Still looking for the PS5? At O2 there is again a tariff bundle with which you can not only secure the NextGen console, but also a second dual sensense controller and 40 GB data volume in an anniversary tariff growing from year.

PS5 plus 2nd controller in the tariff bundle

With O2 you can currently have a top tariff bundle with the PS5 (Digital Edition) and a 2. Controller as a premium for the “O2 Grow” mobile phone contract for 44.99 euros a month. An additional payment of 11.99 euros for the console and shipping costs is added once. The special thing about the anniversary tariff is that it initially contains 40 GB LTE/5G and an allnet and SMS flat rate, but grows by 10 GB from year to year without costs.

To offer at O2

PS5 Digital Edition: One Year Later - Worth It? (Long Term Review)

Complete a cell phone contract just not to be able to call a PS5 its own does not sound particularly lucrative. For this reason we calculate the offer from:

Overview of the tariff details:

  • Tariff: “o2 grow”
    * 40 GB LTE data volume (max. 300 Mbit/s)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • EU roaming included
  • 24 months minimum term, 3 months notice period
    The data volume automatically increases by 10 GB * each year

Further information on the “O2 Grow” tariff can be found here:

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in the tariff: We calculate

Monthly basic fee: 44.99 euros
One -time connection fee: free
Shipping costs: 4.99 euros
Admission for the PS5: 7 euros
Total costs after 24 months: 1,091.75 euros
Device value: 400 euros (console) + 60 euros (controller)
Effective costs for the tariff: 631.75 euros

Effective costs per month: | 26.32 euros

PS5 at O2: Is the offer worth it?

The PS5 Digital Edition costs 400 euros , at least theoretically, because they are sold out everywhere and on Ebay and others it goes for horror prices of around 650 euros above the virtual counter. A 2nd dual sensense controller around 60 euros.

If you pull these values from the total costs over 24 months of contract period, 631.75 euros remain. This corresponds to 26.32 euros per month for a tariff with 20 GB data volume. For comparison, the normal price for the “O2 Grow” tariff is 29.99 euros a month-from this point of view a good deal, especially since the PS5 is currently not available for the RRP. From the 25th month, the tariff only costs 29.99 euros. As a biggest buying argument itself, it goes without saying that you get the PlayStation 5.

To offer at O2

The invoice above only opens if you terminate at the end of the minimum contract term. Whether you should, however, increase this, even though the tariff increases in the data volume annually and thus gains value, even though the costs remain the same, is up to you. If you want to quit and should forget, the contract is not extended by another year, but can be terminated monthly.