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Take a look at these games if you cant get enough of vampire survivors

The indie game Vampire Survivors is currently very popular with players. Within a very short time, the title was acquired by numerous Steam users, which is probably also due to the rather low price tag, and 98 (!) Percent of around 90,000 user ratings are currently positive. So it is clear that vampires Survivors like many players pretty much, and the responsible developer publishes a new content update almost every week. If you are one of the players who cannot get enough of the vampire survivors gameplay, then we have listed a few interesting titles for you who might surely be interested.

Magic Survival

First of all, we would have the game, which according to the developer of Vampire Survivors acted as the main inspiration for the title. Magic Survival is currently only available for Android devices, and is therefore perfect for a longer session on the toilet. Vampire Survivors fans will find some similarities between the two games. The graphic differs significantly, but some weapons and upgrades have an almost identical functionality. So if you need a game for your cell phone, which in the best case should satisfy your obsession with vampire survivors, then Magic Survival is the perfect game for you.


1st page 1 games like Vampire Survivors: Magical Survival, and Seraph’s Last stood
1. 1.1magic survival
2. 1.2Nomad Survival
3. 1.3Sshap’s Last stood
2. Page 2 games like Vampire Survivors: Gunlocked and 20 Minutes Till Dawn
1. 2.1Gunlocked
2. 2.220 Minutes Till Dawn
3. Page 3bildergalerie too “Addicted for vampire survivors? These games provide…

nomad survival

Upcoming Vampire Survivors Update! Stage, Relic, Arcana, GOLD SINK!

This title was only published a few weeks ago, but was still able to build up a certain fan base on Steam. The biggest difference to the popular vampire Survivors is in Nomad Survival in the fact that players are not limited to six weapons and six items. Instead, you can give your character a real arsenal of active and passive skills.

However, your own build must be well adjusted for a win, which is also achieved after 30 minutes in this game. The agony of choice can quickly be doomed in Nomad Survival, which for many players is probably also the attraction of the game.

The developer studio behind the title also works to provide their game with new, free updates. For example, the first part of the first major update for the title was only published a few days ago. When it comes to price, Nomad Survival settles right next to Vampires Survivors.

Seraph’s Last stood

A jump capability is also available for this, the number of jumps available to you can also be increased by upgrades. In Seraph’s Last you can free different magic sticks and hats for your character, in contrast to different characters such as in vampires survivors.

Also await you all the cool upgrades that you already know from other titles. Diversity of different builds and rather fun gameplay are definitely there, and users on Steam are very enthusiastic about Seraph’s Last. On page 2 it continues with titles for fans of vampire survivors!

Page 1 games like Vampire Survivors: Magical Survival, Nomad Survival and Seraph’s Last stood

Page 2 games like Vampire Survivors: Gunlocked and 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Page 3bildergalerie too addicted to vampire survivors? These games provide remedy!

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Gladbach: Max Eberl explains withdrawal on tearful PK

Max Eberl has explained his farewell to Borussia Mönchengladbach high-ply with deep fatigue and psychic exhaustion.

“I have to get out and have to take care of Max Eberl,” said the longtime Gladbacher Max Eberls director during a short-term press conference on Friday.

Eberl complained under tears, he was “a good example of what happens currently in the world”. He has led reasonably conversations with the club for weeks: which is made “within 24 hours, these speculation is exactly what makes me sick. I am exhausted and tired and can not work anymore.” He wool “out of this mill”, that was the reason for his break in Switzerland a year ago.

There is no injured pride, no anger, no frustration: “Just the person Max Eberl is exhausted and tired, I finish something my life was what a lot of joy and fun has prepared me. Fun football was my life last not there anymore. “

Max Eberl verlässt Borussia Mönchengladbach

Max Eberl wants to have nothing to do with the football “

He has painfully found that it is “in the wrong direction”. Rumors over a speedy club change are therefore nonsense: “I just do not want to have nothing to do with the football, but see the world and only be Max Eberl. I think for the first time to me.”

Eberl had come to Borussia in January 1999, in October 2008, he took over the post of Max Eberls director and led Gladbach three times into the Champions League. Eberl was to Michael Zorc (Borussia Dortmund) and Rudi Völler (Bayer Leverkusen) of the Bundesliga.

The club wants to decide on a successor control. Perhaps at short notice transfers would be regulated together in the team for the time being, said Vice-President Rainer Bonhof.

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