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Telegram released a subscription for 449 rubles

The free messenger, who defeated Roskomnadzor at one time, acquired a paid version of Telegram Premium with a lot of additional functions, but the cost for the Russian region is still very high.

Downloading video files will no longer present the problem with a paid subscription-the speed restriction is removed. The files themselves can be up to 4 GB. In general, all internal restrictions, such as the limit of channels, fixed chats, etc. are doubled.

The subscription also disconnects advertisements in public channels, makes it possible to put a video avatar, adds a subscriber icon, organizes chats (auto archivation, hiding chats with non-contact), has exclusive animated stickers and live reactions, and also converts incoming voice messages to the text.

On the iPhone, the subscription can be connected through payment by a mobile operator (only MTS and Beeline).

Christmas in Hogwarts Minecraft fan creates the Harry Potter

The pre-Christmas time breaks and invites you to coziness. Where could you experience this better than in a wintry immersed Hogwarts? A Minecraft fan has rebuilt the popular place from Harry Potter and filled with so much life that we would like to hike through the halls immediately. Just look at the impressive video yourself.

Christmas Hogwarts in Minecraft

The Harry Potter Universe has already experienced many appearances in the sandbox game, after all, the intersection at Minecraft and Harry Potter fans should be quite tall. Hogwarts has also been brought to life several times in Minecraft, but this Christmas edition of the popular scene is again worth an extra mention.

Just look at the winter atmosphere yourself in following Reddit clip from Lil-Failure:

Warm lights, festive decoration and lots of snow — so we introduce ourselves the perfect Christmas in the magic school. Lil-failure has really lots of love put in the details and thus conjures a really contemplative atmosphere. Even the background music of the video puts in the perfect Christmas spirit.

You can download the Hogwarts map

The best in the impressive building of Lil-Failure is that he has provided the winter Hogwarts card for download. So you can spend the Christmas days to convert yourself through the old halls of the Spell Castle.

In the Reddit thread, the Minecraft community is also more than enthusiastic about his creation. They congratulate him on the result and are happy about providing the world.

If you want to see more buildings from famous films, games and series in Minecraft, we recommend this picture section:

Harry Potter in Minecraft - Hogwarts - The Floo Network (+ download)

A Minecraft fan makes a wintry Harry Potter dream realize and conjures Hogwarts in a Christmas woven into the survival world. The card is even playing for the free download.

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