Developer Digital Extremes will hold the WarFrame event Tennocon 2022 on July 17. In this, it has revealed that the new open world adventure game Soulframe is under development. Compatible platforms and release times are undecided.

Soulframe is a completely new open world adventure game by Steve Sinclair, creative director of WarFrame. It is still in the early development stage, and the information has not been disclosed much about the game content, but the cinematic trailer listed above has a unique worldview.

In the trailer, a naked man who is a trapped body appears. Later, the man flows to some island and confront three enemies with his sword in his hand. The armor that was initially worn on his right arm was removed, and he blows off the enemy with a mysterious ability using his right arm. And when he pierced the sword on the ground, the enemy was petrified. The man who rejected the enemy has released a giant beast connected by chains.

According to the narration of the video, the child who fell into the soul of Kara was raised in the castle hut, was bred as a hunter, and hunted the opposite. Is that man a hunter? The narrator also describes it as a messenger of shame, and calls out, I have the soul of my kale and my body to find myself. Return the grace and return to the earth. In addition, it can be said that the land where the stage is called is called ODE.

Mr. Steve Sinclair, who led the development of this work, said that in response to interviews with the Washington Post overseas, elements such as Warframe and the automatic generation field were also taken over by Soulframe, but the science fiction color was strong. According to WarFrame, this work will be a work with a fantasy world view. In the development, it is said that it is influenced by films such as Princess Mononoke and Never Ending Story.

Warframe features high-speed battles that emphasize shooting, while this work is developed in a slow pace, focusing on heavy melee attacks. However, it is not a work that intended so-called soul-like games.

In this work, the world itself is in a state of some kind of anger, and adventures will be conducted under themes such as restoring and refunding and nature. It seems to be a game play that focuses on searching, suggesting the existence of gameplay in a cave that is automatically generated. On the other hand, there is also an open world field that will be a hub area.


Soulframe will be offered for free basic play. The compatible platform and release time are undecided. The development has only begun, and Digital Extremes wants to proceed with the development while listening to the opinions from the community.