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First reviews of Moon Knight, New Marvel: “Its different from everything”

The cinematographic universe of Marvel will be uninterruptedly news throughout the year 2022. Series and films; Movies and series, Oscar we want, but a same destination: Disney + . Moon Knight is the new quote from the fans of this universe, a miniseries starring Oscar Isaac in which the history of origin of Marc Spector, Exmercenario become sent from the Egyptian God Khonshu . Its * Dissociative identity disorder ** (TID) will be one of the vertebrate axes of the plot, whose first criticisms are quite positive.

Different specialized media have already been seen and the first 4 episodes of Moon Knight (it hOscar 6 episodes in total) through its premiere world in Germany and, roughly, everything makes it very different from the tone we are accustomed in Marvel Studios.

Medium Oscar _ Collider _ Indicate that Oscar Isaac is “the best incorporation to the MCU” from Robert Downey JR, which lets him interpret him will be at a great level. _ BBC _ , with Oscarhanti Omkar at the head, Oscarsures that we must put Moon Knight on our list of pending and stands out not only to Isaac, but May Calamawy, who does Layla. In _ Zavvi _ , Emily Murray, says she “she is not Oscar crazy Oscar she expected… but a posterior episode insinuates that there will be much more about this.” Finally, _ digital fix _ stresses that the bet coOscarts a “good mix of terror, action and humor”.

Moon Knight, March 30 exclusively in Disney +

One of Moon Knight’s commitments is to treat Marc Spector’s mental health seriously, not banal. This explained it Oscar Isaac. Steven Grant , the protagonist, is an employee of a gift shop with memory losses. For some reOscaron, he experiences memories of another life. This double identity will hand in all kinds of paranormal and superhero situations. Action, suspense, touches of terror and much more.

Moon Knight REACTION - Early Reviews, Just Watched, Marvel Disney Plus
The series arrives exclusively for Disney + next March 30, 2022 with a total of 6 episodes about 40 to 50 minutes each.

All this reaches League of Legends for the Tiger Year event

_ League of Legends _ continues to expand its extensive catalog of Skins and cosmetic elements. On this occasion, it has been revealed that characters such as Lux, Ezreal and More will have a new dress to celebrate Chinese New Year .

By means of a new trailer, Riot Games has revealed all the content that will be available through the Tiger Year event, known as DELEITE LUNAR, which is being carried out between January 25 and February 27 2022 . Here we have new explosive aspects, the return of ultra-fast fire random and more.

League of Legends - Lunar Revel 2022 Theme

As they could see, this special celebration offers new Skins for Ezreal, Lissandra, Lux, Amumu and Kindred, as well as gestures of this celebration. As if that were not enough, the players will get: Basic aspects, prestigious aspects, URFAR game mode, Accessories and exclusive Chromas.

On related topics, these are the most popular characters in the competitive League of Legends.

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