Our game heroine recording , which delves into the charms of the heroines appearing in various games. The 22nd introduces Dedrit of Rhodes Senki-Dedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-.

2D search action that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of the Deedlit!

Rhodes Senki-Dedlit-in Wonder Labyrinth- released on PS4/PS5/Switch/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One on December 16, 2021 is 2D search, also known as metroidvania An action game.

The protagonist is Hyelf’s Dedrit , the heroine of the fantasy novel’s monitor Rhodes Island Senki . She depicts her various adventures and battles that she gets lost in an unknown labyrinth.

The action of dancing lightly in the air while squeezing the cloak, using magic with the power of the spirits, and sparkling rapier to the enemy is the same as the image of the original novel and OVA (original video animation). As a fan, I was impressed (although it was a motion with a little sense of view).

In this work, there is a variety of weapons such as large swords and clubs in Deedlit in order to give a wide range of play, but it is not easy to have a raypia . Some people may have the image of Elves magic or bow, but the weapon of Dedrit is Rapier . In the original novel, I think that long-range attacks were mostly performed with the power of the spirit spirit magic .

Large impact that Deed gave to Japanese fantasy

Deedlit served as a heroine, and the draft, Hitoshi Yasuda / Author of Ryoshi Mizuno, was published in 1988, published in 1988. NES is a huge hit in home game consoles, and it was when Dragon Quest III and Final Fantasy II were grinding the hearts of the game boys.

Deedlit is a curious girl, a rare girl who is rare for a high element that rarely leaves a village that was born and raised with a long life (although she has already lived for about 160 years in Volume 1). 。 She liked the immature boy Pan , who is full of justice, but still has no distinction between her courage and recklessness, and she accompanies her journey. She keeps watching the process of growing over a number of battles and parting, and gradually attracts each other.

The illustration was the mechanic designer / character designer Yutaka Deibuchi . Izubuchi was a deep knowledge of overseas fantasy works and fantasy-style art books, and those born that were born in Pan and Deedlit .

The OVA produced at that time was , Valkyrie Profile series, and Yumi Fuyuma, who is known for the role of Ray Fan in the Dead or Alive series This is also a huge hit with the original novel. In the anime magazine at that time, Dedrit ** was so displayed on the cover and a special feature was set up.

In addition, the original copyright illustration by Yutaka Iduchi and the animator Yuki Yuki , the character design of the anime copyright illustration, has the influence of the artist Alfon Musha. It is often seen, and the figure drawn with the motif of flowers in a calm color tone is that it wants to describe it as beautiful and fantastic rather than beautiful girl, so the brain was burned into that figure. I think there were many people. At least I was burned.

Deedlit , which became a popular character at all, had a great influence on Japanese fantasy works. It is an intense image that ** elf is delicate and her ears are long.

Of course, in today’s fantasy work, it is not unusual to see an elf or an elf that has a good style with a good style, but if you see an elf character in some work, it Please pay attention to the design. The ears are extremely long and sharp , body is delicate , color scheme is green tone … If there is such a characteristic, Deedlit You may have inherited the image of . The heroine was so influential that it could be said.