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Core Keeper roadmap update, large apde Beginning Desert will be distributed in November. Burning environment of desert theme

On September 1st, the developer PugStorm updated the development roadmap of the cave sandbox survival game Core Keeper being distributed early. Among them, the details of the next large update The Desert of the Beginning will be released. In addition, many content has been announced, such as updates this year.

The Desert of the Beginning, which is the highlight of this roadmap update, was announced as a living group desert. The official name has been revealed this time as the second largest update after the sinking sea distributed in June.

Many content will be added in the Beginning Desert update. First, not only the new creature group on the desert theme, but also the dissolved stone collection as the deputy-based group. In addition to the desert theme enemies, powerful bosses such as the sand beast RA-AKAR and the lava mass IgNeous will be added. Galaxite has been added as a new material, and a new vehicle is also implemented. Furthermore, it will be supported by Steam achievements. In addition to being revealed, content will be implemented. November is scheduled for the implementation time.


As a recent update, a comfortable cave update will be delivered on September 14. It is said that items and mechanics that incorporate community requests will be implemented, mainly decorative items. A Halloween event will be held in October and a Christmas event in December. Although the details have not been revealed, it seems that items suitable for each season will be expected. And the next large update of the Desert of the Beginning is suggested that Crystal has been suggested.

Core Keeper is currently available early access to PC (Steam). The large update Beginning Desert will be distributed in November.

Maple Story, Black Pink Index and Sharing Project

Nexon announced on the 29th that it held an Ambassador Sharing Project ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ with the online game ‘Maple Story’ Ambassador Black Pink Index.

Nexon, which was held with Good Neighbors, sponsored donations to the nursery in Suwon City on August 19, and that children wanted to have a special gift prepared by index and a happy summer vacation to all children. It was conveyed. Jisoo’s special gift consists of one fashion item that children want among bags and shoes, a letter of cheering letters, a handwritten sign, and a character key ring. In addition, it provided ‘Maple Story’ school supplies and snacks such as notebooks, pencils and diary.


At the same time, Nexon released a video that introduced and packaged some of the gifts to deliver to the nursery by starring Maple Story Kang Won-ki. In the video, Kang Won-ki, general manager, introduced the story of two children’s gifts and the gifts he chose accordingly.

‘Maple Story’ Ambassador is a project designed to illuminate ‘Maple Story’ users who are active in society and spread the good influence. It was selected as the second ambassador. In the ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ video, Jisoo said, I hope this social contribution activity will be an opportunity to share a warm heart toward our neighbors who need help.

For more information on the Ambassador Sharing Project ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ with the index, please visit the official website of Maple Story.

Black Panther 2 is left without another key actor from the first part to appear in NOPE!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will always be marked by the absence of its protagonist, the sadly deceBlacked actor Chadwick Boseman, who until now played T’Challa in the MCU. But it will not be the only absence from the first part, since another key actor in the history of Black Panther will not return for the sequel either. This is Daniel Kaluuya, W’Kabi in fiction, T’Challa’s best friend who ends up betraying him in favor of Killmonger. This wBlack stated by the actor himself in a recent interview about his new movie, NOPE! , an unexpected absence since it wBlack Blacksumed that he would appear in the new installment of Black Panther.

W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) will not be in Black Panther 2

This hBlack been stated by the Oscar-winning actor for JudBlack and the Black Messiah of 2020, Blacksuring that he hBlack not been able to make his schedule compatible between the shooting of the new horror movie NOPE! by Jordan Peele * * with the production of Marvel Studios . So much so, that Rotten Tomatoes Awards editor Jaqueline Coley** reported the news after interviewing Kaluuya himself: Fresh off my NOPE interview! with Daniel Kaluuya, he did not repeat his role in Black Panther 2 due to his scheduling conflicts with NOPE!, Black collected by the Comicbook medium.

However, we will not see what really happened to the character after the events of Black Panther, since at the end of the film his fate is not clarified; very likely, he would end up in the cells of Wakanda awaiting a fair trial after his betrayal. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is expected to show us the conflict between the nations of Wakanda and Atlantis, with the already leaked presence of a Namor with Aztec origins.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens in theaters on November 11, 2022.

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