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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Dr Disrespect Easter Egg Discovered 11 years later

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has an hidden Easter egg from Dr Disrespect, despite launching long before the sudden popularity of the controversial live stream. The 2011 shooter has a sudden resurgence, for some strange reason. Modern Warfare 3 rose to the top of twitch lists earlier this year after a tournament was held, which showed great interest in the online game. Modern Warfare 3 was the epic conclusion of the Infinity Ward trilogy that helped make Call of Duty a family name. Although the series was certainly popular before Call of Duty 4 that game redefined what the series and online shooting games as a whole could be in the Xbox 360 era.

Twitter user ModernWarzone was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 The other day and unearthed what fans believe is a completely new Easter egg. The fan discovered a book by Dr. Disrespect of Guy Beahm, the real life counterpart of the Twitch streamer. Before him himself became what is today, Beahm was employee of Sledgehammer Games. During modern Warfare 3 Beahm was a community administrator, but it became a level designer for the next developer entry, Call of Duty: Advanced War. It seems that he or someone in the studio thought it would be fun to pay tribute to Dr. Disrespect’s identity, which existed in a minor capacity before him in Sledgehammer Games.

Hidden Dr Disrespect Easter Egg in MW3

Dr Disrespect is back on the game development scene, since he is helping to manage a study to develop a first-person shooting game that is influenced by other content creators and genre fans. No details have been given about the new title, but it joined the former Community Manager of Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, who left the studio later Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The study is relatively new, so it is likely to spend a while before the fans can see or play whatever the equipment is preparing.

What do you think about this new Easter egg of Dr. Disrespect? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Battlefield 2042 and Cod: Vanguard: Blamabel and embarrassing

Call of Duty against Battlefield: A duel, as it rarely gives him in the video game industry. Not only the games of Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard regularly argue about the supremacy, but also the fans of the two camps make up again and again heated word habits. After the three-year-old abstinence of Electronic Arts in the shooter area, many expected Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 29,58 € / 32.99 €) A masterpiece. Also, I had extremely pleasure for good and balanced multiplayer-runners, after Cod more and more disappointed the last few years.

But it came as it had to come and both shooter brands flopped again after their publication in November. The one directly after the release, the other only with a little delay in the new year. Almost four months after the publication of Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard I only rarely play in one of the two titles. During the shooter of DICE still struggling with countless bugs and many good features of previous parts have been simply painted, even in COD my worst fears have been true.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Wo is the credibility?
  2. 2-string developers
  3. 3Battlefield, set six!
  4. 4ES gives hope

Where is the credibility?

Since the skill-based game search in the new part no longer strikes so mercilessly as merciless as it was still in Black Ops Cold and the modern-warfare reboot and the point system a little improved, I had a long time the hope that me also colorful skins and bright colors Stay in the shooter.

But wrong thought! With the first season, the ridiculous operator outfits, light track ammunition with laser sounds and several inappropriate arms plan plans returned. In an allegedly so serious and authentic world war scenario, such things have lost absolutely nothing for me.

Shortly after the release of the first Season, the crossover came to Attack on Titan in the Ingame Shop. What exactly a Manga series has to do with the Second World War remains probably the secret of the developers forever. Even if the world of Attack on Titan is visually at the time, I could imagine Captain America and Indiana Jones in the current COD. And even for these two icons I would not give a cents.

Triest developers

To just the first season, with the COD back to the weaknesses of its predecessors. With the implementation of the new Warzone card, more problems snapped into the shooter. From invisible skins over rough graphic offices to game crashes, players and players got the full program on mistakes.

As that affects the number of players, console games are generally quite difficult to assess. Although Activision Blizzard is not really transparent to this time, but the reports that a successor should already appear earlier due to poor sales numbers, do not come from approximately.

In addition, in Vanguard lately there was more likely to play the chance to play the multiplayer for free over a weekend. So it seems as if the fans run away from the World War Shooter. And that’s just as well!

Battlefield, put six!

Since features would be like the scoreboard, which is still not the wishes after over three months. Great problems in communication on the battlefield and then of course the shift of the first season. This should now start instead of early in early summer. My prognosis is therefore: Until then, Battlefield 2042 is dead!

Until the replenishment is supplied to the promised content in early summer, the small rest also adopted. Although unfinished games at DICE have a long history, I’m thinking of Battlefield 5 or Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but in the state in which Battlefield 2042 is after more than three months, I give up the hope for a timely improvement. Even the cheaters know the game already to the game.

There is hope

But the shooter genre is still booming. This also show various alternatives to the two major brands. Multiplayer games like insurgency: sandstorm or bright Let Loose fascinate many fans on PC and console. These titles also prove that shooter can remain authentic despite character adjustments and do not have to drift towards Fortnite to succeed.

After the renewed disappointment by COD and Battlefield, I need a little distance from such online shooting bushes. I prefer to play with a few friends Koop shooters like Ready Or Not or Escape from Tarkov. Again, there are a wide selection of good titles for fans of the genre.

My hope is now on the current events of the games industry. Maybe the Activision Deal brings positive for the Call of Duty brand. Maybe Sony together with Bungie develops a completely new brand in the shooter genre. And maybe EA actually learn from the mistakes of the past. To home page to the gallery

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