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The Best Genshin Impact Barbara Builds: Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Teams (Ver 2.4+)

CRITTING OVER 100K WITH CRAZY DPS BARBARA BUILD! Showcase & Guide - Genshin Impact

Among all the characters players can add to their roster in Genshin Impact, one of the most overlooked is Barbara, the Deaconess of the Church of Famous and Ronstadt’s top idol. With that said, thanks to her set, abilities, and availability, Barbara can be a great addition to many teams. Now, to help you unleash the full power of Ronstadt’s top idol here are the best ways to build Barbara in Genshin Impact.

On a more superficial look, Barbara is also the only 4-star character in the game to have her own close-up Elemental Burst animation.

Barbara’s Role in a Composition

Taking into account that Barbara is first and foremost a healer, is recommended that you build her as one, thanks to her ability to both heal and enable. With that said, for those who wish, is also possible to build Barbara as an Elemental DPS, but doing so will not only cost way more resources but also demand an extremely specific team composition, focused on not only enabling Vaporize but also increasing her overall damage.

Best Artifacts for Barbara

For a healer/enabler build we recommend that you use either a 4-set Ocean-Hued Clam, as it allows her to heal efficiently while also allowing you to deal damage thanks to its 4-piece effect. Using a 4-piece Maiden Beloved is also advised, thanks to its healing boost. For those looking to build her as an Elemental DPS, we recommend that you use the game’s best full set for Hydro DPS’, Heart of Depth, as it not only increases your elemental damage but also your normal and charged attack damage by 30% after using your Elemental Skill.

For those planning on building her as a main healer, we recommend that you go for artifacts with both HP and Healing Bonus main stats, while also keeping your eye open for pieces featuring Energy Recharge and HP among their subs tats. Those who plan on building her as a DPS, on the other hand, may want to go with Hydro DMG Bonus, ATK, and CRT Rate/CRT DMG.

Best Weapons

Surprisingly, for those looking to build Barbara as a healer, the 3-star Catalyst Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers is the best weapon available in the game, as it offers not only a good chunk of HP but also a 20% to 48% ATK boost to your DPS. For those looking to build her as a DPS, we recommend that you use the 5-star Catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, which is arguably the best one in the game, thanks to its ability to not only boost the characters CRT Rate and Movement Speed but also permanently boost of up to 32% of its wielders Elemental Damage. In the 4-star department, the 4-star Catalyst The Width is our top pick.

Best Teams

Barbara can work extremely well in teams featuring both Electron and Pro characters. She is also able to work well with Cry DPS’ such as Ayala, who is able to deal constant Cry Damage and is mainly focused on dealing close-range damage. If you are looking to build her as a DPS, using Bennett and an AEMO character using a full Iridescent Veneer set, such as Keisha, Jean, or Sucrose is vital, as they will both boost her overall damage after a successful rotation.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices – Android, and iOS. Genshin Impact’s version 2.4 “Fleeting Colors in Flight” is set to run until February 2022.

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