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Save Big on 6-GB Allnet Flat Mobile Phone Tariff at

permanently favorable O2 tariff

A few hundred MB dates of information in the digital age are hardly adequate also for little web surfers.
4 to 5 GB currently create the requirement for entry-level tariffs.
You need to not miss the existing deal of the Drillisch-Daughter if you can obtain with the month well as additionally desire a buffer.
You obtain 2 GB for the regular 4 GB for a GB and a discount rate of 4 euros-every month, until you terminate!
This leads to a total amount of 6 GB of LTE data quantity for only 4.99 as opposed to 8.99 euros per month.
According to the carrier, the campaign only uses till Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 11:00 a.m.

Amazon and Ebay: Large change from May should be online

Rankings and ratings on Ebay or Amazon are not always reliable. The business for consumers is now to become more transparent by law.

NRW – The price for the new bicycle on eBay classified ads looks tempting, the traders’ ratings by other customers are only positive. What should go wrong? As is known, user reviews are not always reliable- this and much more should change with the new _ Act to strengthen consumer protection in competition and commercial law.

Запрет Ибей(Ebay) в России / Ограничения Амазон(Amazon)

Ebay and Amazon: Law should create more transparency for consumers

The goal of the Federal Government: More transparency for veils and consumers in online trading. According to the law, companies such as eBay or Amazon, search engines and comparison platforms have to clarify whether and how they ensure that “the ratings are actually real.” Fake reviews will be “expressly prohibited in the future.” (More digital news at Federal Government)

Ebay and Amazon will also have to answer the question of whether a offered offer comes from a company or a consumer. Likewise transparently, comparison platforms and other placement services such as Check24 should indicate “according to which criteria the operators were and rated.”

eBay, Check24 and Amazon: Information obligation for online platforms

According to, the law, which is entitled to force on May 28, creates an obligation to provide information for operators in online trading and on comparison portals. This was also announced by the consumer advice center. In the future, operators will have to explain why which product of a provider is displayed in the search specified in the search and disclose if the ranking is influenced by advertising or payments. So far, operators have often left their customers in the unclear.

If you go to the search for a product or service as a consumer, the rankings displayed may not be influenced by hidden advertising or hidden payments. In such a comparison, Check24 would have to disclose which providers were taken into account.

As reported, violations of the obligation to provide information can lead to a fine of up to 50,000 euros according to the consumer center. Larger companies with annual sales of more 1.25 million euros can even be punished with fines of up to four percent of the turnover.

Ebay and Amazon: Companies have to justify search results

In addition to the conventional goods and services, the new regulation, according to the Federal Government, also covers “digital content, such as eBooks or video clips and digital services such as social networks or video streaming services.” This should make the protection of customers significantly more transparent in the future.

From May 28, consumers who want to buy a bike during online shopping can not only insist on Valide user ratings on Ebay or Amazon, but above all on a transparent indication of the ranking bicycles on the results list. That makes the choice more safer after the new bike.

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Corona warning app is becoming a problem for boom

In Germany, Germans need two Corona apps in everyday life.

The Corona Warn app reports on an increased risk of infection in good time. In addition, positively tested persons can upload their proof and inform all their risk contacts of the past days anonymously about a possible risk.


  • Corona warning app for Android: inform now at chip and download it to the Google Play Store

  • Corona warning app for iPhone: inform now at chip and download the Apple App Store

The Compass app in turn is intended to gaze and vaccinated to store their digital evidence on the smartph1. Whoever opens and uses the app, can show the corresponding evidence then simply in the cinema, in the restaurant or traveling. Proof of paper format are not necessary.

  • Compass for Android: Now inform with chip and download it to the Google Play Store
  • Compass for iPhone: Now inform at chip and download the Apple App Store
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Corona warning app builds function – and ensures confusion

Since last year, German citizens in the Corona Warn app can also upload their vaccination certificate. Through the practicable supplement, the Compass app for vaccinated obsolete us.

Recently, the Corona warning app was further expanded. Users can summarize about their current entire status under the menu item Certificates and know immediately which companies they can visit with it. In the menu, 2G, 3G or 2G + appears left.

But the function currently provides false results – especially in people with booster vaccine.

In everyday life, this can lead to considerable restrictions. People who reached a basic immunization and received an additional refresh vaccine are considered to be bilateral and would actually be listed in the app as 2G +. In the Corona Warn app, however, 2g (i.e. only aim immunized).

2G +, as well as statements of the operators only played, if additionally a negative antigen quick test is stored. But that is a fatal mistake.

Boomed persons must, according to the recommendation of the app, deposit a test to get the 2G + indicator. This is not necessary in any state.

The example shows: left a boomed person without test proof and right the same person with test proof. Actually, 2G + should be in both cases.

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