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[Limited time] “PC GAME PASS” 3 months Fleet Rial implementation-“HALO INFINITE” “Forza Horizon 5” “AGE of Empires IV” player

Microsoft announced that the target game will provide a three-month free experience service of all-you-can-havetensive subscription services “ PC GAME PASS ” to some players.

This is the target of this time, logging in to the Microsoft account before 8:59 on March 1, 2022, and in the PC, “Halo Infinite” “Forza Horizon 5” “Age of Empires IV” Played with “New” Xbox Game Pass “user”. Also, if you play on the console or playing via a cloud game, it will not be eligible.

The receipt period is up to 21:59 on April 30, and when the free experience is finished, a regular membership fee will be charged, a need for a credit card for receipt application, and one person / 1 account It is noted that you can experience up to once.

It should be noted that both “Halo Infinite Multiplayer” and “Halo Infinite Campaign” will be targeted. There is no Japanese guidance page regarding this matter, but it seems that Japanese users are also included in Japan because they are marked as “Valid in PC Game Pass Market except Russia and India”.

How to override cars in Horizon Forbidden West

Once you really begin to dive with Horizon Forbidden West, you will notice that the map is huge. This means that it is simply not a very viable option. If you do not want to walk everywhere, then you just need to find yourself a good Mount.

To override the car, you just need to find a suitable candidate and ride on it. As soon as you approach the unprepared machine, hold the triangular button to mount it. Now you can easily move in parts of the card using a new vehicle.

Horizon Forbidden West: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

You should noted that the Maunta ride is not fully to protect you from hostile enemies. You will also find what you need to leave your hill when you are entering settlements and during study Verticul area.

Your Mounts will first be your way easily reach from different points on the map. You must also count on the overridency of quite many cars throughout the game, so we work out the skill around chain scratch recommended.

Additional guides on Horizon: Forbidden West, see those who are widdled and Vanash in Horizon Forbidden West? In players for professionals for professionals.

Horizon Forbidden West: All main missions of the campaign in the overview

In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy is wearing in the eponymous forbidden west in which she is looking for the cause of a new threat to the world. Of course, it meets several mechanical engineering, popular trunks and characters, some of which even become friends.

The campaign of the game is divided into several major major missions, which gradually guide you through the game and, above all, the game world, from which you are gradually traveling and exploring new parts and areas.

  • Total number of main missions: 17

Below you will find a list of all major missions in Horizon Forbidden West, on the basis of which you can read how far you have progressed in the campaign. The main quests are arranged in chronological order. Attention, the titles of the main missions can already contain smaller spoilers!

By the way, you can watch our test video here:

All main missions from Horizon Forbidden West

Important! Each of the main missions has a certain step recommendation. At the time you want to tackle a specific Main Quest, you should have ideally achieved this stage. From our own experience, we can say that you should follow this recommendation. Although missions are also to create lower levels, but sometimes much heavier than with the corresponding recommendation rank.

Side tasks necessary: ​​ Especially the later recommended levels can not be achieved through the pure blocks of the main missions. So ask you to do some of the numerous co-missions or tasks in the game when you want to achieve your corresponding level.

So long takes the story of Horizon Forbidden West

Time: Of course it is difficult for an open World game to determine an average game time for coping with the Main Quest. At least 30 hours you can plan.

More about playing time and how long your circa needs for the 100 percent , you read here:

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more on the subject

Horizon Forbidden West – Time: As long lasts the story


More about Horizon Forbidden West

  • Test: Mighty Gameplay, but the story magic is missing
  • Trophies list known and platinum will be as easy as in Part 1
  • Second person can help via co-pilot function

Horizon Forbidden West appears on February 18, 2022 for the PS5 and the PS4. The title is the second game in the Horizon franchise and the successor to Horizon Forbidden West published by Guerrilla Games at the beginning of 2017.

Horizon Forbidden West, Presentation event Joint to Michelle Jenner and Nathy Peluso

Horizon Forbidden West will be surrounded by great stars during your presentation event in our country. Michelle Jenner and Nathy Pelus are the galages to the gala who will start today, February 17, at 20:00 (CET) through the official PlayStation Spain channels on YouTube and Twitch.

During the retransmission we can expect several surprises around the guerrilla title. Together with Jenner and Pelus will find content creators Alba Hallojuelo and Pandaria , who will lead the presentation. Another artists, celebrities and content creators will be added while we know the result of the Cosplay Contest.

You can follow the Live Event at the following YouTube link bNathy Pelused on 20: 00 (CET). If you prefer to do it by twitch, click on this other.

Horizon Forbidden West Livestream (Spoiler-Free)

Horizon Forbidden West is already here

Aloy’s new adventure will debut exclusively for PS5 and PS4 consoles this February 18. In Meristation we published on 14 our analysis of Horizon Forbidden West. The new delivery of the saga is firm Nathy Pelus “one of the great games of the year”.

“The sequel to the work of guerrilla games is more and better than the original and thus proposes a much more complex adventure than we live with Aloy in 2017,” we said. We highlighted the use of new tools, like the hook, the AlNathy Pelusol and the Alaescudo . “The world that is presented on the other side of the screen offers dozens of hours of fun and multiple activities to be completed beyond the main, well-built line of realistic and interesting characters. With a varied combat system, more vertical and challenging -although stealth and body to body follow a pet below-, its multiple customization options will make no battle equal to another “.

  • Horizon Forbidden West will have its own Lego set; Price and details

  • Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition: price, content and where to book

Horizon Zero Dawn should be the reference of Ubisoft

I recently decided to sit down and replay Horizon Zero Dawn since his suite, Horizon Forbidden West, comes out next month. My opinion remains substantially the same. It is an absolute masterpiece that I strongly recommend to everyone to consult, especially since it is now on PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn is also a game that Ubisoft could learn a lot. On its surface, Horizon Zero Dawn shares many similarities with a traditional game in open world of Ubisoft. Horizon Zero Dawn simply enjoys a smaller and more targeted experience. Believe it or not, each game does not need to last more than 50 hours.

Horizon Zero Dawn has bandits camps, he has tricks, many collectibles, he has everything we are tired in Ubisoft games. Despite this, Horizon Zero Dawn is a masterpiece.

The most interesting character of the game, Nile, is linked to the bandits camps. The towers are environmental puzzles that involve climbing giant robot dinosaurs. Collective objects expanded a detailed and fascinating world. I want to learn more! I want to collect information. It’s certainly much better than feathers.

Horizon Zero Dawn also enjoys a thorough combat system with fascinating enemies to fight. Let’s look at Assassin’s Need Valhalla to see why the Ubisoft fight simply does not work during the game duration. Nothing in the fight is terrible in itself. You have a rather traditional hack-and-slash fight with light and heavy attacks. The problem is that it’s pretty much everything. The enemies never really defy you, and they offer little or no variety. This only aggravates the repetitive nature of the game and makes it difficult to play for more than 40 hours.

Let’s look at Horizon Zero Dawn now. Horizon Zero Dawn makes you fight dinosaur robots. It’s just a little more fascinating than guys in armor. Horizon Zero Dawn also offers a crowd of combat options for any battle.

GO WILL SO up to shoot smaller machines and install traps? Do you have to hack and corrupt a machine, so that it is fighting for you to equalize chances? Are you trying to keep your distances to try to drop a room immediately to facilitate the fight?

The fight in Horizon Zero Dawn is really a question of choice. These machines are truly dangerous, which encourages you to think about your approach. In combat, I often take a break and I enter the Codex, in order to look for the weakness of a machine, try to decide which weapons will work best and propose a plan of attack. I did it for about 30 hours I played. I did not do that during the 40 hours I spent in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This time played is also something that Ubisoft could learn from Horizon Zero Dawn. I spent about 30 hours doing all the secondary quests and beating the story in Horizon Zero Dawn. Valhalla lasted me 40 hours before the repetition reaches me. I did not even finish the story. It was just as if it would never end. It would be good for Ubisoft to keep in mind that the size is not everything.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not perfect. In fact, the worst aspects are precisely what we do not like in Ubisoft’s open world games. Human enemies are dull and do not have the same depth as the machines. Just get them a bullet in the head and move on. Your options are much more limited and rested on traditional options between stealth and action. They simply do not offer the same level of threat or intrigue. If they had more variety, and you had to remove the armor to reach weak points, they would be more engaging. As they are, they are simply forgetting. A bit like a traditional game in open world of Ubisoft.


So, what is Ubisoft can learn from Horizon Zero Dawn? The main point to remember is that depth is much more important than size. Horizon Zero Dawn has endeavored to ensure that even banal tasks like bandits camps feel engaging and are part of the world. It was not a task; They were part of the story. It also helps that there were only about six camps at Horizon Zero Dawn. Do not help it too much and encourages the player to complete them.

The combat system is well-thought-out and remains fun to search and try new strategies for the entire game in Horizon Zero Dawn. They were not satisfied with a simple firing system and basic dodge. They added weak points, several types of weapons, automatic weapons that you can eliminate and use, and more. It is a level of depth that is sorely lacking at any game in open world of Ubisoft.

Horizon Zero Dawn has built a unique world with hunters using old technologies, such as arches and arrows, made from future technologies and metals. There are traditions at every street corner, and each collectible object takes you more deeply in the world. Build a world whose players will want to explore each centimeter.

The quality beats the quantity. So far, Ubisoft has not taken any heart with its open world games. Far Cry 6 was just more Far Cry and all that goes with: standard FPS fights, boring objects and a world without interest. It’s frustrating because Ubisoft is really capable of more. They have talented developers. Well, they do it if they are not all right now. I aspire to the day Ubisoft will realize that deeper gameplay is much more important than immense and occupied cards. No matter how long your card is sprawling if you have nothing interesting to do it.

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