Umamusume recall lawsuits, Uranus Me recall lawsuit, submitted a director to Aka Games to the Seoul Central District Court on the 23rd.


At the site, Lee Chul-woo, a representative of the Uranus Me recall lawsuit, and a lawyer, Lee Chul-woo, who specializes in the game-entertainment, participated. At the lawsuit, lawyers LKB Shin Jae-won and lawyer Lee Jae-young were located.

There are two major lawsuits. One is a mental compensation for not enjoying the game properly due to property damages caused by the shortening of the pickup period, and the lack of notice of the end content, Champions Meeting.

The lawsuit is a claim for damages to Aka Games, a domestic publisher. In addition, AHN Jae-young said, It is not unconditional because the game company is unilaterally determined by the game company. There are laws related to the regulation of the terms and conditions, and even if it is guaranteed in the terms and conditions, it can be invalid. I explained.

There are 201 users who participate in this lawsuit. The representative of the representative said that the lawsuit was filed by a user who submitted the necessary documents, and that the number of participants and claims could be increased afterwards. Kim Byung-soo, a representative of the lawsuit, said, I decided not to change the game if I didn’t make a decision here.

Lee Chul-woo, a lawyer at the Game Committee, said, I think it is necessary to put a provision that can respond to the game in the e-commerce and labeling advertising laws, along with the prompt passing of the legislation related to the protection of game users who are pending in the National Assembly. It was revealed.