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Is it the characteristics of Koreans to buy and suffer? I think I’m looking for a game that’s hard recently. Who broke the mouse, the game that broke the keyboard, and approached it with a comfortable idea of ‘Is that so hard?’


This towering painting goes up and down along the fifth stage of anger, ‘negative, anger, compromise, depression, and acceptance. Oh, I can’t only know anger. Today’s [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] has collected the blood pressure rise game that I want to give to you. Oh, you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s a good game to recommend to people around you.

One. Hollo Night

The first game to be introduced is the Hollo Knight, a platformer game of the Metro Bania. It’s hard to notice with a cute character, but it’s called the Dark Soul of the Platformer. The movement between the map and the map shows the flavor of the platformer, and if you die during play, you can taste the soul game, but it shows natural progress and system connection. It was well received.

Such a Hollo Knight has been attracting attention again recently. This is because the new sequel Hollo Night: Silk Song is once again mentioned in the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. As Hollo Knight showed significant difficulty, Hollo Knight: Silk Songs are expected to sublimate their accumulated know-how.

2. Angvik

Angik, which was first released in 2014, won the industry’s throne with a blood pressure rise game that surrendered numerous streamers before the jar. In order to reclaim the castle that was occupied by the barbarians, he lends the equipment of his father to become a protagonist who goes on a journey and tells the story of the protagonist. They are not a warrior, but ordinary beings, so they die at once when all armor is peeled off. In addition, if you stay still in one place, you will be old and die, so the player must move and move on.

This game is especially famous for its homemade village, and the color of this homage is so dark that it makes me think that I needed to be able to make it up to the difficulty. From the standpoint of seeing, the idea is ‘Is it so difficult?’ If you want to make you feel the pain of the stationary land, please recommend it.

3. Big Pogo Man

Big Pogo Man is a 3D platformer game that climbs the mountain of the object with Pogo Stick, Sky Kong Bean. It is also called 3D jar game, which is composed of jar games and various backgrounds. The game, which operates with only mouse, has an amazing strategy of doubling people with a cute Sky Kong Sound that doesn’t match the difficulty and complex backgrounds.

Don’t blame anything. Games, computers, and characters are innocent. Everything is wrong with your hand that grabs the mouse. If you try again and again, you can still do it. Please be patient. The game’s explanation is the level that turns on the player’s anger. It is all about the game to click on the mouse and go up and go up without special settings or stories, but it is difficult to achieve it all.

4. Smilemo

Smilemo is the background of a computer world that is infected with unexpected viruses and is in crisis. The main course is to collect vaccine codes by becoming a smiling emoticon who managed to survive. In the process, you need to break through the infection area and help the computer manager system to find the vaccine. Fortunately, this game is a game with checkpoints, so you need to worry about failure. However, it is a ‘cookie run’ platformer game with a significant speed, so it requires physical rather than delicate operation and judgment.

This game has a risk that returns to the path where the character came when you hit the obstacle during play. In addition, it contains the critical element that makes it farther away, so if you are not lucky, it will return to the distant place. This critical probability is higher than you think, so if you make a mistake, you can see yourself. Nevertheless, compared to the worst of the previous games that must start from the beginning, it may be fortunate that Smilemo, which can be stopped in the middle.

5. Graduator

‘Gradu’ is a platformer game that has been a lot of pain in the story of the developer. Players have to be a new college student who entered college and go to graduation with a electric wheel. In the air, you should succeed in ‘graduation’ at the top of all kinds of motives, professors, and obstacles to the ‘electric wheel’, which is not even shifting. In the process, the player can use the ‘ASDF’ manipulation key, which has been motifs from other games of the jar game producer Benetfordi, to taste the worst.

The game not only left the pain of the platformer game, but also puts a boss like a barrage game in the middle, giving anger at the vigilant, leaving traps all over the place to steadily increase the blood pressure of the player. It’s not bad to recommend it to your favorite streamer or friend, as it is a game that the producer is recommended for ‘Streamer’. In the official release version, the difficulty is a little less difficult, so if you are going to recommend it around, it’s a good idea to try it quickly.