have to repeat this process twice more. Take your time, use the lit areas to protect yourself and go for as much as you can to enter and out of dark areas. Once each module has a nucleus, press the nearby button to light the lights and scare Hartman.


There are two meetings in this region. The first is in a closed area, and some of the lights go out after a few seconds. Follow the lit path to avoid Hartman and, if a light goes out when you reach him, go back to the previous 1. Wait until it turns back on, then browse it until the next area permanently lit.

You will end up reaching a zone with a breakable wall and a nearby power core. Use your push capacity to break the wall and launch the nucleus in the module. Press the nearby button to light up the entire area and force Hartman to retreat.

For the second meeting, there are three platforms with control panels. You must use each console to move a light connected to a rail in the room, which serves as a cover when you enter the power nuclers. There are obstacles on the way when you follow the light, so use the dash and levate to avoid them.

Use the light to enter the first nucleus and launch it in the module on the other side of the room. This lights two of the control panels and reveals two other modules. Using light and your abilities, take the second nucleus and launch it in one of these modules. Take the previous nucleus and launch it in the second while avoiding Hartman who lurks. Dark to the elevator, take it to the desk above you and press the button to turn on the lights.

Eagle Limited Awe

For this meeting, you must move the modified train item to light the lights. Dash to the lit area on the left and press the button to activate the cart, which is suspended above you. Dart to your right towards the console on a raised platform. Beat the whistle that appears and press the button to restart the train.

Go far left to the mobile laboratory, kill the whistle and press the button for the last time. Dark to the elevator at the end of the room, go up to the desk above and press a last button to light the lights.

Awe Transit Bay

This is where things get complicated. There is an office in front of you with four basic power modules. There are four towers scattered in the room and you have to insert their hearts into these modules.

Hartman shows Hiss soldiers to fight you, as well as hiss groups to prevent you from having access to it. Kill the hiss and shoot the clusters surrounding the tower. Take the nucleus and go for the office. Launch it in a module. Repeat these steps three times more.

Know that the withdrawal of the heart of a tower turns off its lights. This increases the darkness in the room, which means that Hartman can attack you on a greater distance from each nucleus that you catch. If he approaches too close and aligns one, drop the nucleus and move away. You can recover it before he aligned another attack. Press the switch once the four hearts are in place to scare him.

Bright Falls Awe

This is the last meeting before the battle against the boss. Before going down, call the Rangers reinforcements on the intercom in the room to your right. This will help you later, trust us.

The whole room is dark apart from a platform on your left. There are three modules scattered in the room that need nuclei to feed their lights. Dash and sneak around Hartman to catch the nuclei and throw them into the modules. Once the three in place, activate the switch on the main platform to activate the lights.

How to finish the battle against the Boss Hartman

With your Partner Ranger at the trailer, start throwing objects and shooting your service weapon on Hartman to damage it. Pierce and charge are your best weapons choices because they do the most damage.

If you are on foot, pay attention to Hartman who teleports to you. He will crush you with one of his arms or catch you and empty your health. If its attack is the last, use the controller or mouse of your controller to free yourself. If you are in levitation or far, it will use projectiles to attack you. These can really hurt, so don’t forget to rush if you see it line up a long-range attack.

Repeat these steps until it is almost dead. At the last minute, Hartman will beat the ground and bring out the nuclei from their locations and generate whistling as a backup. Retirement to a light source and attacks Hiss reinforcements. If you can, enter a couple because they will help defeat Hartman.

Control AWE DLC - Fra Mauro AWE Hartman confrontation

Go around the room to install the nuclei. Your RANGER COMPANY AND YOUR HISS ENTERS Allies should keep HARTMAN busy while you do. Once the lights are lit again, tear it again using the same method as before. You will end up removing his second health bar and defeating him.

Tsushimas ghost horse cannot die

Fantôme de Tsushima The horse cannot die, confirmed Sucker Punch in a recent interview providing more details on the players’ companion via PS4 exclusivity. It is a radically different approach from red dead redmption 2, where users were deeply responsible for taking care of their horse if they wanted to keep it alive.

Considering that the game will be a long enough experience for game fans based on history, this should help them not be frustrated by slowly walking in its vast locations.

Ghost of Tsushima: Jin's Horse Dies

According to artistic and creative director Jason Connell, there will be a short period of time when players will not be able to mount it when they receive a certain amount of damage, but that will not take long before starting to go up.

“Your horse is not going to die. Your horse will be afraid and will fade. You may not be able to bring them back for a brief, in short, but no one goes to combat, in gameplay, kill your horse, “said Connell. Usgamer.

“It sort of joins the theme of many other things that we do with nature. Our actor has a beautiful and sweet sensitivity for him. He cares about animals and people, and that is reflected in his performance, “he added.

Even if it may seem a little unrealistic, it is a coherent design decision fantôme de Tsushima will allow us to kill animals during the game, but will not reward users for this.

Like the wind, animals will guide players to places where they can find precious objects or improve their statistics, such as the fox, or even access missions.

Despite its efforts for such coherence, the title will not include a moral system, different from infâme as Sucker Punch wanted to tell an exact story where the narrative reasons dictate the behavior of the protagonist Jin Sakai.

Fantôme de Tsushima released on July 17 and will be the last great exclusivity PlayStation 4, to come only a month after The last of us, Part II.

Park Bo -kyun, a candidate for the game company, sympathizes with the necessity of tax reduction

Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, first announced the game policy on the 29th. On this day, Park Bo -kyun submitted a written response to the National Assembly before the personnel hearing on May 2. Park, a reporter, has not had a point of contact with the game. This written response is meaningful in that it can examine the perception of Park’s game and to measure the policy direction.

In addition, according to Lee Sang -heon, the Democratic Party’s response from Park Bo -kyun, Park said, “I think we should analyze and study the impact of new technologies on the existing industry in various ways.” As concerns are raised together, I will look carefully. ”

Park said, “It is necessary to lay the foundation for esports in the region in order to induce local ointments naturally to introduce local ointments.” In cooperation with, we will establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and to solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered. ”

He replied to the legal regulation of probability -type items, “I think it is necessary to legislate the disclosure of probability item information to guarantee the right to know and restore trust.” He added that the autonomous regulation of game companies has been implemented by the game company, “We have been implementing probability disclosure self -regulation since 2015, but we know that there is a lack of reliability of sanctions (simple facts) and disclosed probability.”

Park also looked at the game industry tax reduction benefits positively. “I agree with the opinion that large -scale investments in the early stages of game development are required and operating costs are continuous,” he said. “We will prepare specific measures through collecting opinions on the field and expert in the future.”

The following is the answer to Park Bo -kyun, a game and e -sports, released by Lee Sang -heon.

What is the top priority for the development of the game industry?

= I think it is necessary to form an ecosystem that harmonizes the game industry growth and a healthy game culture culture.

What do you think is the role of the candidate for the registration of the game addiction cord and the role of the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the game content industry?

= I was told that I am currently discussing with the relevant ministries about the introduction of WHO recommendation. We will try to conclude the opinions of all walks of life so that reasonable alternatives for the domestic situation can be derived.

The game has become an industry and a representative leisure culture of the people. We will expand regulations, revitalize exports, and support new technology -based productions, and strengthen education and public relations to spread the positive value of the game.

The reality is that our country is shaking, despite being a sector in esports. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

= esports has become a new leisure culture for the younger generation. We will try to develop e -sports into daily sports for young people and future generations and contribute to the national economy as a new industry.

City of Boulder City Council Special Meeting 08-29-18
In the current conditions of the metropolitan area, we will focus on revitalizing esports, such as the spread of local stadiums and fostering related professionals such as leadership referees.

The methus industry is in a steep growth, but the legal justice is still insignificant. The current game company’s position is said to have to be seen differently from methuses and games. What is the candidate’s position?

There is a variety of experts’ positions on new industrial environments such as methus. In order for the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes, we will take advanced measures by gathering opinions on the field and expert.

The current government has announced plans to designate Metabus as a new industry and invest in public resources in fostering. Even in the next government, candidates plan to maintain the metavus support?

= We will support the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes.

Digital Grooming of some malicious users in methuses, such as Zepeto, is criticizing public. It is argued that strong sanctions are needed as the victims are children and youth. What is the candidate’s plan to eradicate digital grooming?

= The negative events expressed in the digital environment will take the best way by approaching the process of handling according to the legal process to the media literacy education for prevention.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is considered to be the ministry of the Ministry of Culture and Industry. Meanwhile, threats such as plagiarism, theft, and ‘rugpool’ are emerging. As a result, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is said to provide a related guideline, and no visible materials are yet released. How is the next government planning a policy for protecting NFT creators?

= I understand that various copyright disputes have appeared in recent NFT transactions. I think it is necessary to consider providing information and supplementation of copyright -related laws and systems considering this new environment.

First of all, to minimize copyright disputes in the NFT market, copyright guide will be distributed in the first half of this year. In the future, we will review the legal and system improvement plan by collecting opinions and related research.

The opinion of how to watch the game (P2E) is now a cheonyangji. What is the candidate’s position and future plans?

= I think we need to analyze and study the effects of new technologies on existing industries. In the case of P2E (Play to Earn) games, we will look carefully as industrial growth and concerns are raised.

The industry continues to express its opposition to all amendments to the Game Industry Promotion Act. What is the plan for the candidate’s position and future promotion?

= I know that all amendments to the Game Industry Promotion Act are intended to improve unreasonable institutions and industrial support systems. He says the industry is expressing his position to tighten regulations on some of the contents. In the future, we will fully discuss the details and issues of the bill with the National Assembly, related organizations, and the game industry.

What is the candidate view of the game industry?

= The game industry accounts for 70%of the content industry overseas exports. At the same time, it is becoming a new culture of the young generation. At the same time, the formation of a healthy use culture of the game is also an important issue.

What kind of policy do the government should do to promote the game industry?

= I think that we need to create a healthy industrial ecosystem for the promotion of the game industry and develop new growth engines. To this end, efforts to form healthy game use culture should be made along with industrial innovation support such as fostering the world’s best game talent and creating innovative game development conditions.

Minister Hwang Hee made the Game Industry Landmark Construction as a major commitment to his candidate. What is the opinion of the candidate for realizing the game industry landmark?

= Game Landmark is a space where you can experience the fun and technology of Korean games, which is expected to contribute to activating investment in the game industry and spreading positive perceptions of the game.

However, in order to promote the success of the project, close consultations between private and local governments must be preceded, and discussions with relevant ministries such as the Ministry will be needed.

What is your position to introduce a game (Toto) in the e -sports industry?

= I think that the issuance of sports promotion votes (Toto) for e -sports can help revitalize esports. In order to select new stocks, we will review the total sales of the meandering industry and the fair competition operation capacity of the stock organization.

President Yoon Seok -yeol announced the main commitment of e -sports areas. What is the candidate for the need for esports areas?

= esports has become a new leisure culture for the younger generation. We will try to develop e -sports into daily sports for young people and future generations and contribute to the national economy as a new industry.

In order to induce the introduction of local ointments naturally, it is necessary to lay the foundation for enjoying esports in the region.

In cooperation with each local government, we will establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and to solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered.

What is the candidate for the probability -type item, the main business model of the game industry?

= I think it is necessary to enforce probability item information disclosure legislation to ensure the right to know and restore trust. Since 2015, the game industry has been implementing probability disclosure self -regulation, but I know that there is a lack of reliability of sanctions (simple facts) and disclosed probability. In addition, in 2021, the controversy over the probability of online game items occurred, causing more complaints about the game users’ industry.

Therefore, it is necessary to legislate the disclosure of probability item information to restore users’ trust and create a healthy game culture. In order to enact legislation, we will collect opinions from the industry, users, and experts, establish complementary devices, and improve the related system.

What is the candidate for the establishment of the Game Industry Promotion Agency? (A model that separates the game work of the Korea Creative Content Agency)

= We will check the effectiveness of the Korea Creative Content Agency project, which is the current support organization, and examine the improvement and development plan.

What are the opinions about the establishment of the ‘E -Sports Promotion Agency’ for the development of e -sports industry?

= We will check the effectiveness of the Korea Creative Content Agency project, which is the current support organization, and examine the improvement and development plan.

** In the game industry

The Knight Witch is a metroidvania to the taste of Shootem

Noticed in 2017 with Rise & Shine, who had turned out to be much prettier than playable, Super Mega Team will return this year if all is well with The Knight Witch, a charming metroidvania adopted by Team17 which will release the game on all platforms.

In the pot of The Knight Witch , its authors poured a broth of Shoot’em up on a marrow bone with a taste of metroidvania by raising everything with deck-building spices. To help the inhabitants of the Underground Metropolis of Dungeonidas, we will freely direct a beloved witch named Rayne. This has more than 30 cards to mix in a witchcraft deck-building system, not to mention its chivalress skills to improve.

This duality between the knight side and the witch face is an important facet of the character’s development, which will also be at the center of a moral dilemma: drawing her powers from the confidence and gratitude of citizens, Rayne can lie to people to win In power shamefully or being honest by sharing them with certain difficult truths.

While Rise & Shine had been criticized in particular for its poorly dosed difficulty, The Knight Witch presents itself as an accessible and modular “Metroidvania” with an automatic intuitive aiming system, cheats that change the world And a navigation system focused on the main story. Players never get lost and can adapt the game to their level “, can be read.


GOD GAMERS – How Hollow Knight Speedrunners Beat The

The Knight Witch – Trailer

PS3 emulation could even be too difficult for the PS5

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is one of the few games that never made it to a different platform than the PlayStation 3. At least when we assume official publications.

Digital Foundry has now looked at the classic using the “RPCS3” emulator to map the current state of PS3 emulation on the PC. This has made massive progress since its start in May 2011; A resolution of 4K does not make any hurdle, but the refresh rate achieved.

close to the remaster

In the case of Metal Gear Solid 4, the much higher resolution is particularly noticeable. The original PlayStation 3 renders the game in a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels, which is why disturbing podium forms on many polygon edges and shadows with extremely low precision are shown.

In the RPCS3 emulator, the native resolution can be selected freely, not even a powerful graphics card is necessary for a 4K resolution. The Nvidia RSX chip, which worked in the PS3, is close to a conventional GPU and therefore easy to emulate.

PS3 Emulator For PS5 Could Be in Development - PlayStation 3 Games on PS5

The Cell processor of the PS3 is extremely complex

With the PS3’s own cell processor, Sony deviates from all standards. A central control unit – called Power Processing Element (PPE) – is expanded by seven co -processors that accelerate graphics calculations. These so -called “SPUs” have their own architecture together with their own instruction set, which is why they can be complicated.

The result: PS3 emulation is incredibly CPU intensive. Digital Foundry therefore used a current high-end CPU from Intel to be able to play Metal Gear Solid 4 in largely stable 60 frames per second.

The emulator itself was also a version specially adapted to Metal Solid 4, which achieves higher refresh rates than the general branch of development. It still jerked in elaborate scenes, compared to the original, which ran in 20 to 30 fps, this is still a huge increase.

In addition, Metal Gear Solid 4 could not be emulated entirely without a presentation error. So the crow’s feet on snake eyes flicker again and again as if more wrinkles are constantly loaded and then disappear:

In addition, the presentation of the water effects is not correct and there was strange AI printers:


Water effects AI


Even the PS5 could not offer enough performance for PS3 emulation

The emulation of the SPUS is likely to overwhelm the PS5, even if the main processor was able to record a proper performance thrust compared to the previous generation. However, Digital Foundry also took 60 frames per second. The CPU was relieved with a limitation to 30 fps, which gave a more constant game feeling. Ruckler with a freedom frame rate can be effectively concealed with variable refresh rate (VRR).

Even on the PS5, VRR could be used in this case, the latest firmware update finally provides the function:

__28 __2

more on the subject

PS5: Waiting for VRR will finally come to an end, but what does it actually bring us?


Chris Werian

In my eyes, emulation is the only way to get the video game history in the long term. Abstrus would be expected that a large part of the PS3 catalog will be ported on the latest model for over countless generations or that streaming services last forever.

I have therefore been watching RPCS3 for over half a decade and I am extremely enthusiastic about the progress the team could achieve. A lot of extensive games like Demon’s Souls are now running pleasantly quickly when there is the performance of the CPU used. Exclusive titles that cut out the PS3 SPE to the maximum, such as Killzone 3, prepare even high-end computers.

The PS5 offers potent hardware, but in relation to top CPUs it (at least on paper) it draws the shorter, which is why I have considerable doubts that PS3 games can be emulated on the PS5 in the foreseeable future. The decision to offer a pure streaming solution here is therefore quite understandable, but also associated with disadvantages that especially make us players:

No future security because we are dependent on Sony’s server infrastructure *
Higher input latency
Image artifacts, for example when the quality of the internet connection fluctuates
No freely selectable resolution, PS Now is limited to a maximum of 1080p *
attachment to a subscription *

However, one should not be forgotten that Sony has the entire source documentation of the PS3 and the source codes of many games, which is helpful in developing an official emulator.
So there is a chance for a change of strategy, but it is currently negligible due to the large investment by Sony in PlayStation Now.
However, I would be very happy about an official product in which the PS3 generation that is collected.
Which PS3 classic would you want on the PS5?

Level Infinite, New Concept Strategy Chain RPG White Night Drama Festival Seasonal Event

Level Infinite announced on the 28th that it has updated various contents, including the rioting masterpiece, in the new concept strategic chat, which is developed and serviced by Tourdogstudio.

This update has a rich event, including a riot game, a tactical training center for Byeongdongdae, a festival gathering, and a time of creation.

First of all, the riots, which will be held until May 11th, are combat content that controls rocks and destroys racing cars.

These Barbers Have Crazy Skills. God Level Barbers
In the same period, the “Byeoldong University Tactical Training Center” will be opened to select difficulty, general, and difficulty, and if you complete your mission, you can get Lumamber and Aurorian development materials.

In addition, if you consume 100 prisms every day by May 5th, you can receive Lumamber and Random Aurorian Promotion Materials.

At the same time, attendance events will be held, and every time you achieve a cumulative date, you will receive a variety of items such as Nightium, charging boxes, dedicated furniture, and anonymous gift pockets.

In addition, from May 1 to June 1, the attendance was prepared to provide the benefits of providing Lumamber and various aurorian fostering materials.

In addition, two types of costumes, including the popular six -star Aurorian ‘Gronu’ and ‘Dreams in the Mirror’ of Victoria, will be reprinted.

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