Electronic Arts has announced that FIFA 23 has become the annual saga game with the best result in its launch. The title has managed to reach 10.3 million players during its first week, a fact that EA itself has described as the greatest launch period in the history of the FIFA franchise of EA Sports.

Perhaps it coincides that just in this edition there have been some more novelty than usual, and not only because the physics of the ball will be againThe most realistic in history_, but because new functions have been added such as the cross play among all the platforms or women’s football clubs, although only with a couple of leagues.

Another novelty, which arrives irremediably every four years, is that of the World Cup, which has commented on something Nick Vodka, head of EA Sports FC: «With the male and female World Cups, and the exciting updates of our women’s football content in the Game that is yet to come, we are only beginning to provide players with the most authentic and immersive experience so far ».

From the World Cup we have had news today, because some images of this game mode have been leaked that will apparently allow 48 different selections (despite the fact that, in reality, there are only 32 that are classified to play it).


The truth is that what has turned out to be the best launch of the saga coincides precisely with the end of it, at least in the name (and it seems that also in concept). Although he had been talking for a while, it was last May when Electronic Arts confirmed the completion of his collaborations with FIFA after almost 30 years of relationship, with the news that the next title of the franchise would be renamed EA Sports FC .

At the moment there is not much information, but we know that they will continue to maintain the same great experiences, ways, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes, although they also define it as a new and independent platform that will bring a unique opportunity to create, innovate and evolve. We will see exactly what all this is when they give us new details around June next year.

FIFA 23 It is already set for PS4 , * .