Sony Interactive Entertainment has started distribution of the PC version An charmed Treasure Hunter Collection .

This work is a collection that contains a remastered version of An charmed Pirate King and the Last Hidden Treasure and An charmed Ancient God’s Treasure. It features graphics and frame rates that have evolved for PCs.

Beautiful spectacle

Explore all the surprisingly beautiful worlds, such as the jungle, snow-covered mountains, diverse life, and streets wet in the rain. The ultra-high-definition 4K resolution and ultra-wide monitor compatible ** realizes a high immersion in a story like a movie. The graphic adjustment function such as texture, model quality, anisotropic filtering, shadow, reflection, and environment shielding has been enhanced, so you can enjoy it with a setting that suits your preference.

Game play that sweats in your hand

Use a danseuse wireless controller connected to your PC to experience the haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects adjusted for the Uncharted Treasure Hunter Collection. Wireless controller (DUALSHOCK4, Input game controller, various other game pads, keyboards and mouse, all controls can be removed. Leave the name as a treasure hunter in the operation method that suits you. For those who want to add color to the play environment, we recommend using RGB compatible devices such as Raipur and Corsair models, Racer Chroma peripherals, and Chroma Link compatible devices.

Optimize adventure

In addition to improvement of game option UI and renewal of game play UI, additional scales sliders, GPU / VRAM detection functions, and additional management options, minimization and variable reading speed in auto pose background Use various modes and PC extensions, such as correspondence.

AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2

You can enjoy adventures for Nathan and Chloe’s treasures at the frame rate significantly improved by AMD’s next-generation Temporal Up Scaling technology. FSR 2 using state-of-the-art algorithm improves frame rate. Compatible with a wide variety of graphics cards, you can adventure the world of Uncharted with high quality and high resolution.

Overseas PlayStation. Blog tells you how important the PC version of this work is for Naughty Dog, and the company is a great opportunity to deliver Uncharted to many users around the world while focusing on PS5. It is said that there is. In addition, in cooperation with Iron Galaxy Studios, we will deepen our understanding of PC development, and to achieve the expected quality in future PC versions such as The Last of US Part I.

The PC version An charmed His Treasure Hunter Collection is being distributed for 4,900 yen at the Steam / Epic Games store.