Grid Legends Developers will finally show the first gameplay of the game this Friday. They will also reveal more about the long-awaited rider, including its official launch date, December 3 at 8h pt. The flow will be led by Creative Director Chris Smith and the Chris Groves Social and Community member.

Grid Legends will bring a new fashion mode to the series. This new mode will include A classic OUTSIDER tale. The game concerns the Grid World series. In addition, it will put the Grid Legends Levant and center players in a breathtaking documentary that captures every moment on and off the track.

Grid Legends combines all our players like and adds more exhilarating race features, including our new epic story fashion, Smith said. We offer more players more variety and choices, whether creating their ultimate races using our race creator or bring the Drift mode requested by the community.

At launch, Grid Legends will also propose new modes boost and elimination. It will also introduce new locations such as London and Moscow. When the broadcast of this Friday will start, Smith and Groves will unveil new locations, new cars and new types of events for the pleasure of Grid Legends players.

Electronic Arts acquired code masters in February. In addition, a recent job offer for the studio claimed that they were working on their LE more ambitious and the biggest project in more than a decade. Our orientation is not to enter and resume code masters, said Andrew Wilson, EA CEO. Our orientation is around the provision of opportunities.

CE is only the beginning of the trip, Smith continued. We are looking forward to revealing in the months to come.

Grid Legends will be launched in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

Grid Legends Trailer | EA Play Live 2021

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