Commerce is a double-faceted aspect: it makes it easier to find the object that will complete your build (provided you take a little time to consult the offers and have resources) but in return it implies reduced chances
to find it for yourself in order to balance things.
Suddenly, some players are followers of the thing and others, not wishing to use it, like as much as it is not present in the game.

When the abandonment of the bazaar (the interface dedicated to trade) was announced, failing to find a formula which suited developers, the reactions were shared between those disappointed (especially since in the lot some had taken the game
Due to the promise of trade) and those delighted with the thing.
The debate not subsided, the developers carried out a survey at the beginning of the month with the community in order to have a clearer vision of the position of the players on the subject of trade.
Today, they present their proposal for a solution in response to the advice of the players.
This takes the form of a new factions’ system (with new factions to come, but without precision if they will also be related to trade or if they will go to new directions).
At first, players will be able to decide to link their character to one of two factions:
The merchant guilds, which will allow the player to sell and buy objects via the bazaar (who returns);
The Circle of Fortune, which will allow the player to take advantage of better chances to obtain equipment and will even be able to use prophecies to increase the chances of finding the type of desired equipment.
Playing by being aligned with a faction increases our reputation within it and obtaining from favor.
The reputation increases in the ranks of the faction and makes it possible to unlock new advantages and new possibilities.
The favor can be exchanged to use faction services and obtain rewards.
The reputation of each faction is linked to the account and shared between all the characters (with all the same a level for seasonal characters and a level for characters out of season).
It is not only possible to have characters from different factions, but it is possible for a character to change faction at any time.
On the other hand, there are limitations on the objects obtained by being within a faction (in particular restrictions to equip themselves) in order to limit abuses by passing from one faction to the other according to the activity.
Everything is not necessarily very clear at the moment, but it will certainly become it when you can discover it in a more concrete way.
And it should be remembered that nothing is frozen at the moment and that all of this may be led to evolve by the release of the title.
Despite this important change, the donation system currently in place is preserved and improved.
As a reminder, in a fairly similar way to Diablo 3, the game gives the objects found to the members of the group present when we found them.
To this will be added a new mechanics, the resonances, which are objects that appear after playing long enough with a player.
Use a resonance on an object that we have and that one cannot normally give to this car player he was not present when one obtained it to lift this limitation and to give it.
In short, an evolution as innovative as it is interesting on paper, but which deserves to be discovered in action to see if the restrictions are sufficiently balanced, neither too limiting nor too exploitable.