Developer’s Image Power and Publisher PLAYWAY announced “ House Renovator ” on March 21st. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). According to the Steam store page, this work seems to correspond to the Japanese language display. Release timing has not been revealed for now.

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“Ghost House Renovator” is a simulation game that renovates the mansion attached to the monster and to make it to the property where people led by people. The player received an order from the owner of the ghost mansion around the world. Pay what is worn and reborn with a clean and secure house.

First of all, let’s search the house. As a task, basic work for reinovation is imposed, such as “cleaning the wall” and “picks up waste” and “destroy old furniture”. But in the ghost mansion, it does not proceed easily. For example, a suspicious magician may be written on the wall. Use a deck brush to drop it cleanly.

Alternatively, if you look at the dirty cross-dirty cross, there is a lot of blood marks there. Here too, it is good to have a briefly wake up with a sponge and have nothing to do. Although there are no bottles placed in the corner of the room, it is katakata moving, but let’s sort and dispose of it together. Even if it is moving with the armor of the interior, it will be calm if you put the armor rolled on the floor properly.

Remove the cover of the shorted phone and repair it. However, the cause of the short is not a defect in the circuit, and it is also a ghost that is being attached to it. When the ghost has jumped out, the switch of the vacuum cleaner is on. The unshed soul is sucked and purification is complete.

Goblin lurking in the basement of the house is completely exterminished. Also, if blood is dripped from a wall with a wall, let’s check the back of the painting. The cause may be blood that is stained from the wall. If this happens, it is Yoshimi that it will replace it with the wallpaper. Since the white bone corpse hidden in the gap of the wall can not be helped, let’s set up a big pillar clock in front. In addition to this, if you look at the holy water and pay a ghost, it is also necessary to draw a magic team and make a complicated ritual. Corresponds to the opportunity to any supernatural phenomenon.

When the spirits and cleaning are complete, the wallpaper is removed and a rich indoor interior is installed, and it will be reborn with a beautiful house. It will be sold to the renovated house and the next ghost mansion. This work has a campaign mode for single players.

IMAGE POWER, which develops development, is a development studio based in Poland. As the title currently under development, “CREATURE LAB” and “CREATURE LAB”, which makes crazy experiments as mad scientists, “CRUISE SHIP MANAGER”, which manages cruise ships, etc., I am producing. “Ghost mansion Renovator” also wants to look forward to your own theme and gameplay that adds the elements of ghost to the house lenovation genre.

“Ghost shop Renovator” is scheduled to be released in STeam for PC. It is said that the release time will be announced later.