[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] It was argued that the regulation of currency exchange and the degree of deliberation should be opened in Korea. P2E has been blocked by domestic services due to the game industry law, which prohibits exchange of cryptocurrencies through the so-called game.

Yew Byung-soo, a professor of business administration at Seoul National University, said at the ‘Discussion for the Development and Promotion of the Game Industry’ held at the National Assembly Experience Center on the 30th. The domestic service is impossible under paragraph 1, he said. The game industry is a higher employment-friendly industry than other industries.

Professor Yew ordered that regulations are also needed to foster the metals field, which is noticing the game industry law along with the P2E. Metals services based on cryptocurrencies are also limited to some game industry laws, such as excluding games in met abuses or not showing them in Korea.

He said, It is a situation that excludes games in meth uses or develops businesses around overseas due to the rating regulation of the Game Management Committee. I want to ask if the regulation can be justified.

Penchant’s professor of cultural contents industry in Gangnam University also cited the lack of content and users who could not make profits due to the failure of ‘Second Life’, the first meta bus that appeared in the early 2000s, and that domestic regulations need to be improved. Mentioned.

It was pointed out that game companies need to work for the opening of the P2E and meth uses. Lee Jae-won, chairman of the Korean Game Policy Society, who attended the debate, said, Blockchain and NFT technology that enables P2E games can lead to side effects such as technologies, coins, and coins, etc. The reality is that it is necessary to sympathize with legal restrictions on the attention and boundary of digital assets as much as possible. There is.

Chung Punjab, Director of Game Contents Industry Division, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, We will make guidelines by referring to the case of defining or supplementing the content in the meths in the controversial whether the contents produced by the game and users in the meth uses are not a game or a game. Task Force (TF) is also discussing, he said.

◆ Efforts to improve working hours and to expand global market share

In addition to P2E games, Professor Yew ▲ Expansion of user protection and strengthening self-regulation ▲ Improvement of game content correction procedures ▲ Support for fostering game development personnel ▲ Improvement of the working environment in consideration of the characteristics of the game industry Policies such as support were also suggested.


Professor Yew insisted that the introduction of the working hours’ exemption system should be considered. The IT and cultural contents industry needs to be discretionary for working hours in case of a certain wage level, wage work, and business time as it evaluates the value of working value based on its achievements through creativity and innovation.

It was pointed out that the global market share in the Korean game market is about 6%, and it is necessary to actively support overseas expansion by strengthening support.

The game industry’s panel also said that through the re-establishment of the ‘Game Industry Middle and Long-Term Plan’, the year-specific implementation plan should be prepared to cope with the sketches, market environment changes, and technology development. There was also an order to provide guidelines and service basis for games that combine new technologies such as meths and P2E games.

Choir Byung-soo, Director of Policy, Korea Game Industry Association, said, We need to enter the global market share of the Korean game industry. It is time for a differentiation strategy, he said.

Professor Yew Byung-soo said, The game is also called the representative Yoga industry, and it is also called the meandering industry. If you systematically foster and support games, a representative content industry, you will create quality jobs. If you look at sales and job creation, the game should be more than any other industry.

Representative Lee Yong-ho (national power), who held the event on the day, said, President Soon Seok-yeol has announced that he will create 500,000 youth jobs in the K content industry, including games, and reorganize the system to protect and revitalize the Korean game market. We should exchange opinions from various angles such as the government and industry so that we can successfully support the development and promotion of the game industry by establishing the appropriate system.

Meanwhile, the debate for the development and promotion of the game industry included Park Boleyn, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, vice-chairman of the Korea Creative Content Agency, Kim Kyu-cheol, Chairman of the Game Water Management Committee, Lee Yong-ho, a member of the power of the people, Ha Tae-hyun, and BAE Hyundai.