All FIFA 23 players will be able to download FIFA World Cup 2022 for free… all but Nintendo Switch, since the Japanese console will stay out and will not receive this update. The reon for this displacement is none other than EA’s decision to continue launched legacy edition for hybrid. In other words, only templates and players are updated, but notes are added playable news.

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition is in playable a photograph, a copy of previous Builds that only modifies aesthetic pects and the databe of players and clubs . In this way, those who want to enjoy the 2022 World Cup will have to choose any of the other platforms in which it is available.

When does the FIFA World Cup mode leave Cater 2022

Free Cater 2022 World Cup update can be downloaded from November 9 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Instead, EA Sports FIFA Mobile will have the option to do it a day before, on November 8. This modality will include a total 32 national teams, which will be played the most important football trophy at the selection level.

Despite the lack of news, FIFA 23 continues to sell well on Nintendo Switch. It does not include the race mode or the Volta mode, even if they are added that were implemented in the saga years ago. Of course, does not incorporate pro-playable innovationsor techniques such Hypermotion either.

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will have the same gameplay and the same FIFA Modes 22 Legacy Edition without any significant development or improvement , they warn in the Nintendo Shop. Will something change when FIFA is convenient for EA Sports FC? Given the background, there are not many hopes.