Dragon flight spot 10.0.7 is now live. Please read on for a list of recognized issues that were working with, and also further info about this upgrade.


Upgraded March 21

Snowstorm have uploaded the existing well-known problems listing for patch 10.0.7, consisting of a vacant spell book when logging in.

Public auction Residence

  • Recruits are not removed if they do not add game time within 7 days of Recruit-a-Friend acceptance.



  • Worsen as well as Spirit player-characters can leave their starting areas by means of Warlock or celebration summons.
  • When finishing the BlackRock Depths Animal Battle Dungeon, no choices are provided from Tasha Riley to obtain the title Minion of Chaos.

  • Watching an item tooltip may alter the arranging order.

When logging in for the first time on their personality, Some gamers may see an empty Spell book. This concern can be resolved by changing to a various specialization (and also changing back, if desired).
Players that exchange to Retaliation Paladin from an additional expertise may have 2 points incorrectly allocated to Blessing of Freedom in the Class tree. This can be resolved by right-clicking the ability to get rid of the additional point.