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FIFA 23: How and when to play with EA play from less than 1 euro

The new installment of the Electronic Arts football simulator is special because it will be the lt one with the current name. After FIFA 23, the saga will be called EA Sports FC. Before that happens, a whole football seon awaits us, which will start on September 30. Now, some players will have anticipated access and can enjoy the title with the subscription to EA Play and EA Play Pro. We tell you how and when to do it.

Those who acquire the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will be able to start playing from September 27 , that is, three days before the official launch. On that same date, the subscribers of EA Play and EA Play Pro also have the opportunity to start the game in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (the Nintendo Switch version is excluded, which is Legacy Edition).


FIFA 23 test from early access for less than one euro

If you have a PlayStation or Xbox family console you are in luck: you can try FIFA 23 ahead of time for less than 1 euro. To do so, you will need to subscribe to the bic modality of EA Play , which costs 0.99 euros the first month (then pses to 3.99 euros, so remember to cancel the automatic renewal if you do not intend to continue). Being a service member will allow you to enjoy the full video game for a total of 10 hours.

There is noea play pro * on consoles, the demonic version of the Electronic Arts service. However, if you are a PC player and subscribe to EA Play Pro (14.99 euros per month / 99.99 euros a year) you will not have the limitation of 10 hours, you can play without limits until you come your membership.

FIFA 23 officially launches on September 30 ** on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch. This is the complete list of musical themes of the game.

MOU signed for game industry – Korea Policy Society, Game Industry Policy Design

The Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, Chairpamn Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, Chairpament) concluded the Korean Policy Society (Society of Institute (Sociors, Baseon, Mode) and ‘MOU (MOU) for Game Industry Policy Design.

The work agreement on this day is the Future Prediction and Policy Development, and the Development of Game Policy, and Information Policy Information Exchange, Joint Survey, Research and Analysis (Law and System, etc.) ▲ Metropolitan Change Policy seminars and workshops, policy forums, and ESG management, ▲ ESG management, social contribution, and social value-based public growth activities.

Gaming industry growth: South Korea top market amid rising demand
In the future, both agencies will continue to seek the global policy alternative to the game industry through game industry policy issue analysis, discovering common subjects, and opening the game policy seminar and forum jointly.

The Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, chairman of the game, said, “I believe that the 30-year traditional Korean Policy Society, which has been powerful has been working in the meantime, will be a strong force in the game industry,” said, “It is said,” It is a more precise and future-oriented game industry policy I look forward to saying, “he said.

In addition, the Policy Society of the Policy Institute said, “Meanwhile, our society has been working on a variety of policies to cooperate with various public institutions,” he said. “He said.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, in commemoration of the work agreement, Korea’s environmental policy prospects, innovation efforts, and understanding, and understanding of innovation and performance, and understanding the work of the game.

Womens Delivery Development ADV “Needy Girl Overdose” Sales 10,000. Various ruin to follow Internet Angel

WSS Playground announced on January 28, “Needy Girl Overdose” The number of sells of 1000,000 have a top over 100,000. In commemoration of 100,000 people, the “LINE stamp” of stamps used in the work and distribution of domestic text for Discord is scheduled.

“Needy Girl Overdose” is an ADV aiming for a female distributor and aiming for the strongest Internet angel. The main character of this work is a girl with a strong approval desire, who works as a female distributor “super excess. She has a bad personality, and she also has a side that she will soon get in shape. She is also a super excess of super excess, but she is pretty good, she distributes, she distributes stress and gets worried about her mental condition in her nerd. Players support her mental and delivery activities as such a pine. Beside her strongest Internet Angel, follow a variety of ruins by multi-ending. Is there a Happy End in this work?

Needy Girl Overdose OST 10 INTERNET ANGEL

The player instructs her action while living with her Am-chan, and gives her super excessive Bittering-chan as her delivery person. The super-sort of the game is the only follower because it is still as a distributor. She won her delivery material by her action, such as an ego in SNS. She is one of the objects to increase the follower and aim for a million millions of followers by driving a live distribution at night at night.

However, Amacchan has a parameter that represents mental, such as her stress / favorable sensitivity / sight, and mental health exacerbates through her delivery activities. Specifically, when delivery is performed, stress increases. If you make a crack, communicate and naughty, stress goes down, but this time another parameter will increase. Since stress and unlikely, the goodness that passes too much is also destroyed, the player manages the mental of Ame-chan in parallel with her delivery activities. I’m going to spend 30 days so that Amachan does not seem to be caught in her emotions. The ending branches by parameter numerical values. Including message apps and SNS tables / back accounts, Aime-chan’s figure that live on the Internet is drawn while having her and miso.

This work was in charge of scenario and planning, and it is a work that was started on STeam on January 21, 2022. Today is January 28th, that is, it achieved over 100,000 sales in a week. STeam gains 95% of the more than 3100 user reviews and earned the status “overwhelming popular”. In Japanese user reviews, there are many players who are fascinated by the air sense of the internet and Amachan.

In addition, the production of LINE stamps has been announced to commemorate the total number of sells. The stamp is a stamp group that players can send to ACC with the message app in the work. Nyarura is tweeted with “making LINE stamps that have a lot of request to commemorate” and it seems that the stamp plan is required by reply. The distribution time and price of the LINE stamp are undecided. As a memorial of 100,000 people, pictograms used by Amacchan was distributed as pictographs for Discord. You can download free from Booth of this work. As a bonus, stamps and icons are also included. In addition, as a collaboration with the action rhythm game “Muse DASH”, it seems that the theme song “Internet Overdose” of this work can be played in “Muse DASH”.

“Needy Girl Overdose” is delivered for normal price 1680 yen at STeam. A 10% off sale has been implemented until 3:00 on January 29. Emoices for Discord are also distributed by Booth.

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