The players of fifa 23 who reviewed the game store on the afternoon of Saturday, October 8 met something unexpected. Without warning, a very special envelope had put on sale. It was a pack that was guaranteed to a player of the Fut Heroes series, which at least at this point is one of the most attractive available to the video game. The price was also ridiculous compared to those normally handled by the company.

A failure with long-term consequences

There was even those who suspected that it was an error, but he didn’t mind taking advantage of it. Being Electronic Arts a developer with such a greedy monetization system, we are not going to be who reproaches it. If they thought about it, they were right. Just a few minutes after its introduction in the store for 500 FIFA Points or 25,000 coins , the pack with the guaranteed random letter of Fut Heroes had been eliminated. The problem is that, by then, , the move in the community had already armed.

The players who could take advantage of the BUG have achieved a unpayable progress . Even when Electronic Arts gives letters to the players, as will happen with the improved versions of these heroes for those who reserve the game, it puts an unalterable condition: that they cannot be transferred between players. In this way, they prevent the market from altering in an artificial way. In this sense, perhaps we can begin to dimension the magnitude of what has happened since thousands of players have now received an almost free special letter that they can sell in the market.

Columbia, one of the most reputed Ultimate Team counselors in the Spanish community, expressed concern ensuring that the developers had loaded the market by giving a value of around 100,000 free currencies to the community. It should be remembered that in Fut Heroes there are letters that exceed 2 million price . Fortunately, it seems that after the initial downturn these letters have recovered part of their value. However, what happens now with the differences generated between the members of the community that could be taken advantage of and those who were not?


The performance of Electronic Arts is yet to be determined, but it is evident that can no longer turn. The letters have left some owners to others and will continue to move in the market. If it is no longer the fault of those who initially bought the envelope (which could do it with all the good faith of the world) even less of whom the letters were looking for in the market. In this sense, some players expect generalized compensations, although there are others who throw their towel by reviewing the company’s usual movements.

It remains to be seen what happens in the future. We will follow the subject closely on the next dates.