I wish to make it clear this isn’t use stating that Marion does not matter [and] we want to get him out of the way, it’s not that at all. If anything, it’s a setup for his eventual return. The method to consider this is, if you review folklore there’s the story of Persephone, and she was this nature goddess, and she got deceived into eating some berries that caused her to need to invest part of her time in the Underworld which why there was winter season and why there was spring. That type of metaphor really fit the story we were telling with Greenwald and the cycle of life and death and how the night elves are intertwined with that.

After the recent release of the Dragon flight Legacies shorts, I wanted to clarify the order of occasions in between them and when the occasions of the rather awakened. My interpretation from playing is the Evoke beginning story, was the timeline went approximately like this: The events of the Dragon flight Statement cinematic, Bertha wakes a bit early, and Nozdormu reveals her some of what she’s missed, the reset of the rather makeup and the occasions of the Forbidden Reach happen after that Wrathion reports to the other elements what took place, and after that Zeroth Heroes are summoned to the Dragon Isles.

He also clarified that the wellspring is a naturally occurring spring touched by the energies of Zeroth, which is a force of modification. They like to put guardrails around things and make sure that they get the results they want. He likewise compared it to putting fluoride in water, which assists lead to a great outcome however doesn’t ensure it entirely.


I was close on this timeline, but there’s one significant modification… Bertha wakes at the same time as the remainder of the rather, and at the end of the Forbidden Reach story, as everyone else is leaving, she remains behind. At this point, after everyone else has left, Nozdormu senses something about her and follows her. I hadn’t thought about that being the point at which it takes place, however it makes good sense because it is only after the rather have started settling in the capital cities that she shows up once again and fills them in on what he’s told her. For me, this also seems to damage the theory that the Nozdormu in Legacies was a future Eurozone variation of him. It’s still possible though. It could be future Cozy going to see her and not current Cozy.

One exciting bit Dan user dropped relating to the timeline of things is why Elysian and Wrathion head over to the Forbidden Reach. He stated, They get this feeling, like they can notice something is going on, something related to black dragons and that’s what draws them to the Forbidden Reach.

Dan user had previously verified the basic timeline of WoW, but he did touch on it quickly in this interview. The start of Classic was year 25, and everything which occurred between then and Shadow lands took place in between that year and the year 35, where we have the start of Shadow lands. As he formerly pointed out, the events of SL occurred over about two years, which leaves us with nearly a three-year time skip, and then the events of Dragon flight start in year 40.

Remarkably, he’s made a point of younger characters aging up, so they can play a more substantial role in the story a couple of times. Frequently this type of thing has to do with children because when it comes to game scores, there’s a lot you can’t have children do and still expect a certain rating level. Li Storm stout could fall into this category, however I’m not sure how she would come back into the story at this point.

Previously this week, I had the chance to take part in an interview with the Story Director for World of Warcraft, Steve Dan user, and Lead Mission Designer, Maria Hamilton. We had a terrific discussion about how things currently sit narrative, tips about what’s to come, and some fascinating insights on their choices with quest flow and types of missions in Dragon flight. There’s a great deal of ground to cover, so lets jump right in!

He also reiterated some reasoning behind the time skip, People utilize the phrase time avoid since that gets used in a great deal of media and a great deal of books, times or programs might utilize a time avoid hiding some things, or to tuck some story away that will get exposed later on. Truthfully, that was not our intent here, and that’s why I’d never ever use that phrase. It’s not an aroid in the sense of were avoiding over some story that well then drop on you later. It truly was just a desire to move the chronology forward, give the world a little breathing space, and let a few of our more youthful characters age up a bit, so they can play a larger function in stories to come.

I didn’t believe he’d be able to speak on that as much as he did, however It’s interesting to believe about. It makes it appear like no matter how things specifically occur, it may not be long-term and could lead to an even much better Marion. I’m truthfully actually interested to see how all of this plays out now. I’m thrilled to have more time with Year possibly, however likewise, it sounds like her return may not totally eclipse her child leading the greens due to the fact that it could be just a temporary return. Maybe. It’s a lot of intriguing things to think about.

Lore Nuggets

We kind of utilized a version of that, in order for Year to come out of the shadow lands and do some things she needs to do, somebody has to take her place, someone has to satisfy that end of the bargain. That’s what Marion is doing, but there can be some benefits from that time in Greenwald. Greenwald is a place of remediation of healing, and now that the anima dry spell was handled, Greenwald is getting back to what it was supposed to be in the first location, and it has ties to the Emerald Dream. There’s every possibility that Marion can come out of this with not only a brand-new point of view on some things, but possibly with some brand-new energies that he can tap into. We look forward to continuing that story when it makes sense to do so.

As a big Year fan, one thing which has bothered me about a data mined discussion that indicated that in order for her to return to Zeroth, Marion has to pass away, is that if he passes away at this point, it feels like her sacrifice was for absolutely nothing. According to Dan user, that is down to choices of pacing in stories and only having so much time that can be invested with only so lots of characters.

Questing in Dragon flight

We had a fantastic conversation about how things presently sit narrative, tips about what’s to come, and some interesting insights on their options with mission flow and types of quests in Dragon flight. He likewise restated some reasoning behind the time skip, People use the expression time avoid since that gets utilized in a lot of media and a lot of books, times or programs might utilize a time skip to conceal some things, or to tuck some story away that will get revealed later. She further explained, For us, it’s all about discovering a cool method to rate things out and inform the story. Hamilton likewise talked about how one of the big takeaways from Shadow lands was how to make things more alt friendly right from the start. As Steve pointed out, we have actually managed to hold some things back, we really much liked being able to hold back the Cordero story for 9.2.5, and we stated lets attempt to do more of that.

Hamilton likewise discussed how among the big takeaways from Shadow lands was how to make things more alt friendly right from the beginning. When gamers have actually completed the DF story when, their alts can go back and do the zones in any order they wish, or level a different way completely. She also reiterated all the account opens they’ve added to alleviate the experience of leveling and equipment alts with concerns to renown, repeatable activities, dragon riding progress, and various development systems.



Those are the greatest locations we struck on, there are still some things I haven’t included due to the fact that Ill dive a bit more deeply into them in my regular WoW Column. I did want to discuss that they likewise repeated work on the UI overhaul isn’t d1. They are still dealing with adding more things and taking a look at feedback. While I’m composing this, were sitting at 10 days, 16 hours, and 16 minutes from Dragon flight launch, and this is the most optimistic I have had to do with an expansion in years. I can’t wait to act genuine.

Furthermore, Hamilton likewise discussed how the addition of dragon riding opened up a heap of alternatives for the mission design team due to the fact that of the speed of travel, momentum, and verticality the zones could be created to a size they hadn’t previously done, which opened a lot more possibilities. A number of missions will straight involve utilizing dragon riding to finish. She further explained, For us, it’s all about discovering a cool method to speed things out and inform the story. That’s our task, to team up with our narrative partners, find out the story that we are going to tell, and find out the gameplay that compliments that.

We liked the idea of that, and structure that into the renown system such that when you do specific things, now you’ve unlocked the ability to do some more material. As Steve mentioned, we have handled to hold some things back, we very much liked being able to hold back the Cordero story for 9.2.5, and we said lets try to do more of that.

One of the elements of questing in Dragon flight that I have actually enjoyed in the Alpha and Beta, is that it feels like a return to Traditional WoW because there was a lot of room for the smaller slice of life type quests where we are simply hanging around with individuals getting to understand them and the location of the world in which they live. I was analytical about the apparently deliberate shift towards these types of stories right in the primary storyline rather than as side quests. Hamilton sad it was an extremely purposeful shift on the groups part because this kind of stories and moments make the world and individuals feel genuine. Blending those in with the primary storyline made sure everybody would likewise experience those minutes.