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James Gunn Confirms a New DCU: Batman Gets a New Actor!

After James Gun just recently provided us a take a look at the first chapter of the brand-new DCU, we still don’t understand who will actually slip into the roles of the various superheroes.
And now it appears like that you most likely break new ground when filling Batman.
Gun and saffron also wish to entrust Bruce Wayne to a new star.
It was just a long time ago that reports made the round that a Batman star from The Flash could remain for the DCU.

numerous Batman looks in the Flash

Several former Batman actors play The Dark Knight once again in The Flash.
This consists of, for instance, Michael Keaton, whom we have actually already seen in action in the present trailer for the DC film.
And Ben Affleck also slips into the match once again.
A cameo appearance by George Clooney, which was most likely discovered on the set, is also currently being hypothesized.
He played Bruce Wayne once in 1997 in Batman & Robin von Joel Schumacher.
Christian Bale is likewise possible to return a mini.

DCU gets brand-new Batman

At the weekend, James Gun answered concerns from the fans on Twitter again.
He made clear of the fact that we can depend on a new Batman in the coming DC Universe.
Naturally, the filmmaker has not yet revealed who it is.
His response to Twitter was just brand-new actor.
Listed below we integrated the Batman tweet from James Gun.

no change in The Batman

Fans of The Batman and actor Robert Atkinson, whom we saw for the very first time in 2015 as Bruce Wayne, do not have to fret.


The sequel will run separately of the new DCU.
When continued by Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, it is similar.
On July 11, 2025, the starting signal for the DCU is supposed to be in the cinema with Superman: Legacy.
Source: ComicbookMovie
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Minister of Culture and Tourism ˝Fanning efforts, 52 hours of work is reasonably ˝

Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, and Culture), revealed his willingness to promote the game industry at the first meeting with the game industry after his inauguration. In particular, Park emphasized that he would make efforts to solve the Chinese version of the game, which has been actually blocked by domestic games for more than four years.

Park Bo-kyun said in a game industry meeting held at the Korea Game Industry Association on the 1st, We will make special efforts to expand the panel by cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs to expand the issuance of the Chinese version.

Overall, Park was favorable to the game industry. He noted that the game is a representative domestic content, export filial piety industry, and leading new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud and blockchain. The next-generation technology is experimented and evaluated in the game space, he said.

Therefore, it is in a position to actively support the development of the game industry in the future. Minister Park Bo-kyun said, In the era of the Yoon Seok-yeol government, the game space will be unfolded, and the game industry will be developed.

The resolution of the Chinese version of the Chinese version, which was emphasized earlier, seems to have expressed its willingness to support the game industry. In addition, in relation to the game disease code that is being raised by some, the game and immersion have a gaze to drive into the disease. But the game is not a disease, he said.

However, he mentioned the 52-hour workweek that I will respond wisely for reasonable operation. In other words, he is willing to mitigate or reorganize the 52-hour work week.

In fact, on the 23rd, Lee Jung-sik, the Minister of Employment and Labor, revealed the direction of ‘working time reform’ centering on the 52-hour work week. President Yoon Seok-yeol is not yet official, but has explained it as a review stage, but the 52-hour work week is also his presidential pledge.

Overall, there is a willingness to promote the game ‘Industry’, but if the 52-hour workweek is alleviated, long-term work and crunch problems, which are one of the chronic problems, can come back.

Lastly, Park said, I think the game industry also needs to restore users’ trust. This passage means that it means disclosing the probability information from the probability-type item by law. In fact, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that it will promote the probability of probability item probability in the 4th ‘4th Youth Protection Measures’ announced on the 29th.

Meanwhile, many officials from the game related organizations and game companies participated in this meeting. Chairman Kang Shin-cheol, Chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association, Chairman of the Korea Mobile Game Association, Chairman of the Korea Game Developer Association, Chairman of the Korea VR and AR Contents Promotion Association Yoon Sang-kyu, Neowiz Bae Tae-geun, CEO of Nexon Korea, CEO of Netmarble Korea Wemade Jang Hyun-guk, Webzen Kim Tae-young, Kakao Games CEO Cho Kye-hyun, CEO of Com2us Holdings, CEO of Kraf Tone Kim Chang-han, CEO of Pearl Abyss Hur Jin-young, NHN Big Foot Kim Sang-ho, and NCsoft Ahn Yong-kyun.

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