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NBA 2K24 Trailer: Get Ready for the Biggest Milestone Yet | Fans Anticipate Release Date

There is still lots of time till the NBA 2K24 trailer releases, yet we are all eagerly anticipating the following game. From brand-new features to better graphics, every person wishes to obtain a check-out the following video game.


So, without additional ado, let’s see what the NBA 2K24 trailer launch date is, and also what player will be the cover athlete of the greatest basketball video game worldwide.

NBA 2K24 trailer

NBA 2K24 will be an extremely vital version for the basketball computer game, noting 25 years of the first-ever NBA 2K game.

The NBA 2K23 trailer likewise permitted fans to see some of the NBA’s finest players in activity, performing their signature actions. James Harden with his step-back three, JA Moran with a showy dunk, as well as Leon James with the fade away.

So while we will certainly have to wait up until July 2023 prior to we get a look at NBA 2K24, it will be worth the wait!

The Carer, myna, as well as my team video game modes will additionally have their own exclusive NBA 2K24 trailer. In these trailers, players will certainly be able to see the brand-new functions added to the modes, as well as see a bit more of NBA 2K24 gameplay.

The extremely prepared for NBA 2K24 trailer will not be dropping any type of time quickly. The first expose trailer for NBA 2K23 arrived in July 2022, showing fans a video game with revitalized gameplay, as well as some astonishing graphics.

NBA 2K24 release day

For those currently looking toward NBA 2K24, you still have a long haul ahead of you.

2K normally releases their video games in the same home window which is September. This places it according to other sports games that launch at the beginning of a new season.

Therefore, we estimate that the NBA 2K24 launch day will be Friday, 8 September 2023.

NBA 2K24 cover athlete

Late year 2K showed off the cover professional athlete around the same time the first trailer went down. We anticipate them to adhere to the very same strategy for NBA 2K24, as well as LeBron James is easily the much-loved to be on the cover of the game.

James damaged the NBA’s all-time leading racking up document earlier this period and is still among the very best players in the organization at 38 years of ages. We expect to see the king as the primary number in the NBA 2K24 trailer.

Maple Story, Black Pink Index and Sharing Project

Nexon announced on the 29th that it held an Ambassador Sharing Project ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ with the online game ‘Maple Story’ Ambassador Black Pink Index.

Nexon, which was held with Good Neighbors, sponsored donations to the nursery in Suwon City on August 19, and that children wanted to have a special gift prepared by index and a happy summer vacation to all children. It was conveyed. Jisoo’s special gift consists of one fashion item that children want among bags and shoes, a letter of cheering letters, a handwritten sign, and a character key ring. In addition, it provided ‘Maple Story’ school supplies and snacks such as notebooks, pencils and diary.


At the same time, Nexon released a video that introduced and packaged some of the gifts to deliver to the nursery by starring Maple Story Kang Won-ki. In the video, Kang Won-ki, general manager, introduced the story of two children’s gifts and the gifts he chose accordingly.

‘Maple Story’ Ambassador is a project designed to illuminate ‘Maple Story’ users who are active in society and spread the good influence. It was selected as the second ambassador. In the ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ video, Jisoo said, I hope this social contribution activity will be an opportunity to share a warm heart toward our neighbors who need help.

For more information on the Ambassador Sharing Project ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ with the index, please visit the official website of Maple Story.

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