Netflix announced the Twitter this week that Castlevania obtains a four season! This is excellent news for anyone like me, which has just finished the third season and still has questions to answer. There is not yet a release date (of course), but I will probably still be seated on these burning requests for a long time.

Although it may not seem to be a new one, Netflix has developed a sharp and ruthless ax for emissions that do not meet their expectations. The continuous existence of Castlevania testifies to the sustainable quality of the program, as well as the good judgment of Netflix. While we are on the subject, what can we expect from season 4?

Spoilers abound! Well, now that we have seen the face of old Vlad Tepes, does that mean that it will come back at some point? Dracula’s constant resurrection is a major element of the games, so it is logical that it also makes its way in the show. In addition, the sisters could finally create this army that they have always wanted, and perhaps Alucard will really become its bad boy phase. Make a little more emphasis on his part, make a brand on the world. I hope we will see the return of the show by next year.

Belmont | Netflix Castlevania Trailer + Captain N: The Game Master

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