Vampire Survivors was ranked first in both steam’s portable game equipment ‘Steam Deck’ games in both daily concurrent connection users and cumulative play time.

Vampire Survivors is a barrage shooting log-like game developed by Pinkeye. After completing early access, it was officially released on October 20 to Steam with version 1.0. In July, it ranked second in Steamed, and has been ranked first from August to the present. The Stove Indie, operated by Smile gate Stove, also launched a full version on October 21, and also launched a promotion to commemorate the launch.

October Steam Deck Daily Connection User Rankings

October steam deck cumulative play Time ranking


In October, the Persona 5 The Royal Royal Royal in the Steam Deck Daily Connection user ranking, and the Elden Ring in the cumulative play Time ranking follows the Vampire Survivors. It also celebrates the number one steam deck game ranking for three consecutive months in the ranking competition, and it also celebrates the Vampire Survivors Twitter account. Is positive. In the review, there are opinions that The influenced Magic Books are also a mobile game, but I want to come out on mobile.

Steam Deck was launched in North America and Europe on February 5, 22, but began to make a reservation on August 4 in Korea. Vampire Survivors was recognized through the Internet broadcast, and many cases have led to actual purchase decisions beyond simple viewing. On the contrary, this time, the popularity of Vampire Survivors can affect Steam Deck’s awareness and purchase.