The ‘Computer of My Life’ series contains episodes related to computers from domestic/foreign IT industry. This series is Kim Deejay, CEO of Ocean Drive Studio.

First computer

In elementary school, there was an MSX PC called IQ-2000 from Daewoo Electronics. That was my first computer. Compared to now, it’s more like a game console than a computer. So I could play various games on MSX, so I first bought the IQ-2000.

First games in memory

There are so many games, but the most fun game is the series. I didn’t have the latest series, but I did 1, 2, 3, and 4.

And there is a game called Us has. It’s a game where two male characters shoot with side-scrolls, and I remember the game so much.

Computer in one word

For me, ‘meths shoes in the neighborhood game room’. Since I was young, I loved the game so much that my mom used to visit me in the game room. And I went to the game room so don’t go, so I bought a game machine called JAMIE in my first year of elementary school.

I liked the game so much, but it seems that the combination of PCs and networks has been able to create an environment where the game can be played with much more people than the game room through online. So for me, I think it’s a computer that the neighborhood game room is met.

Life game

The most influential game for me is the Final Fantasy series. I didn’t have a game console when the Final Fantasy series was popular. When I was in my teens, I couldn’t play games because of my studies, so I experienced indirectly through game magazines.

And later, when I played a part-time job in college, I bought a game machine and played only one game as a magazine. I bought for the first time. It seems to be the game that has made me the most influential and various experiences.

Online game

In the past, there was a big difference between online games and the console of single play, which is generally played. Console games and PC games are alone, and online games are a game where many people gather at the same time. But nowadays, the boundaries are almost gone.

Because single-play games such as console games and PC games can be played by communicating with others through various broadcast channels. And since I can communicate with users through various channels through various channels, I think there is little difference between online games or consoles or PC games.

Game in one word

A play area where you can enjoy it al1. When I didn’t have a PC, I had to go out unconditionally to make fun of it. I needed to go outside and play with my friends, and I needed play to be with my friends.

Now, I think it’s much more convenient because it’s an environment where I can meet and play with people around the world at any time. In that sense, I think it is an online play space.


The charm of this genre seems to be a game that needs to be a variety of fights like Go or organs. When I have a good fight, I feel very satisfied and joy when I have a good number. So I have a lot of desire to reveal that I solved this problem in more efficient and more proud ways than others.

When you have a difficult problem, you have been thinking about it for a long time to solve the problem and finally solved. So I am making our own SRPG that can be gathered with friends who understand this fun and reveal the fun.

Working in the game industry

I had fun with my friends the game called Quiz. It was fun to give each other the answers rather than simply solving the quiz. So I played , but Nixon was the company that made the game. That’s why I was interested in the car that I was interested in.

When I first entered, I only studied at school, so I worked as a server programmer in the Wind Country. When my own magic or skill, newly applied map, and quests are updated, the users gather and enjoy the content while enjoying the content.

When I received the feedback, it was a surprising and new experience for me that the process of thinking about the next update was simply enjoying the game. I first felt that it was fun to make a game as well as playing a game. It seems that I have been making games for more than 20 years because of the feeling I felt at that time.

To students who dream of becoming a game developer

The expression I always emphasize is ‘Don’t just play too much’. The experiences of making game diverse, a lot and deeper are so important in making games, but there are some people who have neglected to improve the basic skills to make the game.

If you look at 5 to 5, if you have set up a job group, you will be able to improve the skills related to the job group, and the time you need to understand and acquire the genre and culture of the game will grow into a great game developer if you balance it. I think it can be.

Nexon Computer Museum

Nixon was actually a small game company. I think the power of users was the greatest in growing like this. I am very grateful as a game developer for creating a computer museum that has another fun to learn and a computer museum that has been learned and has been developed so far.

And if you look at the collections, I think it’s very valuable to exhibit meaningful collections, not just any museum at the level of food, and to look through the history. So if you are interested in games or computers or dreams of a developer, it is good to visit once and see the history of computers and games.