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How to read the mind in Cult of The Lamb

In Cult of The Lamb, you play as a possessed lamb who works diligently to create followers of worshipers for the mysterious stranger who saved your life. To better keep your loyal followers, you can learn how to read the mind in Cult of the Lamb to watch better for your flock and prevent faith from losing.

Cult of the Lamb presents a land of false prophets where it is difficult to graze your flock and keep it walking along the right path. The ability to read the mind will help determine the mood of the cult and give clues about whether something could happen that interrupts the faith soon. Fortunately, this ability is not too difficult to unlock and use.

How to read the mind in Cult of The Lamb

How to read the mind in Cult of The Lamb

* Unlock the ability to read the mind

You will have to undertake some crusades and defeat three minijefes to unlock the ability to read the mind.

* Talk to a follower

The first step to read the mind is to speak casually with your followers. There is nothing suspicious in that.

* Navigate to the Read Thoughts option

Go to the left wheel section to find the option to read thoughts.

Once you have the ability to read the mind, you can know when the members of your flock may be unhappy and avoid lowering your faith or even rebel before it happens.

That is all you need to know how to read the mind in Cult of the Lamb. To get more information, be sure to consult all the other useful guides that we have for the game, including those found on how to maintain faith, cook and much more.

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LOL – Patch 12.12: Nerf to Belveth, adjustments to a dozen champions and a great forgetfulness of Riot

After a large period of revolutions, League of Legends Echa the brake with the introduction of Patch 12.12 . With more than half of the season already consumed and all the great changes related to the update to the durability already made, Riot Games now thinks about the introduction of much more moderate adjustments in terms of reach that only try to retouch the title. A return to normal already confirmed that it comes to give us truce until Nilah arrives as a new champion in the following update.

Patch 12.12: A small update that corrects a forgetfulness of Riot Games

The new patch revolves around the need to balance several aspects of the game that have not yet been completely settled. First, we will see a general improvement to the characters that have a pet , since elements such as Tibbers or Margarita were not retouched with the update to durability. There will also be adjustments to healing to start balanceing around 40% of serious injuries or characters that simply receive adjustments in their statistics to balance their power as it has always happened in League of Legends.

We are facing a remarkable update that, despite being much lighter than the previous versions, introduces adjustments to two dozens of champions. A stability search that, yes, leaves some open fronts. The most obvious is that of Wukong that, despite its exceptional performance both in competitive and in qualifying items has not yet received any type of adjustment to balance its power. It will be a matter of time and to wait for the next update.

Of course, we also receive new cosmetics, although patch 12.12 will not be particularly prolific in this aspect. The appearance of Pantheon Guerrero de la Asiza is incorporated into the title to expand the variety of mythical content and will do so next to the Skins Luna Nevada . It is unusual for Riot Games to take out these types of content when the northern hemisphere reaches summer, but we will take it as an invitation to cool off at the hottest time of the year.

Summary of patch 12.12

As usual, later you can find a complete compilation of the adjustments that all champions and objects receive. However, we are going to start with a summary so that the most lazy ones can catch up.

Changes A Champions

  • Improvements: Amumu, Annie, Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger, Iivern, Jarvan, Seraphine and Yorick
  • Nerfs: Bel’veth, Dr Mundo, Fiora, Janna, Lucian, Singed, Viego and Zeri
  • Settings: Katarina, Shaco, Yuumi and Soraka

Changes to objects


  • Improvements: Night harvester, llamaSasombr√≠a
  • Nerfs: Snake Fang

Changes to Runes

  • Nerfs: Predator

New skins

  • Ash Warrior: Pantheon
  • Luna Nevada: Caitlyn, Illaoi and Kayn.

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