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LOL: Riots new inspiration for skins that divides the community

One of the great Riot Games changes for the cosmetic content of League of Legends was related to the new aspects of prestige. The developer has been listening to the criticisms of the community to these skins that, although they have not been a failure in sales, were some of the most controversial among the community. There are still a strap on what the style or number of changes of these appearances should be, but where developers have made more emphasis, it is illustrations whose inspiration has surprised fans and, again, has divided them.

League of Legends turned into a fashion advertisement

NEW SKIN TIER? Legendary Plus Skins from Riot Survey | Objective + Kill Effects | League of Legends

Riot Games had announced that the new prestigious 2.0 skins would be haute couture versions of the basic theme and that would treat them as if they were the clothing that the chosen characters would use on the red carpet of a awards ceremony in the universe in which aspects are set. What nobody expected is that this setting were taken so seriously, since it is evident how The company has been inspired by fashion marketing classics to try to create the illustrations of cosmetics.

Although there are exceptions, most fashion brands use minimalist scenarios and without too many elements to try to highlight their new garments . The only concern is that the background of the image does not unravel to create a composition focused only on fashion. It is a way of directing the look of the observer widely used in marketing. Of course it is one of the oldest tricks of publicists, but it is still used because it is extraordinarily effective and has now reached League of Legends with this review of prestige aspects

Interestingly, Riot Games had already used this technique. Although the illustrations of aspects and champions have more and more details to occupy the entire image, if we look at cosmetics or characters thrown long ago we can see them overturned to the side or in frames without too many additional elements. Of course, at that time they did not carry it out with this intention or had the same fineness in the execution. In fact, Splash Arts are one of the elements that has evolved the most since launch without the community having noticed.

Although it is a well -founded design decision and that has much more work than the old prestigious illustrations, which only changed colors, the change has not liked every1. There are players who see it as a lazy decision and feel that the funds are too empty , so they do not honor those who should be some of the most exclusive cosmetics of League of Legends. The aspects also accumulate the worst rates of I like against I do not like (they can still be seen with navigator extensions) of the YouTube channels that the cosmetics show.

Battleground, 12 days, updated,

Creighton (representative Kim Chang) published 15.2 updates of Battleground (PUBG: Battlegrounds, Battleground).

This update is the first update with the free play service conversion, and on January 5 on the test server on January 12, January 12th. From January 12th to the turning point called free play service, we prepared new contents that can provide new and colorful gameplay opportunities for both existing and new players.

The most prominent new content is ‘Drop’ and ‘First aid Equipment’, tactical equipment. The tactical equipment is an item that is mounted on a main meal slot, which can be used to establish a creative and long-term strategy.

First, the player controls a new tactical equipment ‘drone’ and flight the distance and confirmed the enemy’s position, or it becomes possible to make the item. In order to use the drones, you have to switch the viewpoint using the drone tablet after acquisition, and the player that switches the drones by the air will be limited to the movement. The drones can freely fly within 300 m of the maximum operating radius, and it is possible to get a noise during flight and pick or drop items. The drones have up to 35 self-physical strengths, resulting in firearms, explosives, vehicle crashes, and maximum operating radius dials, and should be done by elements such as the maximum operating radius, and must be manually recovered and repaired to reuse destroyed drones. The drones are spawned in all maps.

‘First Aid Equipment’ is an item that can efficiently recover and revive yourself and team members in crisis. When the first aid equipment is mounted, various passive effects are applied. First, medical kits, first aid boxes, and bandages are used in 3 seconds, and stunning team members can be revived in 3 seconds. When a player restores itself or a team member, it may be much faster than the movement rate during usual recovery. When using a bandage and a parameter, the physical strength is recovered 100% and the medical kit is used to 100% boost effect. In addition, the player equipped with first aid equipment can restore team members who spent recovery items.

Lobby UI, UX reorganization also applied. I kicked the feeling of a digital feeling, expressing modern visuals with a dot texture of one form. We changed the menu on the left and to centrally, and the convenience was enhanced, such as separating the am organic item and the fixed menu area. In addition, a pop-up function that can preview the mode selection menu and the news page in the lobby, and strengthens the community and patch note accessibility, while reorganizing the out-of-the-game element, such as a character generating page and a hideout, and the like,

In addition, we have also been updated such as stunning time and death connection time extension, such as extending stunning balance adjustment, improvement of ping system, Win94 and VSS weapon improvement, and addition of behavioral queue function.

The Craft ton starts a free play service to allow all users to play all users to play the battleground based on the slogan called Battlegrounds for All ‘from January 12, 2022. All users around the world can play the battleground for free on all platforms, including PCs and consoles.

More information on updates and free play service transitions can be found on the official café and pre-reservation microsite.

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