Blizzard has already taken a trailer of Supervision 2 The newest hero, Sojourn, on Wednesday to show more of that character, but it seems that that was not the only revelation planned this week. Another shared announcement on Tuesday confirmed that the Supervision Community will soon be able to tune another live broadcast event for developers. This will also feature Sojourn, and it will also show a trailer of the hero game, as well as some answers to some of the most urgent questions of the community.

This _ relocation 2_ The transmission will take place on April 14 at 11 am pt, Blizzard said. For those with calendars who know what day it is, that means they can tune tomorrow to see what the entire uproar is about with respect to Sojourn. Content creators BriggsyCakes and Findingkyky will present the transmission along with the _ – development team on Thursday.

The transmission announced this week is particularly exciting for those who look forward to vigilance 2 because it is our first real look at what sojourn is capable of doing. You have seen fragments of your game in the past, but there is no page that explains everything for the character in the -relocation 2 site or something to detail how exactly your complete kit is. We know that he has cyber improvements and who uses a rail cannon, as well as the fact that he is supposed to be a heroine centered on DPS. Previous views of reapplies have already been shown for different heroes, but this will be the first time we see the gameplay of a completely new hero.

While we know that we will surely see an advance during the transmission, it is not clear how much we will see outside of that with respect to the demonstrations of Sojourn or something else. However, players will at least have the opportunity for their questions to be answered during that event. No forms were provided or nothing of that nature through which players could ask questions in advance, so it seems that their best opportunity to get an answer is to tune during the transmission and ask at that moment.

Overwatch 2: Sojourn | Developer Update

Supervision 2 The beta version is planned for this month, so it will not be long after this transmission that the players will be able to try the SOJOURN kit for themselves.