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Lol: Riot Pwin to the community with a highly anticipated change that will not reach League of Legends

The expansion of Riot Games has caused great frictions with the community of League of Legends . Although the developer has not modified the way in which she treats her star video game, many players feel envy for the novelties that arrive exclusively to the rest of the company’s video games. The controversies with respect to the extra functions of Wild Rift are constant and it is also common that when the cyclic discussion about the voice chat arises everyone wonders why value it does. Now, with one of the next added, the situation is about to be repeated.


A highly anticipated change that will not reach League of Legends

According to a filtration, Riot Games will allow very soon that we canadd to a limited number of players to a list to block them from our games *. This function would be limited so that it only lasts a few days and that it cannot alter the pairing system, so that there would still be a possibility that we could find them. However, the relaxation that offers someone who has maintained a bad behavior together with the reduced probability of coinciding with him make this tool a very satisfactory when dealing with toxicity.

The problem we have already mentioned is that nothing indicates that this tool can reach League of Legends . A situation that has given rise to complaints in a community that does not understand the differential treatment between both titles. Although it is normal for the pace of content to be different or that monetization strategies change, it is more complicated to understand why functions that make an objectively frustrating title and that have been requested for years are only included in one of them. Even more in cases where satisfying the desires of the players seems so simple.

Everything is said, it will have to be a little more patients to see what determination Riot Games makes. After all, we are talking about a filtration that, although it reaches a more than reliable source, we must always deal with a little care. However, if it becomes confirmed, it is very likely that it causes an even more aggressive reaction among the League of Legends players, who have already held on several occasions their weariness with the differential treatment received by the different video games of the developer.

Outer Wilds Laboratory of High Energies

Speed ​​is to access the USER Wilds High Energy Laboratory Accessories. Find out how to reach it and cross the obstacles as easily as possible thanks to our guide.

Outer Wilds, Laboratory against the watch

From the first minutes of the loop the sand contained on the black sandy planet will pour over the red. The formation of a cascade of gigantic sand makes exploration more complicated, the cellars and secrets present in depth gradually.

The most optimized exploration will be against current. Starting from the deepest caves to finish on the surface of the planet. It is not possible to explore everything in one shot. Many attempts will be needed to pierce the secrets of the planetary hourglass.

The obscure city, indispensable access

Before reaching the high energy laboratory it is necessary to find the access of the obscure cited. Time is playing against you, a few tens of minutes after the start of the loop it is already too late.

In order to better find you, discover our article dedicated to the path of the obscure city.

It contains a path in its complex version with its log entries and an endgame version to instantly join the cited.

Outer Wilds, laboratory path

In the depths of the obscure cited is a door with clearly indicated high energy laboratory. Once in front, obstacles are not really complex but require responsiveness.

Follow energy cables

Very practical, the cable that lights up with a repetitive blue light serves as a reference to access the suite of the underground.

At the end is a large sandpit that filled with regularly. Do not panic if you can not move forward, it is necessary to wait for the level of the pit increase enough to open the way.

Patience is a safety mother, do not spoil your precious fuel trying to pass the sand waterfall.

Prepare to darken, you will only have one minute to spend the next obstacle on pain of starting all. The passage is not really complicated to pass but in panic it is possible to ride.

Starting from the right to jump over the cacti and follow the wall on your left to find access to the tractor radius.

This one leads you up, putting you out of danger. At the end of a corridor, last small climbing before your final destination.

Here you have arrived in the laboratory, enough to complete the entrances of the Red Sandy in your logbook and potentially unlock the end of the game tearing space-time.

Continue exploration of the solar system

The way to the high energy laboratory of Outer Wilds has no secrets for you. Continue your exploration thanks to our guides dedicated to the solar system.

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